The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 496 The Banquet

Rebuilding the old town had become a hot topic in the business circle of the B City. Partners were needed to work in this project, and the consortia and powerful families in the B City were eager to participate in it.

Although people all knew one thing: the partners of this project would definitely be chosen from among N Group, Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce and the Davies family, which were the most powerful families or consortia of the B City. However, it was a large project that involved many things. If they got a small project, they could still gain a lot of benefits. Therefore, they all wanted to get some small projects related to this project.

People in the B City all knew that the Davies family had been a spent force and was not able to compete with N Group because of N Group’s trying to kill off it.

Although Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce hadn’t had major competition with N Group, there was news that Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce had tried to deal with N Group and that N Group dealt with it easily in the end.

Some people even said that Tiaanyuan Chamber of Commerce was no match for N Group at all and that the reason why Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce wasn’t negatively affected was that N Group disdained to deal with Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce.

Now, all people believed that N Group would definitely be chosen as the partner.

And in recent days, there was news that people of the Davies family became so desperate after failing to deal with N Group that they beat the general manager of N Group.

Everyone thought that that was not the way in which a powerful family should act. It was a little shameless to ask someone to beat the competitor because of the failure in business competition.

And it also proved that the Davies family really couldn’t deal with N Group. Otherwise, why would the Davies family send someone to beat the general manager of N Group?

Scott was sure that it was Margaret that asked someone to spread this news, but he didn’t care about it. The more people thought that the Davies family couldn’t be chosen as the partner, the more N Group would lose face later.

After Antonio and Priya tried to deal with the Davies family, people who were still members of the Davies family were all loyal.
Scott had made a promise to them that the Davies family would get this project and that no family or consortium could be as powerful as the Davies family at that time.

When N Group tried to deal with the Davies family, they all had witnessed how Scott dealt with it easily. Therefore, they totally believed what Scott said.

And Scott also believed that these people, who had been screened, would help the Davies family become more and more powerful.

In Scott’s study. Scott was sitting at the table and staring at the reports related to N Group.

At this moment, his mobile phone rang. He picked it up and saw that the phone call was from Maddox.

After he answered the phone call, he heard the voice of Maddox, “Mr. Davies, I’ve come up with an idea to make the Davies family in charge of this project while making N Group uses all their funds. However, at that time, I’ll need your help.”

Scott narrowed his eyes and then replied, “No problem.”

On the day when the banquet was held.

At seven o’clock in the evening, at Phoenix Pavilion.

At this time, this hall had been rent. Some arrangements were made in the hall to hold the banquet.

Now, there were many luxury cars parked in front of Phoenix Pavilion. Looking at these car, it would be found that they were all worth more than one million dollars.

Many people were paying close attention to the project of rebuilding the old town. No matter if they had the chance to participate in this project, as long as they were somewhat powerful in the B City, they all came to attend the banquet.

Before long, a limited edition Aston Martin stopped at the door of Phoenix Pavilion. Finn and Margaret, whose arm was bandaged and whose face was injured, got off the car and walked towards Phoenix Pavilion.

“Look. They’re the two people who are really in charge of N Group. That man has a strong air of forcefulness. My God. He is the real top rich second-generation, a capable dandy. Oh, I’m deeply attracted by him.”

“What happened to the woman beside him? It seems that she has just been beaten up?” “It’s said that she was beaten by people of the Davies family. Being dealt with by N Group, the Davies family has nearly been a spent force. People of the Davies family became desperate, so they beat her up. It’s really shameless.”

“Really? People of the Davies family is degrading themselves by doing so. After all, the Davies family is an old powerful family in the B City. Now, they beat someone just because they failed to deal with N Group. It seems that the Davies family is really going to be ruined.”

Antonio and Priya arrived here early. Before, they tried their best to deal with the Davies family, but failed. At that time, they lost face and were very unhappy. Therefore, they specially came here in advance to laugh at Scott.

They have learned from Margaret that N Group would definitely be chosen as the partner and that Scott would soon not be able to live a good life.

Seeing that Finn and Margaret were coming, they immediately ran to the door to greet them.

Priya was always cold to others. However, in the presence of Finn, Priya looked very reserved. She even looked a little shy. As a person who loved seeking benefits and avoiding disadvantages, Priya had already slept with Finn. In her view, as long as she could keep a good relationship with Finn, she would be able to live a carefree life in the rest of her life.

She clearly knew that a top rich second generation like Finn would only play with her, but she was confident that she was.
charming enough to let him fall in love with her.

When these four people were going to enter Phoenix Pavilion, there was a sudden uproar in the crowd at the door. They turned their heads and looked back. They found that a taxi was slowly driving to this place and then stopped at the door of Phoenix Pavilion.

The appearance of this taxi here was just like a square peg in a round hole. It was also like an ugly duckling in the middle of a swan.

At this time, the door was opened and Scott got off the taxi. He turned around and walked towards the gate of Phoenix Pavilion.
After finding that it was Scott that got off the taxi, the crowd let out a big laugh, openly laughing at Scott.

Now, the Davies family had been a spent force. Almost everyone in the B City knew that the Davies family would be able to be in the B City for a long time after N Group got this project.

They were all snob people, so they naturally helped the powerful people. Therefore, many people on the scene no long respected the Davies family like they used to.

“Did my eyes deceive me? Scott comes to this place in a taxi! The people of the Davies family has become so poor? The Davies family is a big family, but they don’t have a car.”

“It’s ridiculous. As the head of the Davies family, he comes to attend today’s banquet in a taxi. Could it be that he has already anticipated his future life and therefore decides to not care about that now?”

“Tut-tut, the head of the Davies family has been so poor. The situation of the Davies family could only be worse. Before, the Davies family was so powerful in the B City. Now, it becomes so poor. It’s really sad.”

“It’s said that the Davies family became to decline after he became the head of the Davies family. It’s this kind of incompetent persons that cause powerful families to decline.”

Scott had heard their comments about him, but he didn’t care about that at all. He just cared about the results and would never care about the opinion of people during the process.

He walked straight to the gate of Phoenix Pavilion. Soon, he saw Finn, Margaret, Antonio and Priya.
He directly ignored Margaret, Antonio and Priya, looking at Finn. He had an irresistible air of forcefulness.

Finn also looked at Scott. When his eyes met with Scott’s, he put on a playful smile.


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