The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 491 Promise A Request Unconditionally

“You… are you sure you didn’t get the right answer by guessing?” Annie asked Scott with no confidence. She herself felt that this question was a bit redundant.

But because she had a bad impression of Scott, she felt like she had lost if she didn’t ask such a question.

“What do you think is the probability if I guess it?” Scott’s mouth curled slightly, and he was not angry because of Annie’s question.

Annie glanced at the dozens of collections on the display cabinet. There was little chance of getting two correct answers by guessing.

“According to my father, this ceramic tea-pot and this flower bowl were made by a master imitating in the Republic of China. This master’s imitation of antiques had reached the point where he was superb. It’s hard to distinguish between his imitation and the real one.” At this time, Nicholas spoke again.

“I heard from my father that at auctions in recent years, several items from the collection of this imitating master were auctioned off as genuine ones. None of the antique appraisers invited by the auctions found that they were imitations.”

“My father only told me about the true origin of c and flower bowl. Today is the first time that these two imitations have been disclosed their origins. Although they are imitations, they are also made by the master. The degree of fidelity can be confused with the true, so the value of these two collections is not low.”

After hearing Nicholas’s introduction of the two fakes, everyone was amazed. They didn’t expect that the two antiques marked the Northern Song Dynasty and the Ming Dynasty were actually made by the master of the Republic of China.

If Nicholas hadn’t disclosed the origins of these two things, even if they bought them back at a sky-high price, they would definitely think they had bought the genuine ones.

After Annie heard Nicholas’s introduction, the shock in her heart deepened. She clearly remembered that when Scott said these two fakes, he also pointed out that these two things came from the Republic of China.

According to Nicholas, before he announced it, the only people who knew that these two things were from the Republic of China were Felix and Nicholas.

If anyone else could see the origin of these two things, they must be someone who was knowledgeable in antiques. This was enough to show that Scott really recognized the origin of these two things by relying on his own knowledge.

After all, even if there was a small probability event, Scott guessed these two things right. It was absolutely impossible to know that these two things came from the Republic of China period.

Of course, there was another possibility, that was, Scott heard about these two fakes from Felix long ago, and today could we accurately tell the origin of the two, but it was obviously impossible.

Annie looked at Scott with an incredible look, knowing that she had misunderstood Scott before. This guy seemed really not as superficial as she thought. At least she and her teacher could not find the two fakes, or tell their origins.

If she had this kind of knowledge, she might also dismiss the antiques they had seen outside before.
And there was another thing that made Annie think Scott was not as arrogant and hypocritical as she thought, that was, Scott had found these two fakes within fifteen minutes, but he did not go to tell Nicholas.

It showed that he was not very interested in showing off his greatness, and he had no idea about choosing one from Felix’s collections.

It had to say that even she was very eager for Felix’s collection. It was impossible for ordinary people to be unmoved by this temptation.

After knowing that she had misunderstood Scott, Annie suddenly became embarrassed, and her gaze at Scott was full of guilt.
Generally, people who misunderstood others, after learning the truth, they would have a greater liking and relaxation for the misunderstood person. Annie felt that she was in this state now.

Both Brodie and Maddox also judged Scott’s superb skill from Nicholas’s words, and both of them looked at Scott with a little admiration.

“Mr. Scott, I didn’t expect you to have such a profound knowledge. It seems that we really entertain an angel unawares. I hope you won’t care too much about what happened before.” Brodie said with a smile.

Scott smiled at him slightly, saying that it didn’t matter.
Maddox also smiled and said, “Do you believe that I didn’t tell Scott about Deyi silver.”

Hearing Maddox’s words, Annie was even more ashamed. She looked at Scott shyly, lowered her head, not daring to look at Scott, playing with her fingers nervously.

“Mr….Mr. Scott, I had a bad attitude towards you before. I was too self-righteous and misunderstood you. Please don’t take it to heart and accept my sincere apology.” Annie’s voice with Scott suddenly became softer.

Scott glanced at her and said, “Just forget it, as long as you remember, you now need to unconditionally agree to a request from me.”

Annie’s heart suddenly tightened. Scott found the two fakes, which meant that she lost the bet between her and Scott. As a price, she must unconditionally agree to a request from Scott.

Before that, Annie thought that Scott was impossible to find out the two fakes, so she did not consider what the bet meant and agreed to Scott.

Now that she lost, Annie realized that if she really had to agree to a request from Scott unconditionally, then Scott could ask her to do many thing.

And the first thing that came to her mind was that Scott might let her… After all, she was still in college, and usually when she came across such things, she would only think of s*x.

