The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 504 Mistakes Her for Edith

At N Group.
Finn was sitting in the office, staring at the documents Margaret took to him. He frowned.

Now, Margaret had almost recovered from the injury on her face. However, her arm was still bandaged and was supported by a piece of cloth hanging from around her neck. It would still take a long time to recover.

“Nearly half of the money we invest in the project of rebuilding the old town has already run out. As far as I know, although the Davies family and Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce have invested many money in this project, from the beginning, their money has never been used. I’m afraid that we’re fooled.” Margaret said.

After hearing this, Finn directly stood up, picking up the documents on the table and tearing them up!

“How on earth did this damn guy make Maddox help him? The Davies family will soon be ruined. Why would Maddox help Scott? He should help Scott set a trap for me!” Finn shouted hysterically.

It seemed that Margaret was also somewhat annoyed. However, all she had was from Finn. If Finn couldn’t deal with Scott, it was impossible that she could.

“After being expelled from the Davies family by my sister and me, Scott changes a little bit. No one knows how crafty he is.
Maybe we’ve underestimated him.” Margaret said.

There was immediately a murderous look in Finn’s eyes. He gritted his teeth and said, “However crafty he is, he is but a son of a traitor of the family. However crafty he is, it’s impossible that he could deal with the Turner family!”

“Humph, since I can’t make the Davies family a spent force with commercial means, I’ll use another method. Now, the Davies family depends totally on Scott. If Scott is killed, the Davies family, after losing its head, won’t be able to become powerful.”

Seeing his murderous look, Margaret was a little shocked and finally realized the difference between Finn and the young masters of the families in the B City.

In her opinion, Scott was really no match for Finn.

“You mentioned an expert in fighting from Guanling last time. Is that people really that good at fighting? What is Guanling? Why have I never heard of it?” Margaret asked while staring at Finn.

“Only people really of the upper class can get to know Guanling. It’s impossible for people like you to get to know it.” Finn’s lips twitched, “People on List of the Ares are top experts in fighting of Guanling. The people I employ ranks first on List of the Ares. In Guanling, he is called Human King. The men here are not good at fighting. He alone can defeat hundreds of them. If he were born in ancient times, he would be as powerful as an army.”

Hearing it, Margaret was shocked. She had never expected that there would be someone who could defeat an army alone in the world. If that were the case, however good at fighting Scott was, he certainly wouldn’t be able to defeat the Human King Finn mentioned.

“Then when can this expert in fighting come here?” Margaret asked.

“Guanling is quite far away from the B City. And it’s not easy to get someone out of Guanling. However, I guess that he will soon arrive at the B City.”

“I’ve already figured out a way to deal with Scott. I’m just waiting for Human King. When he arrives in the B City, I’ll begin to implement my plan.”

“This time, I’ll make Scott die in a painful death!”

Finn slowly smiled. There was also an expectant expression and smile in his eyes.

At the Davies House.

Now, Scott was sitting in the living room and drinking tea with a man in a blue suit and with gold-rimmed spectacles.

This man was named Wilfred Elliott. He was the boss of the B City Wanlong Real Estate, which was rather well-known in the B City. Atits peak, it was only a little less powerful than the Davies family.

Now, people all knew how powerful the Davies family would be in the B City. Naturally, Wanlong Real Estate would try to build a good relationship with the Davies family.

The boss of Wanlong Real Estate was among the few people who were eligible to sit down and chat with Scott.

“You’re indeed a rarely seen genius. You’re so young. However, under your leadership, the Davies family becomes so powerful.
We old men are ashamed.” Wilfred flattered Scott with a smile.

“You’re flattering me.” Scott politely replied.

“Now, we takes a fancy to a piece of land that is not far away from the old town. Now there is still a welfare house on it. I’ve purchased that piece of land. I’m going to demolish that welfare house in the not long future. When the new buildings are under construction, we might need your help. I hope you’ll help us.” Wilfred went on speaking.

At this moment, Scott was thinking about the origin of Edith. Therefore, he didn’t pay much attention to what Wilfred said. When Wilfred finished speaking, Scott just casually nodded his head.

“This packet of tea is hand-made. Besides, the tea leaves are carefully selected. I’ve specially sent someone to Yunnan to get it.
It’s not expensive. I hope that you don’t mind. Please accept it.”

