The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 503 Edith’s Real Parents

In a fine dining restaurant.

Scott and Nicolas sat opposite each other. There were more than a dozen plates on the table. Nicolas was wolfing down the food. He didn’t even use the chopsticks.

Scott looked at Nicolas who was eating so rude, feeling a little helpless. Nicolas was indeed a little awkward. As a man, Nicolas was really miserable. Scott really didn’t know what to say.

Just now, Nicolas had told Scott about him leaving J City to find Scott in B City. He also begged Scott to take him in. He didn’t want to go back to face Amara.

No matter what, Nicolas was Scott’s father-in-law. No matter how bad Nicolas was, it was impossible for Scott to let Nicolas stay on the streets.

Scott had notified Davies family to arrange a place for Nicolas. After the meal, Nicolas could live there.

After eating everything on the plate, Nicolas wiped his mouth with tissue and hiccupped. He said to Scott with a smile, “Scott, you’re a good boy. I haven’t eaten a good meal for so many days. Today’s meal is the most satisfying meal I have ever eaten in my life.”

Scott smiled and nodded, “It’s good as long as you are full.” Nicolas stared at Scott. Then his expression suddenly became serious. He asked, “Is there still no whereabouts of Edith?”

Scott’s face became cold. He nodded to Nicolas, and said, “I have searched the entire Jiangbei. There is no place where I can get Edith’s whereabouts. You think about it carefully. During my absence, did Amara or Edith provoke anyone else?”

Nicolas shook his head and said, “You have already known what I know. Amara is a crazy woman. She has caused enough troubles, so there is no other trouble.”

Scott sighed helplessly. This kind of clueless thing was often the most tormenting.

A hesitation flashed in Nicolas’ eyes, as if he was thinking about something. After a while, he sighed and asked, “Scott, do you regard me as your father-in-law?”

“You are Edith’s father. So you’re naturally my father-in-law. Why do you suddenly ask this?” Scott said with a smile.

Nicolas looked very serious, and then said, “If, I mean, if I am not Edith’s biological father, would you still treat me as your father- in-law?”

Scott was taken aback, and then asked, “Even if you are not Edith’s biological father, she was raised by you. This favor can’t be ignored. It’s enough for me to respect you.”

“What about Amara? If she wasn’t Edith’s biological mother, how would you treat her?” Nicolas asked.

Scott was silent. Amara could be said to be a secret pusher on Edith’s accident this time. Without the things Amara did, maybe Edith would not disappear. In addition to the things Amara did to Edith before, if it wasn’t because she was Edith’s mother, Scott would have already broken her into pieces.

Now Nicolas suddenly said that Amara might not be Edith’s biological mother. Scott really didn’t know how to treat Amara.

Seeing Scott’s silence, Nicolas shook his head. Although he knew that if he told Scott some secrets hidden in his mind, Amara would in a very dangerous situation, there were some things that he had to say.

He took out a wallet from his clothes and opened it, revealing the yellowed photo inside.

In the photo was a baby wrapped in a swaddle, and next to the baby was a trash can.

Nicolas passed the photo to Scott, and then said lightly, “Edith is indeed not our biological daughter.”

Scott looked down at the photo. After hearing Nicolas’ words, his eyes widened immediately, his face full of shock.

“This picture was taken when I picked Edith back. At that time, Amara and I had just had a child. Unfortunately, that child was born sick and died within two days.”

“That day was when our child passed away. I felt very sad. So I wandered on the street alone. I came to an alley with no people.
Then I heard crying not far away. I thought it was because I was so sad that I had hallucinations, so I followed that voice and looked for it.”

“Then I saw this little guy right next to the trash can. At that time, I really thought I was dreaming, so I slapped myself twice. Later I determined that the little guy really existed.”

“Although I lost my child, I love children. But when I saw the child next to the trash can, my first reaction was to check her surroundings, but unfortunately, I didn’t find any effective clues. She was like being left there. She was pitiful and helpless.”

“I thought about calling the police, but I really liked the little guy. I lost my child and suddenly I met such a little guy who was left at the trash can. How could I have the heart to let others send her to the orphanage?”

“I feel that she was like the angel in my life. That was the opportunity God gave me, so I became selfish and took the little guy back home and treated her as my own child.”

“At that time, when I opened the baby’s swaddle and found that there was a piece of paper inside. The paper should have an address written on it, but it wetted by the urine. The words on it had become blurred. I can only distinguish the first two word. If it was not wrong, it should be H City.”

“Just these two words, I couldn’t tell where this little guy was from. H City is so far away from J Cit. So I had no plans to send her back.”

Hearing this, Scott’s eyes suddenly brightened. A guess suddenly appeared in his mind, but he did not rush to interrupt Nicolas.
He continued to listen to Nicolas.

“At that time, it was only me and Amara who knew our child had died at that time. My father paid great attention to the offspring.
My child came late, and my status in the family was not high. If my father knew that my child was gone, I and Amara would have already been driven out of Patel family.”

“So we concealed this incident and treated the little guy as our own biological child. We never mentioned the death of our child to others.”

“Amara also liked this child very much. She was also very upset about our child’s death. During that time, she was a little abnormal. The arrival of this child greatly eased her situation. It was precisely because of this that Amara has become so dependent on Edith. She regards Edith as her everything, and wants to control Edith forever.”

“Now that Edith is missing, I have been kicked out of the house. I think I should let you know these things. After all, you are the closest person to Edith now. Only you can protect her.”

“Amara is crazy. She has never considered Edith. She regards Edith as a stepping stone to her stable and happy life in this world. If Edith continues to be controlled by her, Edith will be ruined.”

“Although Edith is currently missing, I hope you can become her strongest backer after you find her. If possible, you can help her find her original family. By the way, do you think about maybe it is that Edith’s original family found her, but it happened that something happened to Edith that day, so they took Edith away without notifying anyone?”

After Scott listened to Nicolas’ narration, he felt a sigh of emotion. He didn’t expect Edith to have such an experience. Only now did he understand why Amara always controlled Edith.

Hearing Nicolas’ guess, Scott also nodded and said, “When you said just now, I had already thought of this possibility. No matter whether there will be Edith’s clues in H City, I will go there to find.”

“You have to rely on yourself about finding Edith. You also know my situation. I have been useless for a lifetime, and I haven’t had any achievements. Now I don’t even dare to return home. My hands are tied.” Nicolas said.

Scott said with a smile, “Bring Edith back from the trash can was the most correct thing you did in your life. If you didn’t bring her back, how could I have chance to meet her?”

“ll handle it. Don’t worry.”

Nicolas nodded, got up from the table, and said, “I haven’t slept well for several days. Now I just want to take a good rest. Didn’t you alrange a place for me? Can I go there now?”

“Of course you can. I’ll let someone come over to pick you up.” Scott said, took out his mobile phone, and made a call.

After sending Nicolas away, Scott quickly returned to the Davies House. Considering that Edith’s disappearance might be related to her biological parents, he must arrange for someone to go to H City to find Edith’s whereabouts.

This might be the last clue about Edith, so he couldn’t let go of it. Even if he had to spend all he had, he must find Edith.
Taking out his cell phone, Scott dialed the special number which was used to contact Guanling personnel.

“Mobilize all resources. Go to H City to investigate the whereabouts of my wife. Report to me as soon as you have news!”


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