The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 494 No One Can Stop Me from Beating You up

On the second floor of Rare Treasure Store.
Felix and Scott were sitting at the table, talking about something that had happened in the past.

Because of Scott, Brodie, Maddox and Annie were all allowed to come here. Now, they were sitting quietly and listening to the conservation between Scott and Felix, just like Nicholas.

Brodie had always been admired Felix. In his opinion, Felix was a man of high standing and therefore it would be very difficult for him to meet Felix.

Felix was always Annie’s icon. For Annie, Felix was almost a legendary figure.

Although Maddox was not a fanatical fan of Felix like Brodie and Annie, he respected Felix, a leading expert in appraising treasures, very much.

Now, Felix, who they considered to be a man of such high standing, was chatting casually with Scott like a kind old man.

They sighed silently. In their opinion, they must be extremely respectful to Felix. However, when Scott was here, Felix was so casual. Moreover, judging from the way Felix behaved, Felix somewhat admired Scott. They even dared not think about being treated like this by Felix.

At this moment, Nicholas also sighed silently. In his memory, his father rarely smiled. As the most authoritative expert in the field of appraising treasures, Felix was always serious, no matter whether he was at home or not. When Felix was around, even Nicholas dared not be too casual.

But now, Felix was so close to such a young man. Nicholas nearly doubted whether it was true or not.

“It’s the first time for me to see my father being so close to someone. He usually pulls a face, even if he is staying with me.
Master Davies is really unusual.” Nicholas said.

Brodie and his companions all turned their heads and looked at Nicholas. Brodie asked, “Are you saying that Mr. Brown wouldn’t be so close to other people in normal circumstances?”

“No. He is never close to other people. He is usually very strict with everyone. Whoever he is with, he always looks serious. It’s extremely rare for him to behave like he does today.” Nicholas said with a sigh.

Brodie and his companions were shocked. Now, Felix was easy-going. They didn’t expect that Felix was usually not so easy- going. Of course, they had always believed that Felix, an expert in appraising treasures, was not an easy-going person.

Felix just became easy-going for Scott, the person sitting there with him.
Brodie realized that Scott was more unusual than he could imagine.
Hearing what Nicholas said, Annie somewhat adored Scott.

Maddox had known that Scott was unusual. Seeing that Felix was respectful to him now, Maddox just felt that Scott was a little more unusual.

“Mr. Davies, are you interested in working as a visiting professor in the history department of Fudan University? Our school is in need of talents like you. If you are willing to work in our university, you’ll definitely become the youngest professor ever in the history of Fudan University.” After hesitating for a while, Brodie finally spoke to Scott.

As a Dean Brodie, apart from giving lessons and educating students, Brodie also needed to hire talents. If Scott were willing to work in Fudan University as a professor, it would be definitely good for the students of the history department. After all, although they were students of the history department, there was no course for them to learn how to appraise antiques.

Hearing that, Scott was a little stunned. Then he smiled at Brodie, shook his head, and said, “If I become a professor, I’m afraid that I’ll mislead students.”

“You’re too modest. You’re so talented. It’ll be a great honor for all students of our college to have you as a visiting professor. I hope that you will think about that.” Brodie said seriously.

It seemed that Brodie attached great importance to this issue. Seeing that, Scott found it not proper to directly refuse it.
Therefore, he said, “Well, I’ll think about it. However, recently, I’ve got a lot of things to do. Besides, Fudan University is in the South. Therefore, I’m not sure whether I can go to work in your university or not.”

Hearing it, Brodie was very happy. Even if Scott didn’t really mean it, Brodie didn’t mind. After all, Scott’s being willing to give that answer meant that he thought highly of Fudan University.

Annie somewhat expected Scott to work in their university as a professor. She unconsciously thought of some stories happening between teachers and their students, gradually blushing.

Scott indeed didn’t mean what he said. He was certainly not going to really work in Fudan University as a visiting professor.
Now, Edith was missing. All he should do was to find Edith. He wouldn’t do anything else before finding Edith.

Scott chatted with Felix for some more time. Then, Brodie and Annie needed to go to catch a plane while Maddox had to send them to the airport. Therefore, they left Rare Treasure Store.

Worrying that Brodie and Annie would miss the plane, Maddox, Brodie and Annie left P Market first after saying goodbye to Scott. Before saying goodbye, Annie specifically asked Scott for contact information. According to her, Scott hadn’t put forward the request yet. But she, as a person who always kept her word, must fulfil her promise. Therefore, she asked Scott for his contact information.

After Maddox left with Brodie and Annie, Scott wandered around in P Market for some more time. Then, he was going to leave.

When he was leaving P Market, he saw someone. Immediately, he gave that person a murderous look. If there weren’t so many people around him, he would have rushed towards that person and started a fight.


