The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 5 Conspiracy

“That’s impossible…”

Violet stared at Scott like a deer in headlights, she couldn’t believe her eyes that her once useless classmate was now the president of the board.

She was going to get promoted as the head of her department, she was so proud of it that she had already told her family that she would be treating everyone including all of her relatives to a meal next week, to show off her achievement.

But now the promotion was gone with the wind because of her arrogance, not only she couldn’t be promoted, but she might also lose her job.

“Scott, I’m sorry, I was full of myself and I shouldn’t have talked down to you like that. Please forgive me, we were once so close as deskmates weren’t we?” Violet pleaded desperately.

Aryan glared at her and said coldly, “It’s too late for regrets now, you dug your own grave. Security, get her out of the place!” The securities hurriedly came over and grabbed Violet by the arm, forcefully removing her from the hall.
The people in the hall looked at Scott nervously, they all regretted their actions.

Scott glanced at them and said, “Those who ridiculed me along with Violet just now are to go back and write an apology report, and your salary will be reduced by half.”

“Also, the fact that I am the new president of the TY Real Estate Inc. is not to be spoken of. Whoever leaks the news will be fired, understand?”

“Understood!” The people replied in unison, nobody dared to say anything back.

Scott lost interest in visiting the company, he requested a few things of Aryan and proceeded to leave the hall.

Everyone stood up to see Scott off, they lamented seeing Scott leaving in a very old motorcycle.

“Our new president is a humble person and this is how a president’s demeanour should be. All of you should remember this as a life lesson, don’t judge a book from its cover and that eagles don’t catch flies!” Aryan said.

The people nodded their heads repeatedly.
Scott was in a good mood on his way home, he thought of hinting Edith later to buy the office from the TY Real Estate Inc.
At this moment, he saw Albie and Nyla going into a cafe all secretively, just like thieves.

He was curious, the two were always conspiring something against Edith and nothing good would come out from seeing both of them together. Scott needed to find out what they were planning and hence he parked his bike by the street and put on a simple disguise, he then went into the cafe.

His back was facing the two and was a few tables away from them. Careful about not being discovered, he used a newspaper to hide his face.

Albie and Nyla were talking in low voices but Scott could hear them well and clear.

“Albie, why did you call me here in such a rush, is it something important?” Nyla looked all puzzled.
Albie snickered, “Of course it’s something important, and it’s something that you will be interested in.” “Really? What is it about?” Nyla pried.

“You dislike Edith, don’t you? I’ve got an idea of how to deal with her and if the plan succeeds, she will fall in disfavour of grandfather, maybe he would even cut her off from the Patel family,” said Albie excitedly.

Nyla’s eyes brighten up, “Tell me quickly, what do we do?”

Scott listened attentively, these two troublemakers were really scheming something to get Edith in trouble, really hateful people.

“Grandfather mentioned that he wanted to buy an office building, a place from the TY Real Estate Inc. caught his eyes, but that is a really big company and they aren’t willing to settle on the sum that grandfather is willing to give. Grandfather is only willing to pay 8 million while the real estate company wants 13 million and hence the deal is still in negotiation.”

“But you know how stubborn grandfather is, he nagged me several times to talk to the people at the TY Real Estate Inc., I went there several times but I couldn’t even meet their manager.”

“So I was thinking that we could make Edith our scapegoat, we’ll make her go negotiate. If I can’t handle this there is no way that Edith can succeed, and when she fails the task, we can seize the chance and get grandfather to chase her out.”

Nyla was not convinced after listening to Albie, “But, how are we supposed to make her take over the tasks. she’s not that dumb.”

“I heard that Edith felt very sorry about the incident at the banquet where Scott asked for money from our grandfather, and she wanted to apologize by closing the deal about the office building for him. She hasn’t said anything yet but if we repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth. We can ask a few relatives to join our force and turn the lie into the truth, Edith will not even have the chance to say no,” Albie explained in detail.

Nyla laughed happily, she praised Albie for his craftiness.

“This wench Edith has been stealing my thunder ever since we were young, I never liked her one bit, we must succeed and drive her out of the Patel family!” Nyla muttered to herself.

“You’re right, and there’s also Scott, that useless bugger. We must show them how it is done,” Albie smiled creepily.

“Alright, there is no time to waste, let’s go talk to grandfather about this, ” they left the cafe as soon as they were done with their discussion.

Scott slowly put the newspaper down, his gaze frosty, the corner of his mouth arched and he was then smiling confidently.
“Small tricks like that are not enough to dig a pit for my wife, such a joke!”

Scott rode his bike home, Edith said to him the moment he entered the house, “You have to get ready to leave, grandfather just announced that we all have to go to his place for a family meeting.”

Scott was dazed for a brief moment, he thought to himself, the two troublemakers sure moved fast, if it went according to what they planned, this family meeting had to be about the purchasing of the office building.

He nodded and quickly proceeded to change into fresh clothing.

Amara glared at Scott, “No, you don’t have to get ready. This is a family meeting and you don’t have to come with us, you’ll just be a bother.”

Edith frowned upon hearing that, “Mom, Scott is my husband, he is a part of the Patel family, why couldn’t he join us in the meeting?”

“He is not part of the Patel family, did you forget what he did at your grandfather’s banquet? How could you still let him come along?” Amara gawked at Scott unpleasantly.

Edith pursed her lips, she didn’t answer Amara and said to Scott, “Go get ready.” Scott quickly nodded again and went to the room to change.
Amara was still scolding and nagging, but she couldn’t stop Edith from bringing Scott along to the meeting.

The farnily of four walked towards the entrance of the Patel family’s mansion, the mansion was already all filled up, with Francis sitting on the sofa in the middle.

The people exchanged glances as the family of four approached, they all sneered at them, having inexplicable expressions on their faces.

Nyla wore a shrewd expression, she muttered to herself, “Well, let the show begin, Edith. You’re dead meat this time!”


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