The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 505 Beat Them up

“Go away, otherwise you might be hurt by the excavators behind me and the sticks held by my men. If you block the way with these children here and are injured, we won’t be responsible for it!”

In front of the young men with sticks was a middle-aged man in a vest. He had a bald head, on which there was a conspicuous scat.

With a cigarette in his hand, he shouted at the teachers and children opposite him with a malicious expression.

Among those female teachers, there was a middle-aged woman who was in her 40s or 50s. Some of her hair had turned white.
She was holding two children in her arms. After hearing what the bald middle-aged man said, she made the two children stand behind her with an angry expression and shouted to the bald man with no fear, “Before, this piece of land was especially given to us build a welfare house here. You get this piece of land with dishonest means and didn’t care about these kids at all. Do you still have any conscience?”

“I won’t allow you to demolish this welfare house, unless I’m crushed to death. I don’t believe that you dare to break the law!”

After hearing it, there was a malicious look in the bald man’s eyes. Then he waved to the drivers of the two excavators behind him. The two excavators immediately started up. It seemed that they would really crush the middle-aged female teacher.

“You asked us to crush you. Everyone has heard it. Then I’ll take some action!”

Seeing that the bald man really wanted crush them with the excavators, other teachers and the children were immediately in a panic. Several teachers hurriedly tried to persuade the middle-aged female teacher.

However, the middle-aged female teacher faced it calmly and unflinchingly. She stood still, staring at the bald man as if she were going to see him through.

At this moment, many people had gathered around to watch it. Seeing that the bald man really asked the driver to start the excavators, they were all worried about the middle-aged female teacher.

However, none of them spoke for the teachers and children. After all, they didn’t want to get themselves into trouble. They just loved to be lookers-on.

Under the bald man’s command, the drivers drove the excavators forward. Soon, the excavators would knock the middle-aged teacher.

Right at this moment, that girl came to the door of the welfare house. Scott arrived here after that girl. Seeing that the two excavators were very close to the middle-aged female teacher, that girl hurriedly rushed over with the documents in her hands.
Then she spread her arms and separated the middle-aged female teacher from the two excavators.

“I have the copy of your contract for the purchase and sale of this piece of land. It’s prescribed clearly in the contract that you have the obligation to find a place for the children in the welfare house before demolishing the welfare house.”

“Now, you don’t care about these children at all. You’re breaching the contract! Could it be that you’re not going to take care of these children?” That girl passionately shouted to the people standing opposite her.

Seeing the documents that girl brought, the bald man frowned. There was indeed such a term in the contract they signed.
However, they didn’t take this term seriously. They weren’t really going to take care of the people in the welfare house after they got the land.

They also knew one thing: after selling this piece of land, no one would interfere with this matter. They wouldn’t tell others that they were not going to take care of the people in welfare house. They would just delay doing what they should, waiting for them to run out of patience and give up.

They usually dealt with such matters in this way.

“We didn’t say that we’re not going to take care of people in welfare house. However, to build a new welfare house for you, we need money. If we don’t demolish this welfare house and begin to build new buildings, how can we get the money? Now, you’re making things difficult for us by stopping us from demolishing the welfare house.” The bald man said with a sneer.

“You’re distorting the right and talking speciously. Before you find a new place for these children, we won’t allow you to demolish the welfare house, unless…unless you crush me!” That girl wore an anxious expression. How was it possible that she could cope with an unreasonable person like this bald man?

The bald man smiled at that girl and said, “Girl, it seems that you’re only in your early twenties, right? You’re quite pretty and are at your best age. Why must you interfere with this matter? If you insist on interfering with this matter, we have many ways to deal with you. At that time, it will not be excavators that press on you.”

After he finished speaking, the young people behind him all obscenely laughed.
That girl felt sick. She didn’t expect that these people would be so bad that they threatened her in this way.

“Well, we have no time to spend with you. If you’re smart, leave here with these children now. This is the task given to us. We are just do what we’re told to do. If you continue to stop us, I’ll really take some action!” The bald man added.

That girl still stood there. She was not going to give up.
Seeing this, the bald man snorted and winked at the men behind him.

