The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 493 Master Davies

On the first floor. People were staring at Scott with malicious pleasure while speaking in whispers.

“This guy is so bold. Mr. Brown is coming, but he still stays here as if he would not be in trouble. Could it be that he doesn’t even know what would happen after Mr. Brown is here?”

“If he does, he wouldn’t come here and make trouble for Mr. Brown. He doesn’t have any self-knowledge at all. I’m afraid that he still believes that he is right now.”

“You’re right. He should be taught a lesson by Mr. Brown. Otherwise, he would still be conceited and ignorant.”

Scott had heard their remarks, but he was not swayed at all. He knew very well that it would be easy for him to handle it when Felix was really here.

If Felix was not here, it would be difficult for him to deal with it.

Hearing the remarks from people around, Brodie was very anxious. He didn’t want to give Felix a bad impression because of Scott. If that happened, it would be a regret of the lifetime for him.

After thinking for a long time, Brodie came close to Scott and tried to persuade him, “Mr. Davies, I know that you are very young and love to win. I also know that you’re very good at appraising treasures. However, at many times, you should trust the authority in this field. Mr. Brown has worked in this field for many years and he rarely makes mistakes. Besides, they all will laugh at you when you’re proven to be wrong. As far as I’m concerned, you had better admit that you’re wrong. When Mr. Brown comes down and debates it with you, it will be too late.”

Annie also came close to him, speaking while looking at Scott, “He’s right. There’s no need for you to insist that Mr. Brown is wrong. In fact, you have proved yourself to be very good at appraising treasures. At least, in my opinion, you’re very excellent.”

Looking at them, Scott said with a smile, “Don’t worry. Felix dares not to debate with me. When he comes down, you’ll know.”

Brodie immediately became a little angry. Scott was good at appraising treasures. However, he really couldn’t stand Scott, as a young people, belittling Mr. Brown like that.

“Do you know what this guy just said?” At this moment, a people, who was eavesdropping, suddenly shouted loudly.
The crowd immediately turned their heads and looked at that people.

“Just now, he said that Mr. Brown dared not debate with him. My God. I’m really shocked. Why is he so confident? He believes that he is even better than Mr. Brown in appraising treasures!” That people went on to shout.

Hearing that, they became even angrier with Scott. There was even a hint of hostility in their eyes when they looked at Scott.

“He is so arrogant! I’ve never seen such an arrogant person! How dares he talk like that?” “Guy, leave here now. When Mr. Brown comes down, considering what you just said, he won’t let you offt”

“Leave here? Before Mr. Brown teach him a lesson, I’m afraid that no one would allow him to leave. Since he dares to talk like that, he has to bear the consequences!”

Hearing their words, Brodie sighed helplessly. Now, it was useless for Scott to apologize.

Maddox and Annie also frowned. They didn’t expect that Scott would deal with this matter in such a way. They were afraid that they couldn’t deal with it peacefully after Felix came down.

When people were scolding Scott, Felix and Nicholas came downstairs hurriedly. At this moment, Felix was anxious while Nicholas was guilty.

Seeing their coming downstairs, people scolded Scott in a harsher way.

“Mr. Brown is coming down. How can you still be pretentious? If you’re clever, apologize to Mr. Brown now!” One people shouted.
All of them looked at Felix with expectation, hoping that he would teach Scott a lesson.

After coming to the first floor, Felix immediately asked Nicholas, “Who is the person you talk about?”

Nicholas stretched out his hand, pointed to Scott and said, “That… That person.”

“Mr. Brown, this reckless guy is making trouble for you here. He dares to say that you have made a mistake in appraising this blue-and-white porcelain. If you’re angry with him, we can drive him out of here shop for you!” Quite a few people tried to please Felix.

Felix looked at the people they were looking at. When he saw Scott, he was suddenly stunned. Then, he put on a rather happy and excited expression.

“Scott…Scott, is it really you?” Felix came close to Scott quickly. He was very excited.

After seeing Felix, Scott also smiled. He greeted Felix, “Brodie, long time no see.”

After standing before Scott, Felix stretched out his trembling hands and then gave a salute to Scott with respect.

Seeing this, people were all stunned. Previously, they were hoping that Felix would teach Scott a lesson. Now, they all astonished. Many of them were so shocked that they were open-mouthed.