She and Sasha drove Scott out of the Davies family; she attempted to rob the Davies family from Scott; because of her, Edith was missing; because of her, Lily became unconscious!

Now, Scott only hated her. He had imagined killing her in person for many times.

When Scott just returned to the B City, he had considered directly going to N Group to kill Margaret to vent his anger.

However, Margaret worked for Finn. If Scott killed Margaret, Finn would not let him get away with it.

In the past, after killing someone, Scott could deal with it perfectly with his power to prevent him from being arrested.

However, Finn was from one of the most powerful families in the world. If Scott killed someone, he would definitely have many ways to make Scott be arrested and put in prison. Although Scott could deal with it, it would still bring a lot of trouble.
Therefore, he didn’t directly go to kill Margaret. Instead, he was going to make N Group close down first. At that time, he wouldn’t let neither Margaret nor Finn off.

He didn’t expect that he would meet Margaret in this place, so he was immediately angered.

As Finn had told her, Margaret came to P Market to buy a few traditional handicrafts. These traditional handicrafts would be sent to Maddox at the banquet to please him.

Although they were sure that Maddox would cooperate with N Group this time, they should still send him some gifts.
She was going to enter an antique shop when she suddenly shivered instinctively and had a feeling of horror.

She immediately frowned. Then she hurriedly turned her head and looked around. When she saw Scott, her heart did a flip. At the same time, she was gooseflesh on her arms.

Why was this guy here?

The first thought Margaret had was to run away quickly. However, when she had this idea, Scott had come close to her.
“Damn it, where did you take my wife to?” Scott stretched out his hand.

Margaret’s two bodyguards immediately stood between Margaret and Scott.

“Who are you? You dare to try to beat our boss. You’re so reckless!” One of the bodyguards shouted and started a fight with Scott without any hesitation.

Scott snorted and punched that bodyguard directly. That bodyguard wasn’t able to fight back and fell to the ground, rolling on the ground to somewhere far away.

Seeing this, another bodyguard hurriedly started a fight with Scott. However, Scott had given him a kick, directly kicking him away.

Seeing this, many people gathered around to watch. No one expected that someone would fight in P Market.

Margaret looked at Scott in horror. She clearly knew that Scott was able to directly kill her. If Scott didn’t allow her to leave P Market, she would never be able to leave here.

Scott grasped Margaret by her neck and spoke coldly, “Answer my question. Where did you take my wife to?”

Margaret rolled her eyes quickly. She had heard that Edith was missing after the accident. She didn’t know why Edith would be missing, so she was certainly unable to tell Scott where Edith was.

“If you killed me, you’ll never be able to meet her again in the rest of your life.” Margaret lied to Scott.
Scott snorted and said, “Do you think that you’re eligible to threaten me?” Margaret realized that Scott was furious and knew that Scott might kill her on an impulse in such a rage.

She thought about the ways to run away anxiously. At this moment, there were already many people around them. She had an idea. She suddenly smiled at Scott. Anxiety disappeared from her face.

“You can kill me at this place. There are so many people watching us. If you killed me, you would be arrested. At that time, even if you find your wife, you won’t be able to meet her!” Margaret talked as if she didn’t care if things would get worse.

Hearing this, Scott gathered his wits and noticed the people who were watching them.
Margaret was right. If he killed her in the presence of so many people, he would be in great trouble.

Finding the reaction of Scott, Margaret was relieved. Then, she became emboldened. After knowing that Scott dared not kill her at this place, she was afraid of nothing.

“Don’t you want to kill me? Do it. Could it be that you’re a coward who dares only to talk and dares not to do?” “Last time, you took poison yourself. Why are you still alive?” Scott asked, ignoring her provocation.

Considering that Scott had already known that she was still alive, she thought that it was alright to tell him what had happened before. Therefore, she said with a smile, “After taking that poison, people wouldn’t immediately die. Instead, people would just look as if they have been dead. As long as people take the antidote within the specified time, they would become conscious.
Why, you didn’t expect me to have this trick, right?”

“It was your oversight that caused following events. Therefore, you’re the person that should be held responsible for the accident your wife has had. Shouldn’t you confess?”

Scott tightened his grip on Margaret’s neck.

Margaret sneered and said, “I love to see the way you look now. You hate me, but you can’t kill me. When you’re in pain, I’ll be happy. Otherwise, I won’t try so hard to harm your wife.”

Scott sneered and then said in a low voice, “I indeed can’t kill you in the presence of so many people.” “Then hurriedly let go of me.” Margaret demanded in a fierce way.

Scott put on a malicious smile.

“But there is no one who could stop me from beating you up, is there?”

Hearing it, Margaret’s face immediately became pale. Then, she kept struggling.


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