The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 499 The Trap Which Is Targeted at Finn

“What! Thirty billion! Have I heard that wrong?” Everyone present was taken aback by Scott’s words. They all looked towards Scott incredulously.

Priya and Antonio, who stood by Scott’s side, also widened their eyes. They didn’t expect Scott to bid such a high price.

“Are you crazy? How could you have so much money? I think you are deliberately making trouble here. People like you should be kicked out directly!” Antonio shouted at Scott.

Priya also looked at Scott angrily and said, “Don you think it’s funny? Do you think it’s so easy for you to take out 30 billion? What you did will only make others look down upon Davies family and speed up Davies family’s demise!”

Finn also turned his head to look towards Scott, his eyes full of anger. He didn’t expect that Davies family, who had no competitiveness, would now call out such a high price.

Because of the previous attacking to Davies family and the threat to Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce, Finn had already spent a lot of money. Now 20 billion was already his limit. If Scott really had 30 billion, even if N Group became one of the three partners, Finn still couldn’t continue to attack Davies family. All previous efforts he did was in vain

Moreover, if Davies family became the largest partner, the benefits they could obtain were immeasurable. At that time, it was not sure that whether N Group could still fight against Davies family.

‘I have done a detailed investigation before. It is now impossible for Scott to take out 30 billion, unless he sold all Davies family’s property. But once he sold Davies family’s property, he has no ability to support this reconstruction plan. So even if he becomes the largest partner, he will only embarrass himself.’

‘Last time I fought against Davies family, but Scott was able to resolve the crisis unharmed. It was a little bit beyond my expectation. That should be his last hole card, so now it is absolutely impossible for him to take out 30 billion dollars. Maybe he just wanted to make trouble.’

Finn carefully analyzed Scott’s current situation and determined that Scott could not have 30 billion. The reason why Scott bid was probably because he just wanted to make the situation worse. After all, even if he couldn’t really become the partner, he could also make Finn embarrassed.

Thinking of this, Finn looked at Scott with a sneer. He felt that everything was still under his control. After a while, when three partners were determined, there would definitely be a part to confirm their funds. By then, Scott would definitely be exposed. So Finn didn’t think he had to worry too much.

Of course, another part of the reason why Finn thought this way was because 20 billion was really his limit. Even if Scott could really invest 30 billion, Finn could only glare at him, but didn’t have other ways.

Others present did not think that Scott could put out 30 billion. He took a taxi here. After he arrived here, he ate a lot of food as if he had already been hungry for a long time. So everyone thought Scott was messing around.

“He really doesn’t afraid of embarrassment. What was he doing? Does he think that by doing this can he make Davies family come to what it’s like before? It’s really ridiculous.”

“30 billion is so much. Unless he sold all Davies family’s property, he can’t have so much money. Even if he really sold out his

family’s property, it is impossible to get so much money in just one or two days. He is definitely bragging.”

“If so, Davies family will completely gain extreme notoriety in B City. When the person in charge confirms the assets of Davies family, he will be angry. Besides, N Group is always targeting at Davies family, Scott is going to be completely screwed up this time.”

Antonio and Priya walked back to Finn. Margaret was also frowning at this time. She turned to look at Finn and asked, “What should we do now? The biggest partner can’t be Davies family. “

Finn showed a joking smile. He said, “Don’t worry. He is just bluffing. Do you really think that 30 billion cash flow is so easy to get? My previous investigation of Davies family is definitely right. He absolutely can’t take out so much money.”

Margaret nodded and said, “If this is the case, Davies family will be ruined today.” Both Antonio and Priya nodded in agreement. They already imagined how embarrassed Scott would be.

According to Finn’s investigation of Davies family, the current Davies family really couldn’t have 30 billion. But they didn’t know that Scott had just returned from Guanling. Now, Scott had the entire Guanling as his financial support. For Guanling, 30 billion was nothing.

After Scott bid, no one on the scene continued to bid. Everyone knew that the price of less than 5 billion was meaningless.

“If no one continues to bid, I will choose the three highest from the previous quotations. After confirming the authenticity of these funds, I will determine who will be the three partners.” Seeing that no one continued to bid, Maddox shouted.

