The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 495 Beat Margaret up

“You… You let go of me, now. Otherwise I’ll shout for help. If someone calls the police, you’ll be in great trouble!” Margaret spoke to Scott with a panicking expression.

Scott sneered and said, “Do you think that I can handle such a matter in the B City?”

After saying that, Scott directly slapped Margaret in the face, making a loud sound. Half of Margaret’s face was immediately red and swollen. People watching them all gritted their teeth.

“What happened? He hit her so hard. Tut-tut, tut-tut, that man shows no mercy for beauty at all.” “Look at his eyes. It seems as if he wanted to kill her. How much he hates her?”

“That woman is so beautiful, but that man still slapped her in the face. Could it be that that woman has done something very bad to him?”

“You have never anticipated being beaten by me one day, right?” Scott stared at Margaret.

Margaret felt that her face was burning. She looked at Scott with hatred, gritted her teeth and said, “Now, I work for the young master of the Turner family. The Turner family is thousands of times more powerful than the Davies family. If you beat me up today, the people of the Turner family will not let you off!”

Another loud sound.

Scott slapped Margaret in the face again. He said coldly, “Don’t you think that you overestimate your importance? Finn just makes use of you. Could it be that you believe that Finn would be friendly to me on condition that I don’t beat you today?”

Both halves of Margaret’s face was swollen up. There was even blood coming out of her mouth. She stared at Scott with hatred and said, “Since you know that Finn aims at destroying you, why not go to him in person, kneel down before him and beg for mercy? Could it be that you think that the Davies family is powerful enough to deal with the Turner family?”

“It’s none of your business. You just need to know that you have to be responsible for Lily’s becoming unconscious and Edith’s being missing!”

After saying that, Scott slapped Margaret in the face twice.
Margaret was somewhat dizzy because of it.
“Tell me where you took Edith to!” Scott stared Margaret with his eyes squinted.

Margaret looked at Scott with somewhat blurred eyes, put on a hysterical smile and said, “It turns out that you’ll also become so anxious. What if I don’t tell you? Will you be extremely anxious?”

“I love to see you being so anxious and helpless. I’ve imagined it countless times from the moment you killed my elder sister and stole everything from me.”

Scott grasped Margaret’s arm with one hand and said coldly, “But you haven’t anticipated that you will talk to me in such a situation, right?”

After saying that, he broke the bone of Margaret’s arm without hesitation.

Margaret screamed and began to tremble all over. She was in so much pain that she screwed his whole face.

Scott gripped her another arm and said coldly, “Tell me where you took Edith to. If not, I will break all your arms and legs. I won’t kill you, but I will make you become a disabled person in the rest of your life!”

Margaret was visibly frightened. After staring at Scott for a moment, she smiled and said, “Since you want so much to know, I can tell you.”

Scott immediately took a step forward. He became a little nervous.

He was very afraid that he would get unacceptable news from Margaret. If that was the case, he would directly kill Margaret, even if there were so many people around them.

“I don’t know where Edith is. That day, I just asked someone to knock her. I didn’t expect that she was so lucky that she was with the girl from Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce and was saved by that girl. However, after the accident, I hadn’t asked anyone to do anything about it. Therefore, I know neither why Edith is missing nor where she is now. Even if you break all my arms and legs, I can’t tell you where she is now.” Margaret told Scott the truth.

Hearing this, Scott subconsciously thought that she was fooling him and was about to break her bone.
However, he noticed that Margaret was not in a panic. It seemed that she wasn’t lying.
“Don’t you want live?” Scott said with his eyes narrowed.

Margaret was not scared. She said, “I didn’t lie to you. Even if you don’t believe my words, I can’t do anything. At that time, I just wanted Edith to have an accident and I didn’t care about what had happened after that at all. Moreover, according to personality, I naturally wanted you to watch Edith suffer. Why would I take her away?”

Scott immediately frowned. If Margaret didn’t lie to him, why would Edith be missing?

Scott felt puzzled. Previously, in his opinion, as long as he found Margaret, he would be able to find Edith. However, it seemed that it was not that simple.

“Scott, are you are you desperate now? Let me tell you. The more desperate you are, the happier I am. I’m a little glad that I have nothing to do with Edith’s being missing. If it was I that took her away, when you torture me, I’m afraid that I’ll tell you where she is. However, I don’t know. Therefore, even if you kill me, I’m unable to tell you where Edith is!” Margaret even laughed triumphantly.

Seeing that, Scott slapped her in the face again. Margaret immediately froze.
“Scott, you’re a son of a b*tch!” Margaret shouted hysterically.
“Do you think that I’ll let you off just because you don’t know where Edith is?”

