The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 500 I’m Sorry I Used Too Much Strength

“This is impossible!” After hearing Maddox’s words, Finn, who was still proud, suddenly changed his looks and shouted out almost uncontrollably.

Margaret, Antonio and Priya who were standing beside Finn also widened their eyes. Their faces were full of disbelief.

“Itis impossible for Scott to have 30 billion. It must be something wrong!” Antonio turned to look at Maddox, his eyes full of doubts.

“Oh? Do you mean the accountant I invited is unreliable?” Maddox’s face sank. He said to Antonio angrily.

As the person in charge of the old town reconstruction plan, Maddox still had some prestige. Only when he faced Scott could he be a little easy-going. As soon as Maddox said this, Antonio was shocked to sweat.

“No… no. I didn’t mean that.” Antonio quickly changed his words in embarrassment.
Many people present had the same thoughts as Antonio, but after seeing Maddox’s attitude, no one dared to say anything.

“The three partners of this old town reconstruction plan have been determined. Does anyone else want to express your opinions?” Maddox glanced at everyone and asked.

Finn clenched his fists. He gritted his teeth and looked at Scott, while Scott responded to him with a playful smile. Seeing Scott’s smile, Finn was so mad.

“N Group is unwilling to just be Davies family’s assistant!” Finn shouted.
Maddox looked at him and said, “Okay, as long as you take out 30 billion, the biggest partner will be N Group.”

Taking out 20 billion now was already Finn’s limit. It was impossible for him to take out more than 30 billion, unless he applied to his family again. But in that case, people in his family would definitely doubt his ability. After all, just to deal with such a small Davies family, Finn had already used so many funds, which would have a great impact on his future status in the family.

But if he couldn’t take out more than 30 billion, Davies family would definitely be the largest partner, and N Group could only become Davies family’s foil. Then his participation in this project would be meaningless.

After struggling for a long time, Finn could only curse secretly. Then he said to Maddox, “N Group will withdraw from the project. I can give this opportunity to others.”

Maddox suddenly frowned and said coldly, “Withdraw? Since you don’t want to be a partner, why did you make the bid? Are you fooling around me today? Okay, N Group can withdraw. But I can’t assure N Group will have a foothold in B City in the future!”

Everyone was shocked by Maddox’s words. As the person in charge of the old town reconstruction plan, his words were reliable.

Finn was stunned. He didn’t expect Maddox to threaten him with this kind of words. But thinking about it again, he could understand. They were all waiting for Scott to provoke Maddox and waiting for Maddox to get angry and then ruined Davies family. Now it was Finn who couldn’t afford and wanted to quit. If it was in that way, Maddox could also ruin N Group.

Finn knew very well that he had reached a dilemma now. If he continued to be the partner, he couldn’t destroy Davies family. If he insisted on withdrawing, he would be an enemy of Maddox. At that time, maybe Finn couldn’t get any hurt, but there was definitely a bad ending for N Group. Then all the money he invested in the N Group would be lost.

In comparison, although there was no way for him to continue attacking Davies family if he became the partner, at least he could get a lot of benefits at that time.

After weighing it down, Finn could only show an apologetic smile to Maddox. He said, “Sorry, I was impulsive just now. N Group is willing to be the partner of this reconstruction plan.”

When Maddox heard Finn’s words, he nodded in satisfaction, then looked at everyone with smile. He said loudly, “The partners this time have already determined. Next, there will be some performances here. The chef has served exquisite food for us. Hope everyone will have fun!”

The banquet began. Not many people really came here to watch the performance. Most people started to talk about what happened just now. The result tonight was really beyond their expectations. They all thought that Davies family could not be the partner this time. But Scott directly invested three million, which shocked everyone.

Most importantly, the accountant invited by Maddox also confirmed the authenticity of Scott’s assets, which silenced those who suspected that Scott was bragging.

Both Scott and Natan walked towards Finn, holding a glass of wine in their hands, with the same smiles on their faces.

Finn’s face was gloomy at this time. His face became even more terrible after seeing Scott and Natan walking up to him.

“In the future, we will be partners on the same front. I hope Mr. Turner can help my Davies family well and work hard to complete this old town reconstruction plan.” Scott smiled and said to Finn.

Finn glared at Scott, and said coldly, “Although I don’t know how you got so much money. But that’s not over. You Davies family will eventually die in my hands!”

Scott also squinted. After that, his aura suddenly changed. He said to Finn, “I haven’t avenged my wife. That’s naturally not over. As the manipulators of this matter, none of you guys can run away!”

After finishing speaking, Scott glanced at Margaret on the side.

Margaret was shivering suddenly. She thought that N Group would become the biggest partner at today’s banquet, and Davies family would be ruined because of this, so that she could take advantage of Finn’s power to make Scott die miserably.

But what happened today was beyond her expectation. Not only did Davies family fail to lose their reputation, but instead replaced N Group as the largest partner. Now N Group became Davies family’s foil.

In this way, it was impossible for N Group to defeat Davies family, but Davies family was able to take advantage of this opportunity to suppress N Group.

Margaret couldn’t figure out why things came to this point. The looks in Scott’s eyes just now gave her a feeling that she would die soon.
Margaret, who was greedy for life and fear of death, instinctively wanted to escape from the city after feeling the hint in Scott’s

eyes. She had a hunch that if she continued to stay here, she would really die in Scott’s hands.

Priya’s face was full of regrets at this time. She did not expect that not only Davies family was not destroyed because of Scott, but also became the biggest partner in the old town reconstruction plan. The future potential of Davies family was inestimable.

She, who was weathercock, had the idea of pleasing Scott again.

It was just that she knew that no matter how she explained it, Scott would not let her return to Davies family. One betrayal was enough.

Antonio couldn’t figure out how Scott got the 30 billion. What happened today did not meet his expectations. In his eyes, Scott would only lead Davies family to ruin, and only he himself was the real hope of Davies family.

It was a pity that Scott slapped Antonio in the face severely now. Even if Antonio joined N Group, he still had no ability to compete with Scott.

People’s anger often came from their own incompetence. Antonio now had an inexplicable anger.

He desperately wanted to defeat Scott to prove himself. However, now that Scott had exceeded his imagination time and time again. He could no longer tolerate Scott’s existence.

He glared at Scott furiously, and gritted his teeth, “Scott, how did you get 30 billion? You absolutely can’t have so much money.
I suspect you are lying to us. I want to catch you and figure out all the secrets in you. You are inferior to me in any way. You just rely on your luck to have what you have today. I’ll prove it to everyone!”

After that, Antonio stretched out his hand towards Scott.

Scott glanced at Antonio, then slapped him directly. Antonio’s neck was almost twisted. Then he fell to the ground severely and fainted.

Scott moved his wrists, smiled at Finn, and said, “I’m sorry. I think he has a lunatic epilepsy, so I want to help him. But I didn’t expect that I used so much strength. But it’s good. I managed to control his condition in time. You don’t have to pay my medical fees.”

After speaking, Scott turned around and left here. Finn’s face was gloomy. He didn’t say a word.


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