The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 502 You Don’t Know Who I Am

“Fuck, teach this idiot a severe lesson. He dares to pretend to be Scott’s father-in-law. How dare he! Scott is the head of Davies family. His father-in-law is at least a big shot. How could it be a stinky beggar like you!”

The leading gangster kicked Nicolas and cursed in a low voice.

.. ‘m really Scott’s father-in-law. Let me go, otherwise Scott will definitely not let you guys go if he knows it. He will punch you guys to death!” Nicolas stretched out his hand to protect his face, shouting at those bullies.

The leading gangster sneered, and said, “Stop f*cking pretending. Tell you, our Crossing GroupFamily belongs to Scott. He is our boss. If you really are Scott’s father-in-law, why won’t we know?”

“You take me to see Scott. As long as I can see him, I can explain clearly.” Nicolas said quickly.

The leading gangster slapped Nicolas again, and curse, “Don’t f*cking think that I don’t know what you want to do. Do you think that everyone can meet Scott? Don’t want to get something with Scott. I don’t buy it. If you can’t give us 20,000 dollars today, don’t even want to get out of this alley!”

“Boss, does this man ran out of a psychiatric hospital? He is dressed in tatters but he still dares to pretend to be Scott’s father- in-law. Can he have 20,000 dollars?” A gangster turned his head and asked.

The lead immediately glared at him, and said, “No matter how much he can take out, we accept it all. Anyway, we have to see the money today. If he really doesn’t have money, we can break his legs!”

Nicolas looked desperate. He really didn’t have any money right now. After being driven out of the house by Amara, Nicolas never went back, relying on the money left with him to live for a few days in J City.

Originally, he planned to go home, but when he thought of Amara’s anger face, he was frightened. He was now openly turning against Amara. If he went back at this time, Amara would definitely teach him a lesson more vigorously.

So he planned to go to Scott. No matter what, he was still Scott’s father-in-law. Scott would definitely not watch him starving.
But when he went to ask Scott’s whereabouts, he found that Scott had left J City.

After thinking about it, Nicolas finally decided to come to B City to find Scott. Even if he had to leave his hometown where he had lived for so many years, he was unwilling to face Amara.

So he used his last money to buy a train ticket to B City, and went to this strange city alone.

He sald his mobile phone when he couldn’t make living, so there was no way to contact Scott. At this time, Davies family became the biggest partner of the old town reconstruction plan. Davies family’s limelight was in full swing. After Nicolas heard that, he saw the hope immediately.

However, he still didn’t know how to find Scott. He went to the Davies House several times, but there was a constant stream of gift-giving people over there every day. The servants at the door didn’t have time to pay attention to him. Seeing that he was wearing poor clothes, it was his luck that those staffs didn’t chase him off directly.

It was at this time that Nicolas heard of Crossing GroupFamily. It was said that Crossing GroupFamily was a gang under Scott’s name. Nicolas thought that as long as he found someone from Crossing GroupFamily, he should be able to find Scott.
Soa he found these little gangsters, told them that he was Scott’s father-in-law, and asked them to take himself to see Scott.

However, what he didn’t expect was that after hearing him say that he was Scott’s father-in-law, these people took him to the alley and beat him up directly. No matter what he explained, these people didn’t believe it at all.

“Please let me go. Please take me to see Scott. As long as I can see him, he will definitely give you guys money.” Nicolas was almost crying when he was beaten up.

“Fuck off, Scott doesn’t have time to see such a fool like you. You should think about what valuable things you have. Hand it over to save your life!”

The lead yelled at Nicolas. He thought, ‘If I can really see Scott, will I need to ask your money here?’ The so-called Crossing GroupFamily was just a mess organization, relying on Scott’s name.

Recently, Scott’s name had been spreading throughout B City. Many people had come out to brag in the name of Scott.
When the lead raised his hand again and was about to slap Nicolas, he felt someone pat his shoulder, so he turned his head.

What caught his eye was an unfamiliar face. The person looked plain and wore very commonly. He didn’t know where the person came from.

“Who the hell are you?” The lead yelled at Scott.
Those gangsters who were punching and kicking Nicolas also stopped and turned to look towards Scott.
“Aren’t you Scott’s organization?” Scott stared at them and asked.