As long as Scott made such a request, as a person who kept his promise, Annie felt that she couldn’t refuse it. After all, it would make her violate her life creed, and she would live in guilt for a lifetime.

Thinking of this, Annie’s face immediately turned red, and her mind was full of random images.

“You…what are you asking for?” Annie asked cautiously.

“I haven’t thought about it for the time being. I’ll tell you when I think about it,” Scott said.

Annie had no choice but to nod, but the more Scott did this, the more nervous she felt . After all, she had no idea what kind of request Scott would make.

Both Brodie and Maddox smiled and looked at the them. They naturally couldn’t interfere the bet between others. So, they could only watch. Maddox still thought Annie was very suitable for Scott, but at that time Scott said that he couldn’t make such a joke, so he could only think about it in his heart.

“Since no one has found these two fakes today, it seems that the collection I was going to give away can only be temporarily stored in my place, but if you really want it, you can buy it with money. I am today and I will I’ll give you a gratifying price,” Nicholas said to everyone again.

Immediately, many people wanted to buy Felix’s collections. This was a rare opportunity. Even if this was a shop opened by Felix, there were only a handful of opportunities to sell Felix’s collections, so many people were already planning to inquire about the price.

At this moment, Scott stepped forward and said loudly, “Among these collections, there is a third fake!” Everyone was stunned by Scott’s voice, and people in Rare Treasure Store suddenly became quiet.
After that, everyone turned their heads and looked at Scott, with surprised expressions on their faces.

Maddox, Brodie and Annie did not expect Scott to say such a sentence at this time, and they all looked at him in a bit of amazement.

Nicholas’s smile immediately froze. He squinted at Scott, thinking in his mind why this person would suddenly come up and say such a sentence.

Could it be that he came here to make trouble? The collections he placed on the display cabinet were personally checked by Felix one by one. Among them, only the Nicholas and flower bowl were fakes, and all the rest were genuine.

Suddenly someone came up and said that there was a third fake. Nicholas could think of someone coming to make trouble. Of course, he would not believe that Felix would make a mistake. Since Felix said that there were only two fake, he believed there would never be a third one.

“Buddy, you are really joking. The collections on this display cabinet are all personally seen by my father. Except for the two fakes, the rest are genuine. How could there be a third fake? Stop joking with me,” Nicholas said to Scott with a smile.

“I’m not joking. There is indeed one more fake on this display cabinet. Felix does not stand for truth. Even he may make mistake,” Scott said lightly.

As soon as he said this, many people present widened their eyes, thinking that Scott was here to make trouble.

After all, what he meant was obviously to provoke Felix. Felix’s status in antique appraisal of B City was unmatched. Even if he said his appraisal result was absolutely correct, no one dare to object him. Now Scott said that Felix did not mean absolutely right, in their opinion, he was to make trouble.

Nicholas’s look also darkened, and he said to Scott angrily, “My father’s position in the appraisal world is clear to everyone present. It’s not up to you to say whether he is absolutely right or not. If you are here for trouble, please go out now. I don’t want to have any conflict with you. If not, please take a good look at our store and stop talking about it.”

Everyone looked at Scott with a little contempt. It was obvious that they thought Scott was an unknown person and was not qualified to comment on Felix’s ability.

The main reason was Scott looked too young to be a person with rich experience at all. A junior was not qualified to comment on Felix, the best one in the appraisal world.

“Where did this kid come from? Dare he to question Master Felix’s judgment. He is really ignorant and arrogant.”

“It’s probably just a blunderer who doesn’t understand anything. Maybe it is the competitor who specially hired him to make trouble for Master Felix’s shop.”

“That’s right. He actually said that there is a third fake here. If he can really see it, why didn’t he find those two? I think he is just talking nonsense here. He must be crazy. He is dicing with death that he comes to trouble Master Felix’s shop.”

Maddox, Brodie and Annie looked at Scott hesitantly. Others didn’t know that Scott had found the two fakes, but they knew, so they knew that Scott’s treasure appraisal ability was quite high.

But Scott stood up and said this at this time, which was equivalent to provoking Felix’s authority in front of everyone. Of course, those who regard Felix as an idol couldn’t be kind to him.

Maddox rolled his eyes, smiled at Scott, and said, “Mr. Scott, is it possible that you are dazzled? Even if Master Felix can’t represent absolutely right, he would not make mistakes in general…”

“There is definitely a third fake,” Scott said categorically.

After that, he took a step forward and stared at Nicholas and said, “In my opinion, if you just sell that fake, and it will be seen by others, that will really ruin Felix’s reputation.”


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