The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 497 If You Offend Me, You’ll Pay a Price for It

“You’re Scott. Previously, I thought that you were someone different from others. Now, it seems that you are just an ordinary person. Oh, no. You’re indeed quite different from others. No one but you would come to this place in a taxi.” Finn said with a smile.

“People of the Turner family is also just so so. I always think that only those boring people love to try to win others over language. I didn’t expect that you, the young master of the Turner family, would also like to do so.” Scott answered.

Finn immediately narrowed his eyes. There was one more hint of unhappiness in his eyes when he looked at Scott.

“Scott, stop being pretentious. How can people like you comment on Mr. Turner? Soon, you’ll become a homeless dog. In my opinion, you should think about your own situation first!” Antonio said while staring at Scott.

“Humph, it’s never possible for people like you to be a match for Mr. Turner. When I was a child, I even regarded you as my idol.
When I think of it now, I feel sick.” Priya also began to speak for Finn.

Scott just smiled. He turned his head, looked at Margaret and asked, “What about you? Do you want to laugh at me?”

Margaret stared at Scott in a way as if she wanted to kill him. After hearing what he said, she gritted her teeth and said, “I can’t vent my anger for you by taunting you. I want you to die!”

Scott shrugged, looking unconcerned. It seemed as if he was not scared by what Margaret said at all.

“It seems that you’ve given up struggling. Don’t worry. I won’t let you down. I’ll definitely get the project of rebuilding the old town.
At that time, you and your so-called the Davies family would disappear completely from the B City.” Finn spoke to Scott with a smile.

Scott also looked at him with a smile, “I wish you could do it. But I also want to say the same words to you. If you offend me, you’ll pay a price. Since you’ve done all that, be careful. Before long, you and your so-called the Turner family would all disappear from this world.”

Finn immediately sneered. In his view, it was a big joke that Scott dared to provoke the Turner family. He was able to make the Davies family decline alone. If the Turner family attached great importance to dealing with the Davies family, Scott would have long lost the qualification to stand here and talk to him.

Scott clearly knew his thoughts. However, Finn didn’t know that the Davies family was no longer what it used to be. Now, it was supported by the entire Guanling, which could easily kill off a top family in the world!

He didn’t go on talking to them, but moved past them and went into Phoenix Pavilion.

Priya blocked Scott’s way while looking at him with disdain. Scott directly ignored her. When his shoulder hit her, she was almost knocked down.

After she steadied herself, she turned around, glared at Scott’s back and gritted her teeth, saying, “You’re such an asshole.
Sooner or later, you’ll regret it!”

In the hall, there were all kinds of food on the shelves. Many people was standing by the shelves, eating and chatting.

When Scott left home, he didn’t have a meal. Therefore, after entering the hall, he walked towards the shelves, took some food and gobbled it.

Looking at the way Scott ate, Priya said with disdain, “What a shame. Could it be that he has no money to buy food? He should gobble food here. In my opinion, people like him should be driven out of here directly.”

Antonio sneered and said, “Just let him have a good meal. After today, he would indeed have difficulty in getting enough to eat.” “Don’t pay attention to that beggar anymore. Go to send the gift. Scott comes to attend the banquet without any gift. It seems

that he does have no emotional intelligence. If the people in charge of the project of rebuilding the old town knew that he came here in a taxi and didn’t take a gift, I’m afraid that he wouldn’t even pay any attention to him.” Finn said with disdain.

After hearing what Finn said, Antonio immediately put the gift at the place where gifts were kept. At this time, there had been many gifts there.

The person in charge of receiving gifts had known that all the gifts would be sent to the Davies House after the banquet was over. Although it was strange, that people dared not say anything. It would be better for him not to be too curious about the affairs between big shots.

It was the order from Maddox. He didn’t care about these gifts at all. He wanted to give Scott a good impression by sending them to Scott.

When Scott was eating, someone came close to him. Scott turned his head and had a look, finding that it was Natan.
“Do you want to have some food?” Scott handed the pizza to Natan.

Natan shook his head with a smile and said, “The doctor you call is indeed excellent. He is more excellent than I could imagine.
All those world famous doctors couldn’t cure my daughter, but he said that she could become conscious after several glances.
It’s just a big surprise to me.”

“If he said that Lily could become conscious, he was quite sure that Lily could become conscious. There is no need for you to be too worried. Owen is an excellent doctor. Lily would recover.” Scott said.
Natan nodded and no longer frowned like he did before.

Before long, people who attended today’s banquet were almost all present. After putting away those food and drink, the waiters and waitresses all stayed aside, waiting to serve the guests.

Right at this moment, someone came down the spiral staircase from the second floor. It became quite in the hall.

It was Maddox that was coming down. He was the most important person in today’s banquet. People all knew his status, so no one dared to make any noise now.

Seeing Maddox coming down, Finn immediately smiled and murmured, “He finally comes down. It’s indeed time to decide who the partner of the project of rebuilding the old town is. As expected, we’ll definitely be chosen as the partner.”

Margaret, Antonio and Priya all nodded. Then, they all gave Scott a disdainful glance.

After coming to the first floor, Maddox looked around. When he saw Scott, he smiled at him. Then, he walked and was in front of everyone.

“Ladies and gentlemen!” Maddox said in a loud voice, “I’m sure you know that this banquet is held to determine the partner of the project of rebuilding the old town. It’s a very important project, so we need an excellent partner to work with us and complete this project with us.”

“And the partner would be one of you!”

After Maddox just finished speaking, Finn took a step forward and shouted to the crowd loudly, “N Group volunteers to be the partner. If you cooperate with us, we’ll fully support you in completing this project!”


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