“Yes, our Crossing GroupFamily is the largest organization under Scott’s name. I am the best assistant of Scott. What do you do? Why did you ask me this?” The leading gangster immediately said arrogantly.

“Oh? Then you don’t know who I am?” Scott laughed.

At this time, Nicolas also looked towards Scott. After seeing Scott, an expression of exciternent appeared on his face for an instant, and then he shouted, “Scott, please help me. They want to break my legs. I came here to find you. I didn’t want my legs broken.”

Scott glanced at Nicolas, nodded to him and motioned him to relax.

When the group of gangsters heard Nicolas’ words, their eyes widened in an instant. They looked towards Scott in disbelief.

The leading gangster was also surprised. He quickly asked, “What did you call him just now?”

“Scott. He is Scott. Aren’t you Scott’s men? How do you even not know who he is?” Nicolas immediately became confident when he saw Scott coming.

“Fuck off!” The leading gangster immediately cursed, “Scott is the God, with three heads and six arms. Ordinary people can’t look directly at him. You actually said that this guy who looks like a dick is Scott. Are you fooling around us?”

Scott and Nicolas were a little speechless all of a sudden. They didn’t expect that these people would exaggerate Scott to such a point.

“I’m Scott. He is my father-in-law. You guys are bluffing and bullying others outside in my name. Do you know what will happen after I know it?” Scott said coldly.

The leading gangster looked at Scott and sneered, “Stop bragging. Guys, this person said he is Scott. Do you guys believe it or not?”

“Boss, don’t make fun of us. Scott is a legendary. He is just like the God. How could he be this dick?” “Hahaha, so funny. Even a dick dares to pretend to be Scott. These years, bragging is so common?”

“In my opinion, we can teach this idiot a lesson together. Maybe we can still take some money from him. Don’t listen to his bullshits.”

The leading gangster also narrowed his eyes. He was staring at Scott coldly, “Brat, you have seen the fate of this old guy. If you know the consequence, you should give me all the money you have. Otherwise, you will end up worse than him!”

Then he clenched his fists, as if showing his power to Scott.

Scott shook his head helplessly, then stretched out a hand to the front and said with a smile, “Hold it up.”

After speaking, his hand had grabbed the arm of the leading gangster, and then pulled hard. The leading gangster’s whole body slammed towards the ground directly.

Other gangsters standing behind him were all shocked when they saw it. They were about to attack Scott immediately.

How their speed could be comparable to that of Scott? Soon, those gangsters had fallen to the ground.

Nicolas stood up from the ground, gloating at the gangsters who fell on the ground, and said, “Aren’t you guys so aggressive? Why are you guys knocked down by Scott alone? Get up!”

The gangsters all fell to the ground with their faces full of pain. They looked at Scott with fear.

The leading gangster sat up on the ground and gritted his teeth. He yelled at Scott viciously, “It’s not over, even if you knocked us down. There are a lot of people in Crossing GroupFamily. When they come here, you’ll regret what you did just now!”

Scott curled his lips when he heard this. Then he took out his mobile phone and made a call.

In less than five minutes, seven or eight black cars stopped on the edge of this alley. A large group of men in black suits and sunglasses, who looked domineering, got off the cars.

The leading gangster was bragging to Scott about the power of Crossing GroupFamily, and asked Scott to apologize to him quickly.

After seeing those people in suits coming over, he was dumbfounded.

Those men in suits stopped in the middle of the alley, lined up neatly in two rows, bowed respectfully to Scott, and said in unison, “Mr. Scott!”

Scott nodded to them, and then looked at the gangsters behind him jokingly.

The leading gangster started to tremble. He raised his hand, pointed at those people, and said tremblingly, “Are… are you really Scott?”

“What do you think?” Scott asked rhetorically.

Only then did the gangsters know who they had provoked. They were so scared that they immediately began to beg Scott for mercy.

The leading gangster even knelt directly in front of Scott and kowtowed.

Scott ignored their reactions. He turned to the staffs of Davies family and said, “These people are bluffing and bullying others outside in my name. Teach them a lesson. There should be a lot of people who do such things like them outside. I’ll give you guys three days. I don’t want there will be such a situation in B City again in the future.”

“Yes!” a group of people shouted in unison, which frightened those gangsters to death.


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