The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 490 Two Fakes

Maddox was also full of embarrassment when he heard Annie’s words. He didn’t expect Scott to say that to Felix, and he didn’t know what to do for a while.

Brodie frowned. Felix was a nationally renowned appraiser. There was nothing to question about this matter. Now Scott said Felix’s appraisal level was average, even if he couldn’t accept what Scott said.

“Mr. Scott, if you want to judge a person’s level, at least you have to reach a very high level. Do you think that your level of appraisal is higher than Master Felix that you think he is average?” Brodie stared at Scott and asked.

“How could he be better than Master Felix? I’m afraid that his level is not as good as me. How dare a dishonest man say such a thing. Shame on him” Annie said with anger .

Scott sighed. He just said something casually in the voice of Felix’s friend. He used to talk to Felix in the same way. Felix had nothing against. Unexpectedly, Annie and Brodie were so angry.

Seeing that they were about to quarrel, Maddox quickly coughed and said, “Don’t you mind, Mr. Scott is just joking. It’s so lively inside, let’s go in and have a look. Don’t be unhappy about a joke of Mr. Scott.”

With that said, Maddox pushed Brodie into it, lest they really quarrel with Scott.
Annie glared at Scott, then turned around and walked in with Brodie.

Maddox turned to look at Scott and walked inside with him. He also cautiously said to Scott, “Mr. Scott, in the eyes of those who majored in history, Master Felix is their idol. Please do not made this kind of joke in front of them.”

Scott shrugged and said, “I’m not joking, even if Felix was here just now, he wouldn’t dare to say anything.”

Maddox was helpless, but he didn’t dare to continue arguing with Scott, so he closed his mouth so that Scott wouldn’t say anything shocking.

Entering Rare Treasure Store, they saw that there were several cabinets for exhibitions. There were various antiques on the cabinets. A small card was placed around the antiques, including the introduction these antiques.

Everyone gathered around these cabinets, staring at the antiques above, carefully appreciating them.

“Everyone, these are the treasures of my father, Felix. I took these out today to let everyone enjoy them.” A middle-aged man who seemed to be in his thirties shouted.

This person was Felix’s son, Nicholas Brown. Now Felix retired, so he handed over Rare Treasure Store to Nicholas.

“Everyone should be aware of my father’s level. There are few fakes in his collection. But today, in order to cheer you up, my father personally put two fakes in these collections. According to my father, although the two items are fakes, they have a long history, and they are not much different from that of the real one. If anyone can find these two fakes from these collections, he can take one from my father’s collections for free. No matter how much it is!” Nicholas continued shouting.

After hearing Nicholas’s words, everyone immediately became excited. They were all eager to try, as if they were the one who could find two fakes.

“Because there is only one collection that can be sent out today, whoever finds it out first is the lucky one today. Of course, there is a time limit, which is one hour. Within one hour, whoever finds it out first can take one of the collections away,” Nicholas added.

Afterwards, the contest to find fakes kicked off. Everyone in Rare Treasure Store carefully observed the antiques on the display cabinets, and many even took out the magnifying glass, carefully discerning the traces of the counterfeit products.

Annie also seems to be eager to try. She had studied a lot of antique-related literatures in the History Department, and considered herself to be a half expert in treasure appraisal. Since there was such an activity here, of course she also wanted to have a try.

“Mr. Brodie, let’s go and see if we can find the two fakes,” Annie said.

Brodie nodded, walked to the front of the display cabinet and took a serious look. He also wanted to show off in Felix’s shop.

At this time, Annie turned to look at Scott, and said with disdain, “Don’t you think you are very good? Now you can prove yourself here. If you have the ability, go and find out the two fakes. If you can’t find them, you have to apologize to Master Felix in front of everyone today. Dare you gamble with me?”

Scott laughed and said, “Yes, but I have to apologize to Felix if I lose. What if you lose?”

“If I lose, I will… unconditionally promise you a request. You can make any request as long as I can do it,” Annie said.

“Any request? Are you sure?” Scott repeated.

Annie nodded with confidence, and said, “Any request. But I don’t think you can find those two fakes.”

Scott didn’t speak any more, but walked to the front of the display cabinet, staring at the antiques.

Annie didn’t hesitate anymore, and quickly went over and looked at those collections, as if she was going to compete with Scott.

After almost fifteen minutes, Scott walked over from the display cabinet, stood on the side, and stared at those who were still looking for fakes.

Maddox walked to Scott and said with a smile, “Mr. Scott, these two fakes are not easy to find. What Master Felix collected, even if it is a fake, it is definitely not something that is easy to see through. It is actually reasonable if you can’t find them. It’s just that you have to change your attitude in the future, don’t be so rude to Master Felix.”

Scott smiled without speaking.

Annie saw that Scott only looked for fifteen minutes, walked to the side and stood with a scornful smile on his face. She felt that Scott had given up directly because he gained no clues after observing.

Now it seemed that he was really a self-righteous guy. He obviously didn’t have this level, but he insisted on pretending to be knowledgeable, which was really abhorrent.

But later, he must apologize to Master Felix in front of everyone. If he refused, even Maddox would look down on him. Thinking of it, Annie became happy immediately.

At the beginning, everyone was full of excitement, thinking that they would definitely be able to find the two fakes, so they all observing them very carefully, wishing to see through those antiques.