The people with sticks immediately stepped forward threateningly. It seemed that they were going to harm that girl and those teachers.

The lookers-on all shook their heads helplessly. They couldn’t afford to offend the bald man and his men at all, so they could only feel sorry for that girl.

Just when those young people were about to get close to that girl, someone went out of the crowd and separated that girl from those young people.

“Are you employed by Wanlong Real Estate?”

Scott asked coldly while looking at the people standing opposite him.

Today, in the Davies House, the boss of Wanlong Real Estate, Wilfred, mentioned a piece of land. According to Wilfred, there was a welfare house on that piece of land. This was the welfare house nearest to the old town. If he was not wrong, this was the welfare house Wilfred mentioned.

Seeing Scott, those young people all stopped and looked at him up and down.

The bald man didn’t that someone would still try to help the people of welfare house. After cursing in his heart, he stepped forward and spoke, “Since you know that we’re employees of Wanlong Real Estate, don’t interfere with this matter. Go away.
Don’t waste our time!”

“Ask the boss of Wanlong Real Estate to come here. I want to ask him if this is the way he does his business.” Scott said while staring at the bald man.

The bald man immediately sneered, saying, “Who the f*ck do you think you are? You want to see our boss. How dare you? Now, go away. Otherwise, my men will be rude to you!”

Those young people also sneered at Scott. It was obvious that they all considered Scott to be a joke.
Scott shook his head, saying, “If that is the case, I can only beat you up first.”

“Fuck, he dares to be pretentious. Fella, teach him a lesson. I’ll see if he still dares to interfere with this matter!” The bald man immediately shouted.

Seeing the men who had accidentally run into her came to help them, that girl was a little shocked.

However, seeing Scott was going to fight with the bald man and his men after having a word with the bald man, she was anxious.

“Well, leave here now. We can deal with this matter on our own. These are unreasonable people. They will really hit you.” That girl talked to Scott.

Scott turned his head, smiled at that girl and said, “Don’t worry. These weak guys can’t harm me. Before, I ran into you. Now I’ll deal with them for you. It’s a compensation.”

The lookers-on around didn’t expect that someone would help the people of the welfare house. Besides, that person was not afraid of the bald man and his men at all. He was even going to fight with the bald man and his men after having a few with the bald man. The lookers-on were a little shocked.

However, in their opinion, it was impossible for Scott alone to defeat the bald man’s men. In their view, Scott just decided to help in the heat of the moment.

“This young man is so impulsive that he’s going to fight with so many people. If they really fight with each other, this young man will be killed. Those people are unreasonable.”

“He’s really silly. These people are employed by Wanlong Real Estate. How will such a large enterprise attach importance to these common people? Sometimes, when such a thing happens to us, we can only endure it.”

“Tut-tut, now, if one person can’t distinguish doing boldly what is righteous from acting on impulse, he or she would suffer a great

Seeing that Scott was not going to flinch at all, the young men with sticks all put on malicious expression. They loved to teach these pretentious people a lesson most. It was their greatest fun to beat this kind of people up and to make them kneel down before them to beg for mercy.

“Guy, you’re good at pretending. How long can you pretend? Don’t beg for mercy after being beaten with a stick once. That’ll be too boring!”

The lead young man directly raised his stick and tried to hit Scott with it without hesitation.

Seeing this, that girl was so scared that she immediately closed her eyes. Soon after that, she heard a scream. Her heart trembled because of it.

Then, she wanted to know if Scott was fine, so she opened her eyes. However, Scott didn’t fall to the ground. Instead, she saw that the young man trying to hit Scott was wailing on the ground. Scott had already taken his stick and was standing there as if nothing had happened.

Now, the lookers-on around were so shocked that their eyes were wide open. It seemed as if they had seen something incredible.

It never occurred to the bald man that Scott could defeat one of his men so easily. He was a little shocked. Then he shouted to his men, “Why the f*ck are you standing there? Start a fight together. I don’t believe that this guy could defeat you all!”

Scott moved the stick in his hand once and put on a playful smile.

Then he moved. Soon after that, before the gate of the welfare house, there was one scream after another. It went on for quite a while.


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