“Master Davies, it’s you! No wonder my son told me that there is a person who can identify the history of that blue-and-white porcelain vase with eyes. You can indeed tell when that blue-and-white porcelain vase was produced with purely your eyes.” After giving a salute, Felix said with a smile.

“Old man, you should be embarrassed. If I hadn’t seen it and this vase was sold, your reputation would be ruined.” Scott said in a casual manner to Felix.

In the past, he was quite close to Felix. Although there was a huge age gap, they could be said to be friends. At that time, Scott had already demonstrated an amazing gift in appraising treasures. Even Felix admitted that he was not as good as Scott.

Other people called Felix Mr. Brown. And Felix called Scott Master Davies to show his respect for Scott.

“You’re right. I’ve just learned that this vase is actually produced in Qing dynasty by asking one of my friends to test it with the most advanced technology. I didn’t expect that you found that with purely your eyes. I’m really not as good as you.” Felix said with some shame.

Nicholas stood behind Felix and listened to their conversation. He was very shocked. It never occurred to him that Felix had known Scott before. Besides, it was really beyond his expectation that Felix would tell Scott that he was not as good as Scott.

Apart from Nicholas, Brodie and his companions were all looking at them in disbelief. They had thought that Felix would definitely be difficult after coming here. They never expected that Felix would be so respectful to Scott and that they would be close to each other like old friends who had known each other for many years.

“He…He is a friend of Mr. Brown. Besides, it seems that Mr. Brown attaches great importance to him. We really got him wrong.” Annie murmured.

After seeing what happened before, now, she knew the real ability of Scott. After that, she was more aware of how charming Scott was.

Now, she was young and was at the best age. How was it possible that she could resist the charm of Scott? In the past, Annie always thought that the boys in her school were too naive and that they were out of her league. Therefore, she was cold to them in her school.

However, now, this picky girl admired Scott a lot. When she thought of Scott’s being calm, not caring about other people’s opinion and being so good at appraising treasures that even Felix admired him, her heart palpitated,

“Teacher, we’ve got Mr. Davies wrong. Mr. Davies is a friend of Mr. Brown. It seems that we’ve judged the moral one by the evil standard.” Annie said to Brodie.

Brodie nodded and was somewhat ashamed, saying, “Later, go to apologize to Mr. Davies. It would be great if he would introduce us to Mr. Brown.”

People around were still in shock. Felix also noticed their reaction, so he asked Scott what had happened here.
Scott told Felix the whole story. Nicholas, who was listening to their conversation, broke out in a cold sweat.
In the final analysis, it was Nicholas’s fault. If he had asked Felix to come down at the very beginning, nothing would happen.

Felix turned his head, looked at Nicholas and snorted, saying, “Now, apologize to Master Davies. Why would I have a son like you? You’re not good at appraising treasures, but you’re really good at making trouble.”

Nicholas dared not delay. He hurriedly bowed to Scott and said apologetically, “Master Davies, I’m really sorry. I’m as blind as a bat and failed to recognize you, getting you into such a trouble. I hope that you will be the bigger person and forgive me.”

“We’ve put it right, so it’s ok.” Scott said.

Felix looked at the crowd and said in a loud voice, “Ladies and gentlemen, I did make a mistake. This blue-and-white porcelain vase is produced in Qing dynasty. Before, I came to a wrong conclusion. Now, one of my friends has confirmed that this blue- and-white porcelain vase was produced in Qing dynasty with the method of isotope dating. Master Davies is right. I hope that you won’t be mistaken about him.”

After hearing this, people all gasped. They didn’t that Felix would explain for Scott in person. Moreover, according to Felix, he couldn’t confirm the time when the blue-and-white porcelain vase was produced without the method of isotope dating while Scott knew it with purely his eyes.

Scott had been very good at appraising treasures. It seemed that even Felix was not as good as him.

Those who had just laughed at Scott immediately blushed. They all somewhat regretted talking to Scott like that before. They had offended a person who even Felix respected a lot.

After struggling for a while, many of them immediately came close to Scott, bowed to him and said, “Master Davies, we were mistaken about you before. Please forgive us!”

Seeing this, people all bowed and apologized to Scott.

Brodie and Annie also came close to Scott and solemnly bowed to him. Brodie seriously apologized to Scott. After that, Annie apologized to Scott. After that, her face was a little red. She looked at Scott with loving eyes.


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