But as time passed, everyone found that they could not tell which of these collections would be fakes, because each of them looked the same as the real one, and there was no way to tell what was fake.

After almost half an hour, everyone frowned. Even the Dean of the History Department of Fudan University was full of sadness and could not find any clues at all.

Brodie couldn’t find any clues. It was even more impossible for Annie, his student, to find anything different.
Annie, who was originally quite confident in her knowledge of antiques, felt that her self-confidence had been greatly frustrated after more than half an hour. It was only at this time that she realized that antique appraisal was not as simple as she imagined.

Some people who didn’t know much about antiques even start to guess. Unfortunately, there were two fakes. Only the person who found both of them could be said to win. So, no matter how lucky they were, it’s impossible to guess two fakes right.

After confirming and finding no clue, Annie also gave up and walked towards Scott. Fortunately, she and Scott did not bet that she must find the two fakes, so it didn’t affect their bets.

After walking in front of Scott, Annie stared at him and said, “It will be an hour soon. Later, you need to explain the reason to everyone, and then apologize to Master Felix. Don’t cheat. I don’t think Maddox will make friends with people who have no credibility.”

Scott smiled and said, “Are you sure that I will lose?”

Annie was taken aback, and then said, “Of course. You just walked over and stood here after 15 minutes. Don’t tell me that you have found out those two fakes. I won’t be fooled by you.”

Maddox also looked at Scott curiously, and felt that the reason why Scott walked over in 15 minutes was because he couldn’t find the fakes.

“Well, I have indeed found those two fakes,” Scott said.

Annie suddenly became speechless, and said, “Can you be sincere and modest? You only observed for fifteen minutes just now.
How could you find out the two fakes? And since you have found them out, why didn’t you tell the son of Master Felix?”

“This is just a bet between me and you, I just need to let you know,” Scott said.

He wasn’t afraid that someone would find out the two fake, so that he could not explain to Annie. He was sure that no one among the people present could find out the two fakes.

At this time, Brodie also walked over with a face full of disappointment, and when he reached Maddox, he shook his head and smiled, “Master Felix is really superb. I didn’t expect I even can’t tell the fakes. Today is an informative visit.”

“Mr. Brodie, this hateful guy said he has found out those two fakes.” Annie said angrily to Brodie.

Brodie immediately turned his head to look at Scott, and said, “Mr. Scott, are you kidding me? I just saw you go there for a while, and came and stood here. Could it be that you found the two fakes in such a short time?”

Scott nodded and said, “Yes, those two fakes are not hard to find.” “Don’t fool us. Now that you have found the two fakes, then tell me which ones they are, don’t just talk nonsense.” Annie interrupted Scott.

Scott pointed his finger at the display cabinet over there and said, “The teapot on the first floor and the flower bowl on the third floor.”

Several people turned their eyes on the teapot and flower bowl. Brodie immediately shook his head and said, “It is absolutely impossible. I observed those two things carefully just now. They are all very elegant in workmanship and absolutely impossible to be fakes. ”

Scott smiled and said, “The workmanships of those two items are indeed exquisite, but in some details, there are big flaws.
These two things should come from the Republic of China, not the Northern Song and Ming Dynasty. There are some details that do not belong to that era, but it is not easy for ordinary people to find out.”

“Well, don’t talk nonsense here. Do you think we will believe you if you talk nonsense? I have read those two things too, and they can’t be fakes,” Annie said stubbornly.

“You’ll know whether I am right after hearing what Nicholas said later. You dot need to argue with me,” Scott said.

Annie only realized her gaffe at this time. Because she hated Scott so much that she was unable to maintain her original high- cold temperament.

“Well, wait and see. I don’t believe you can really find the fakes that Master Felix hid in such a short time,” Annie said with her moth pouting.

An hour passed quickly. Nicholas looked at the people who frowned with pride. He knew very well that there were only a handful of people who could find the two fakes, and none of the people present should be able to do it.

He glanced at the time, clapped his hands, and said to everyone, “Everyone, one hour has passed. It seems that no one has found the two fakes today.”

Everyone turned their heads to look at Nicholas. Many of them were downcast, as if they had lost a valuable treasure.

“Hurry up and tell us which ones are fakes.”

“You don’t have any fakes here, right? You are just fooling us by saying that.”

Nicholas laughed and said, “Why would I fool you? Look at the first floor of the display cabinet. The ceramic tea-pot is a fake.” Everyone looked at ceramic tea-pot. Many people had observed the ceramic tea-pot just now, and they didn’t find flaws.

Annie, who was waiting for Nicholas to say the answer and pierced Scott’s hypocritical mask, was stunned when he heard Nicholas’s words.

She glanced at Scott incredulously. Among the two things the guy said just now, one was the teapot on the first floor, and there were no other teapots on the first floor except for the ceramic tea-pot.

“He just guessed right. He is just lucky. He can’t see through it, he only observed for 15 minutes. How is this possible!” Annie kept comforting herself, but her chest couldn’t help but ups and downs.

Both Brodie and Maddox were all surprised, but Scott was actually right.
All of them held their breath and wanted Nicholas to tell the second fake, to see if Scott was lucky and got one right.
“This second fake is the flower bowl on the third floor.” Nicholas continued.

Hearing Nicholas’s words, Annie stiffened, and her gaze at Scott became a little uneasy.


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