Scott sneered. He beat Margaret without any mercy. Just now, Margaret had completely angered Scott. He couldn’t kill her now, but no one could stop him from beating Margaret up.

Seeing this, people around were all shocked. That’s because Scott beat her so hard. They had only seen a man beat a woman so hard on TV.

“Oh, my God. He beats her so hard. What did the woman do? She makes the man so angry.”

“It’s too bad. Shall we call the police?”

“Forget it. Obviously, that woman had done something bad to that man. Maybe they’re a couple and that woman cheated on him.
It’s their family affair. The police can’t do anything about it.”

“Tut-tut, it’s not good for a woman to be beautiful. Beautiful woman tends to cheat on her husband. Now, she is being beaten.
She really deserves it.”

After a long time, Margaret was badly injured by Scott. It was only then that Scott let her off and threw her directly on the ground.

He gave Margaret a glance and said coldly, “Today, I just teach you a lesson. No matter whether you have something to do with Edith’s being missing or not, you are to be blamed for these things. I will let neither you nor Finn get away with it. That day will soon come.”

After saying that, Scott turned around and left P Market.
Margaret had no the ability to move and fell to the ground. She felt all achy and couldn’t help shedding tears.

She had never been beaten like this since she was a child. She had thought that Scott would show her some mercy because she was a woman. However, she proved to be too naive.

After quite a while, the two bodyguards, who had been knocked down by Scott, stood up and came close to Margaret. They lifted her up and left P Market with her.

In fact, before, they had recovered. However, Scott was too good at fighting. Knowing clearly that they would be knocked down by Scott again after standing up, they pretended that they couldn’t get up and lay on the ground for a while.

In the Davies House.

Scott was sitting in the study. He frowned and thought about what had happened when he talked to and beat Margaret.
Hoping to know whether Margaret was lying or not, he tried hard to remember every detail.

Before, in his opinion, it was Margaret that took Edith away. However, Margaret said that she didn’t know anything about it. It seemed that she was not joking. It made Scott very confused.

If Edith’s being missing had nothing to do with Margaret, who would take Edith away?

Scott carefully considered every possible person, but finally found that there was no reason for any of them to take Edith away at all.

Besides, only Margaret would try to harm Edith. If Margaret didn’t take Edith away, Scott really couldn’t think of anyone who could take Edith away without producing any clues.

After thinking for a long time, Scott didn’t come to any conclusion. Then, he picked up his mobile phone and made a call to Conor.

“Edith’s being missing might have nothing to do with Margaret. There is something wrong with our previous speculation. Carry out a careful investigation about who had been to places near that road on that day. Don’t miss any possible person.”

“Yes.” Conor answered.

After hanging up the phone, Scott sighed a long sigh and began to worry about Edith again. Not knowing who had taken Edith away, Scott couldn’t help thinking about the bad things that might happen to Edith.

In N Group.
In Finn’s office.

The two bodyguards took Margaret, who had been badly injured, into the office. Before, they had sent Margaret to the hospital to receive treatment. The doctor put Margaret’s arm in the plaster cast and told them that the chance of recovery was very small.

Finn was playing with his cell phone. Seeing that someone came in, he raised his head and gave them a look. When he saw Margaret, he immediately shouted, “What the hell is that?”

One of the bodyguards said, “She…She is Miss Jenkins. She was beaten up by someone.” Finn immediately frowned and asked, “Who wounded her so badly?” That bodyguard immediately told Finn what had happened in P Market.

After hearing the story, Finn narrowed his eyes and said coldly, “Scott is really so bold. The Davies family will soon be ruined, but he still dares to beat her up in public. Has he been desperate?”

He came close to Margaret, gave her a glance and said, “He beat you so hard that you’re badly injured.” “I…will…kill…him!” Margaret managed to say a few words.

Finn smiled, saying, “Don’t worry. Soon, we’ll become the partner in rebuilding the old town. At that time, the Davies family, which has become a spent force, would be no eligible to compete with us.”

“Mr. Turner, Scott is very good at fighting. I’m afraid that the experts in fighting you take with you couldn’t defeat him.” The bodyguard reminded him.

Finn sneered and said, “However good at fighting he is, it’s meaningless. Don’t worry about that. I’ve made some preparation for him.”

“This time, I spend a lot of money to hire the people that ranks first on List of the Ares from Guanling. However good at fighting Scott is, he couldn’t defeat that person.”

“At that time, he could only kneel down before me and beg for mercy!”


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