The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 501 I’m Afraid She Will Be Jealous

Within a few days, the news that Davies family became the largest partner of the old town reconstruction plan spread throughout B City. Everyone knew what the old town reconstruction plan meant and what kind of existence Davies family would become with this opportunity.

The rumor that Davies family was about to close down in B City almost disappeared overnight. Instead, everyone said that Davies family would take this opportunity to rise again.

At that time, even N Group would not have any strength to compete with Davies family.

Everyone marveled at Davies family’s revival. What Scott did spread throughout B City. Many people said that Scott was the new hope of Davies family, and he would lead Davies family to new glory!

Because Davies family was down and out some time ago, the Davies House became deserted like never before. Those who wanted to flatter Davies family in the past all disappeared.

But now, because Davies family became the biggest partner of the old town reconstruction plan this time, the front door of the Davies House had become more lively than before. The people who came to give gifts were more than that of in the past. What Jordan needed to do every day was sitting in the guest room, waiting to receive those visitors from those fairly capable families or companies.

For some relatively small families or companies, they would be invited out after giving gifts. There was no chance for them to see Jordan, let alone Scott.

Even so, the people who gave gifts were still in an endless stream. Because everyone knew that with this opportunity to renovate the old town, Davies family would once again become the most powerful family in B City. At that time, whether it was N Group or Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce, they would no longer be a match of Davies family. In B City, no one could compete with Davies family at that time.

In the past few days, Maddox had gathered three partners several times to discuss the specific matters of the reconstruction plan. Basically, after Maddox proposed a plan, he would hand it over to Scott to make a decision.

Finn was quite unsatisfied with every decision made by Scott, but he did not have the power to refute. Every time, Scott would choose a decision that was unfavorable to N Group and openly provoke Finn.
Finn was angry and protested. Then, three partners were required to vote. Natan would vote for Scott every time. Finn who had

only one vote was like a vase. No matter what he said, no one listened to him.

Although Finn was angry, he had no ways. He knew that the 20 billion he invested in the project had become the funds to pave the way for Scott.

Gradually, he also noticed Maddox’s attitude towards Scott. No matter what Scott proposed for this reconstruction plan, Maddox would unconditionally agree.

This caused Finn to feel like being freezing out. Even if he was slow to react, he noticed something wrong.

He realized that he might have been tricked by Scott. Whether it was Maddox or Natan, they should have been bribed by Scott.

After having this guess, Finn just gave up participating in the discussion of the old town reconstruction plan and gave all the decision-making power to Scott.

He was full of anger, thinking about other ways to deal with Scott.

His mission to come to B City this time was to eradicate Davies family. For the Turner family, Davies family was nothing but it was made by a loser who betrayed the Turner family. In the eyes of the Turner family, Davies family was nothing.

If Finn couldn’t finish the task, the resources allocated to him in the family would probably become less in the future.

But now Davies family was completely supported by Scott alone. As long as he could kill Scott, Davies family would be dead.
So Finn had already thought of a way to deal with Scott.

When Finn was planning how to kill Scott, Scott wouldn’t have no plans. Now, the money in Finn’s hands had been tricked over by him. Killing Finn just needed a right time and a good opportunity.

At Tianyuan Tower, in Lily’s ward.

Scott was sitting in front of Lily’s hospital bed, staring at the pale face of the girl who was lying on the bed. He was lost in thought.

At this time, the door of the ward was opened. Owen walked in from outside. Seeing the expression on Scott’s face, he smiled.

“Didn’t you say that you only love your wife? Why are you starting at the other girl for such a long time? You are not afraid that your wife will be jealous when she knows it?” Owen said jokingly.

Scott came back to his senses, rolled his eyes at Owen, and said, “I have regarded Lily as my own younger sister. She is ina coma, so naturally I am anxious. It’s because of me that she got hurt. I should care about her.”

“Fortunately, I didn’t bring Luna here this time, otherwise she will be jealous again if she sees you like this.” Owen said.
Scott was confused, and asked, “Luna will be jealous? Why?”

Owen shook his head helplessly, thinking that what Luna said was right. Scott was really stupid in such things. It was impossible for Scott to find Luna’s feeling for him. According to what Lunn said, Scott was really a fool in these things.

“It’s nothing. Your sister’s situation has stabilized. As long as she takes the medicine I have given her according to the time, she should be able to wake up in less than a week.” Owen changed the topic.

Scott breathed a sigh of relief when he heard Owen’s words. Since Owen said so, Lily should really be fine.

After staying with Lily for a while, Scott walked out of Tianyuan Building. These days, he had been thinking about making trouble for N Group. Now, Scott’s thoughts were also a little confused.

After coming out Tianyuan Building, he didn’t go back to the Davies House directly, but walked forward along the road, intending to relax his mind.

After learning that Edith’s disappearance had nothing to do with Margaret, Scott’s nerves were tense every day. Having no information was often the most tormenting.

If Edith was really abducted by Margaret, he wouldn’t be so worried. Unfortunately, after meeting Margaret that day, Scott mobilized Guanling’s intelligence network and checked all Margaret’s activities after she arrived in B City. Then he confirmed that there was nothing suspicious about Margaret.

If Edith was really abducted by Margaret, it would be impossible that Scott couldn’t get any clues.

Shaking his head vigorously, Scott continued to walk towards the front. When passing an alley, he heard the screams coming from inside. Then he turned his head and glanced inside.

A group of people who looked like gangsters were surrounding a middle-aged man into a corner, punching and kicking him.

Scott’s gaze fell on the middle-aged man, then he was taken aback. The man who was being beaten turned out to be Scott’s father-in-law, Nicolas!


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