Wilfred handed a packet of tea to Scott. There was a paper on it. It was a list of a large number of gifts. The gifts together would be worth at least one million dollars. Wilfred didn’t really want to send Scott a packet of tea. As a matter of fact, Wilfred was going to send the gifts listed on that piece of paper.

After lowering his head and giving a glance to the packet of tea, Scott pushed that piece of paper back to Wilfred and picked up only the packet of tea.

“I’ll take this packet of tea. Later, I’m going to send it to my wife’s father. I’m not going to take the gifts listed on that paper. It’s getting late and I’m going to visit my wife’s father. Jordan, take good care of Mr. Elliott for me.”

As Scott said, he stood up and walked out.

Jordan had been sitting near them. Now, Jordan looked at Wilfred with a smile and said, “Scott always doesn’t want others to send him expensive gifts. I’m afraid that we can’t accept it.”

Wilfred was a little embarrassed, but he dared not say anything about it. Moreover, Scott had at least accepted that packet of tea. Someone had specially come to send gifts to Scott before. However, he heard that Scott hadn’t accepted any gift from them. Compared with other people, he had been very lucky.

After leaving the Davies House, Scott went to visit Nicolas. He gave that packet of tea to him and asked him if he was comfortable here.

Not being tied by Amara anymore, Nicolas lived an unprecedented comfortable life here. Moreover, Scott paid all his expenses here. How was it possible that he was not comfortable here?

After Scott just arrived at the house Nicolas lived in, Nicolas began to express his gratitude to Scott. Besides, he also sincerely apologized to Scott for treating him badly in the past and for the wrong things he had done.

Scott couldn’t stand Nicolas’s keeping nagging. Therefore, before long, he claimed that he had something to do and left the community.

At the gate of the community, Scott decided to go to Tianyuan Tower by taxi to visit Lily. When he walked to the road side and reached out his hand to stop a taxi, someone ran in a hurry in front of him and directly ran into his arm.

It was a small girl with a stack of documents in her arms. After running into Scott’s arm, she lost her balance and fell to the ground.

She hurriedly got up and put away the documents scattering on the ground. It seemed that she was anxious. Feeling a little embarrassed, Scott immediately crouched down and put away the documents for her.

“I’m really sorry. Just now, I didn’t see you, so I accidentally blocked your way. Are you hurt?” Scott asked with concern.
That girl raised her head, smiled at Scott and said, “I’m fine. I can put away these documents myself.”

Right at this moment, Scott was totally stunned. This girl looked really too much similar to Edith. When she smiled, Scott thought that Edith had been back.

“Edith…Edith, is it you?” That girl was immediately stunned, asking, “Edith? Who is she?”

It was only then that Scott gathered his wits. He looked at this girl again, finding that this girl just looked somewhat similar to Edith. She was actually very different from Edith. Missing Edith too much, just now, Scott had an illusion at the moment he saw this girl.

“I…’m sorry. I mistook you for someone else.” Scott explained with some embarrassment.
That girl didn’t say anything more. After putting away the documents, she continued to run.

Standing still, Scott was stunned for quite a while. Seeing that girl, he recalled some memories of Edith. Thinking that Edith was missing now, he was sad.

“That girl seems to be very anxious. It seems that she was in great trouble. Looking so similar to Edith, she should be a kind- hearted person. Why not follow her and see what has happened to her? Maybe I can feel more at ease after her.”

Scott said to himself. Then, he followed that girl and began to run.
That girl was so anxious that she, a small girl, ran so fast. It seemed that she was really in a hurry.

Scott had been following her. He was thinking: if she is in trouble, he could help her to deal with it; if she is not in trouble or is in a trouble he couldn’t interfere with, he would have to give up.

Before long, that girl made a turn, went into an alley and came close to a door.

After coming close to the door, Scott found that there were a few words written on the door: welfare house. However, the door, where the words were written on, had been rusty. It seemed that these words were written on the door for a long time.

At this moment, there were two excavators parked in front of the door of the welfare house. Beside the two excavators, there were many young people with sticks in their hands. It seemed that they were going to do something bad.

At the door of the welfare house, several adults with a group of children faced the two excavators with angry expression.
Seeing this, Scott had guessed what was going on.

It was a forced demolition. Now, land was very precious. Forced demolition was nothing new at all.


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