After that, the person in charge of recording took a list and walked up to Maddox, letting Maddox see through it.
Everyone already knew who the three partners of today would fall on.

It was Davies family who bid 3¢ billion, N Group who bid 20 billion, and Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce who bid 10 billion. In addition to these three, there was only a company which was fairly well in B City bidding 5 billion. For others, there was no hope at all.

Of course, everyone still had some doubts about whether Scott had 30 billion. After Maddox confirmed it, today’s result would come out.

After looking at the list, Maddox gave a few words to the man. After a while, the man led three men to walk to Natan, Finn and Scott. The three men wore suits and leather shoes, looking like accountants.

Finn turned his head and glanced at Scott jokingly. He was a little looking forward to seeing the expression on Scott’s face when Natan announced the result.

The three accountants took Scott, Natan and Finn to three different rooms on the first floor to confirm their assets.

Everyone was also a little looking forward to the result. The most important thing they wanted to see was whether Scott could take out 30 billion. Most of them were waiting to laugh at Scott.

“Scott is definitely bluffing. When they come out later, there will be a good show. When he was driven out of Davies family by then, I have been looking forward to today. It seems that Scott is really a wimp. He has just taken over Davies family for a few days, but Davies family actually fell to this point.” Antonio smiled and spoke to Priya.

“Now I also understand that I was wrong at the beginning. A guy who only knows to brag really has nothing to look forward to.
Compared with Mr. Turner, Scott is really much worse.” Priya also mocked Scott.

After almost ten minutes passed, the three accountants came out of the rooms and walked quickly towards Maddox.
When everyone saw this, they immediately cheered up.

Scott, Finn, and Natan also walked out of the rooms. Finn turned to look at Scott and said with smile, “Sometimes you have to know who you are and what you have. He should have already determined that you don’t have that much money. What you did will only make everyone despise Davies family.”

Scott shrugged to Finn and said, “I don’t understand what you are talking about.”

Finn snorted coldly and said, “The result will be announced soon. I want to see if you can continue to play dumb with me at that time!”

After speaking, he walked towards Margaret.

Scott and Natan looked at each other. Both of them showed a playful smile on their faces, and then walked towards the center of the hall.

In the rooms just now, the two accountants didn’t check Scott and Natan’s assets at all. All these had already been arranged.
Natan and Scott didn’t really need to take out the money. Only Finn really needed to be confirmed the assets.

This was the way Maddox came up with. Not only could it benefit Davies family, but also to make N Group hand over all the money.

The power and the size of their interests was determined according to the funds they invested. If they had any disagreement, the results would be decided by voting. Each of them had one vote. As long as there were more than two votes, the result could be decided.

Natan’s vote was basically equivalent to Scott’s, so Scott had absolute control over this cooperation.

In this way, not only did Finn have to invest the money but he couldn’t make a decision, which was basically the equivalent of spending the money in vain.

Scott didn’t care about future benefits. He also believed that Finn might have disappeared in this city before he had earned enough benefits from this project.

Scott wouldn’t give him too much time.

Finn didn’t expect that today’s banquet was a trap which was specially targeting at him. Even the person in charge of the old town reconstruction plan was Scott’s men. No matter how great Finn was, he couldn’t fight against Scott.

Maddox pretended to listen to the reports of the three accountants carefully, and nodded from time to time. Then he frowned.
This was because he wanted to cause some hope for Finn. Since he had to act in a play, naturally, he had to act real.

“Everyone, the assets confirmation results of the three companies have come out.” Everyone noticed Maddox’s frowning, which meant that Scott had lied. Scott did not have 30 billion at all.

“Looking at the face of the person in charge just now, he should know that Scott was fooling him. How Scott dares to lie to the person in charge! Today’s matter has basically been settled.” Finn said smugly.

At this time, Maddox didn’t continue frowning, instead, he showed a smile.

“The assets of the three companies are real. Davies family has invested the most, so this time the biggest partner is Davies family. N Group and Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce will act as the assistance of Davies family to jointly complete this reconstruction plan!”

Everyone was stunned. They all looked at Scott in shock.


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