The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 498 Thirty Billion

Everyone was stunned by Finn’s words. They all turned their heads to look at him, with a trace of envy on their faces.

Everyone knew that the only criterion for choosing the partner this time was economic strength. Among the people present, there was almost no one whose economic strength could be comparable to N Group, so they all understand it was high probability that N Group could get this project.

Now Finn had recommended himself, so that people who originally thought that they had a hint of hope all felt upset.
If they were the person in charge, they would definitely choose N Group.

Feeling the gaze of the people around him, a confident smile appeared on Finn’s face. He did not believe that Maddox would be a fool. Everyone on the scene knew that N Group was the most promising partner. It didn’t make sense that Maddox would choose someone else.

Maddox stared at Finn, then said with a smile, “Don’t rush to recommend yourself. In the past few days, I have some new ideas and a better choice of cooperation methods. It will be a little different from before. After I announce it, it still won’t be too late for you to recommend yourself.”

Finn, who had originally thought that Maddox would directly announce that N Group would be the partner, immediately froze. The atmosphere suddenly became a little awkward.

It was like everyone at the awards party thought that he would win the prize, so he followed everyone’s expectations and made a speech about the award, butin the end, the host said that the final candidate for this award had not yet been determined and needed to be considered.

Finn felt like that at this time. Although what Maddox said was no problem and was reasonable, Finn still felt so embarrassed.

Maddox ignored Finn’s reaction and continued to say to everyone, “I thought that this reconstruction plan requires strong financial support, so I announced that this time the partner’s selection criteria is based on who can provide more funds. Whoever can offer more funds can cooperate with us.”

“This direction is indeed correct. After all, the reconstruction plan does require a huge amount of funds, but I made a common mistake, that is, I acquiesced there can only be one partner at the beginning.”

“This idea is obviously wrong. Since everyone wants to cooperate for a win-win situation, why don’t we find more partners and work hard together? Then, it will be easier to complete the project, right?”

Hearing Maddox’s words, everyone immediately began to discuss it. They didn’t expect that Maddox would want to find several partners to cooperate. Was it possible that all of them present had the opportunity to participate in the old town reconstruction plan?

“Of course, it is impossible for me to cooperate with everyone present. I thought about it carefully. This time I need three partners. I will allocate their power in the cooperation according to the amount of funds they put out. The more funds that they put out in the early stage, the more rewards they can get in the later stage.” Maddox continued.

Everyone immediately understood what Maddox meant. He wanted everyone present to compete, just like an auction. As long as they were willing to put out more money, they would have the opportunity to participate in this cooperation. Besides, the more money they invested, the greater power they would have in the reconstruction plan.

In this way, Maddox could obtain the maximum amount of funds from the partners. Besides, it could also avoid that only one took the biggest power. The three partners balanced each other, which was conducive to Maddox’s control over them.

Obviously, Maddox did this out of such considerations, but the reason why he wanted to do it was not to get more funds, nor to make the three partners form checks and balances.

He did this just to make N Group hand over their all money.

Finn also quickly thought of Maddox’s purpose for doing this. Although the number of partners had changed from one to three, which was somewhat unexpected to him, according to what Maddox said just now, as long as he put out enough money, he could still have the final say among the three partners.

“No matter what, the final result is the same. Last time, in order to deal with us, Davies family should have taken all their funds on the stock market. They can no longer take out any funds this time.” Finn muttered to himself.

“In this way, the only one who can compete with us is Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce. But last time when they attacked N Group, I beat them back easily. They didn’t dare to take any move. I think they have no capital to compete with us.”

“Scott, no matter what, your Davies family will be dead.” Finn sneered.

“Everyone, I don’t want to waste any time. If anyone wants to participate in this old town reconstruction plan, report the funds you can take out now. I will choose the top three as partners. This reconstruction plan is a very large project. There are a lot of benefits. If you invest it now, you will get immeasurable returns in the future. I hope everyone will consider it carefully.” Maddox spoke again.

Then someone stepped forward and said, “Qianda Real Estate is willing to invest 2 billion dollars!” “the Brown Group, 3 billion!”

“the Moore Family, 3.2 billion!”

The funds mentioned by Maddox was the cash flow that could be used at any time. The market value of a company might be tens of billions, but this counted as all their assets. The cash flow they could use was likely to be one-tenth of the company’s total, and maybe it was even less than one-tenth.

So those who could take out with billions of working capitals were already very powerful families or companies.
A group of people made their bids. They all wanted to get a piece of cake of this reconstruction plan.

Only because of the cash flow requirements and the limits of their respective endurance, those people could only bid 5 billion at most, but it was already a very good price.

When everyone was bidding, Natan glanced at Scott and smiled at him. Scott nodded, and then Natan stepped forward and shouted, “Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce would like to offer ten billion!”

Everyone was attracted by Natan’s words. There were few who could offer 10 billion cash flow once in B City.

Finn frowned immediately after hearing what Natan said. He didn’t expect that Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce could take out such a large amount of funds. It was indeed a little bit beyond his expectation.

However, 10 billion was still within his acceptance range. Among the people present, there should be no one who could bid more than 10 billion.

After Natan said out his bid, everyone was quiet for several seconds. No one continued to make the bid.

Finn felt it was almost the right time. With a smile on his face, he said loudly to everyone, “N Group would like to offer 20 billion!” Everyone took a deep breath and cast admiring glances at Finn.
“It’s really amazing. 2¢ billion! It seems that N Group is stronger than we thought.”

“Tsk-tusk, among the three partners, N Group should become the one with the most power. In the future, we must find ways to build a good relationship with him. We must not fall behind others.”

Both Antonio and Priya were proud, as if it was them who put out the two billion.
An idea popped into Antonio’s mind. He walked towards Scott with Priya.

“Tsk-tsk, 20 billion! This time, the biggest partner must be N Group. I am afraid you don’t have 100 million now, right?” Antonio said sarcastically.

Priya also stared at Scott and said, “If you chose to hand over the position of head at that time, Davies family would not end up in this situation. Now are you satisfied? You even can’t be one of the three partners.”

Scott looked at the two people in front of him and said with a smile, “How can you be sure that I can’t get this cooperation opportunity? I just haven’t made the bid yet. It doesn’t mean I don’t intend to make the bid.”

Antonio snorted and said, “Don’t brag. The cash flow of Davies family has already used up last time. If you want to become the partner, you have to take out at least 5 billion. Do you have so much money?”

Scott did not answer Antonio. He just glanced towards Finn, who also looked towards Scott. There were full of mockery in Finn’s eyes.

“Don’t struggle. You can’t become the partner. Davies family will only go to extinction under your leadership!” Priya said seriously.
“I’m afraid that I will disappoint you this time.” Scott said to Priya with a smile.
Then Scott looked at Maddox, stepped forward, and exclaimed in full aura.

“Davies family is willing to invest 30 billion!”


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