The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 488 Am I Right

The next day.

The most famous antique market in B City, P Market.

Scott got out of the taxi, walked a few steps forward, and saw Maddox standing there.
Seeing Scott coming, Maddox immediately walked towards him with a smile.

“Mr. Scott, if you find something you like today, please don’t stand on ceremony. I will pay for it and buy it as a gift for you,” Maddox said with a smile.

Scott replied, “No, I am not very interested in antiques. Even you give some antiques to me, I don’t have the energy to enjoy them.”

Originally, he didn’t plan to come today, but Maddox was too enthusiastic and asked Scott to come. Moreover, the Davies family had gotten rid of the crisis and Scott had nothing to do. Therefore, under Maddox’s repeated invitation, Scott agreed.

It just so happened that he hadn’t been to the antique market for a long time. Although he was not interested in antiques, there were no more than three people in B City who knew antiques better than him.

P Market was also a place full of memories for Scott. He remembered that he had competed here with Felix Brown, the best appraiser in B City. They hit it off straightly. Scott’s understanding of antiques made Felix shocked.

It was precisely because of the relationship between Scott and Felix that those antiques of the Davies family would receive certificate with Felix’s autograph.

He had not seen Felix for many years. Scott wondered if Felix was still in P Market.
It was precisely because of remembering some things that year that Scott wanted to come here.

“Antiques are actually not as complicated as you think. At most, there are some difficulties in distinguishing the year. Mr. Davies, if you have any questions, just ask me.” Maddox thought that Scott said he was not interested in antiques because he didn’t understand it, so he said to Scott with pride.

In his opinion, Scott was already very good in fighting and other aspects, and it was normal to not understand antiques. It was just where his interest lay, and he could show off his talents in front of Scott.

Scott was a little bit dumbfounded. He didn’t expect Maddox to think that he didn’t understand antiques so he wasn’t interested, but he didn’t explain too much. Since Maddox wanted to show off, then he would give him a chance.

“Didn’t you say there are friends?” Scott asked.
“They have already gone in. Let’s go in and find them now. My friend is the dean of the History Department of Fudan University

in H City. He is also very keen on antiques. When I come to B City this time, he asked me to P Market. It’s also because of him that I come here and go around,” Maddox said as he walked.

Scott nodded and didn’t ask any more questions. People at Maddox’s level were naturally not simple. The Dean of the History Department of Fudan University in H City was also great.

“And one of the students my friend brought from their college this time is a very beautiful and elegant girl. If you like her, I can help you,” Maddox laughed.

Scott turned his head and glared at him, and said coldly, “Don’t make this kind of joke with me in the future, or think about whether you can stand my beating.”

Maddox instantly trembled all over. Although he was not beaten on his back, he actually felt a faint feeling of fever.

He took a deep breath, and quickly nodded to Scott, thinking that Scott didn’t like this kind of joke, and he couldn’t make suck joke casually in the future. Otherwise, Scott who succeed in climbing high ladder would kill him with just one finger.

Scott was still worried about Edith’s disappearance at this time, how could he tolerate others making such jokes with him.

The two entered P Market and looked around along the road. After a while, Scott saw a formal dressed old man not far away.
Although his hair was a little white, he was delicately combed. The old man was accompanied by a tall girl with a horsetail and black glasses. She was an elegant and good-looking girl.

The girl gave people a feeling that she must have read a lot of books and understood a lot of things at a glance.

And it may be because she knew more, so the girl still had a slight cold temperament on her body and rejected those men who couldn’t help but look at her.

These two were the friends mentioned by Maddox. The old man’s name was Brodie, and the girl’s name was Annie, and excellent students from Fudan University in H City.

When Maddox saw the two people, he immediately went to say hello.

“Brodie, sorry for keeping you waiting.”

Both Brodie and Annie turned to look over here, and smiled at Maddox.

“Let me introduce to you. This is Scott Davies that I told you about. This is Brodie, the Dean of the History Department of Fudan University. This is his student, Annie.” Maddox introduced.

Brodie and Annie both turned to look at Scott. Brodie just nodded to Scott and maintained his basic politeness. Because of Scott’s request, Maddox did not tell them Scott’s identity, only said that Scott was his friend.

Annie felt that Scott was only a few years older than her, so she looked at him more. Although Scott was a friend of Maddox, he didn’t seem to be special.

Annie, who has always been very excellent, had always been only interested in excellent people. Seeing Scott was so ordinary, no matter what he relied on to be friends with Maddox, Annie was not much interested in contacting Scott more.

Scott didn’t pay attention to Annie’s gaze, but greeted her and Brodie politely. Beautiful girls were indeed very attractive, but Scott, who had seen many outstanding beautiful girls, didn’t think there was anything outstanding about Annie.

Annie was a little uncomfortable when she saw Scott who didn’t pay attention to her at all. She was accustomed to the gaze of her peers, and suddenly there was someone who ignored her, which would make her care a little unhappy. And in Annie’s opinion, it was impossible for anyone to be uninterested in her. Generally, those who didn’t seem to be interested in her were pretending.

Cat-and-mouse game, it was the traps of those scumbags in Annie’s impression.
“Hypocrisy.” Annie muttered.

After Maddox finished the introduction, he took them around P Market to see if he could find a decent thing to give Scott as a gift.

After walking around, Maddox also found a few good things. Although they weren’t valuable antiquities, they were more than enough to play with.
And every time he found a good thing, Brodie would test Annie, let her tell the origin of that thing.

Annie had never let Brodie down, and could always tell the origin of those things.

This made Brodie quite proud. Annie was his student, her excellent performance naturally made him , her teacher, feel proud.

Maddox was also quite amazed by Annie’s knowledge, and would praise her from time to time. Although he had a great interest in antiques, he was a layman compared with those who specialize in history.

On the other hand, Scott didn’t speak much along the way. Maddox thought Scott didn’t understand antiques, so he kept introducing to Scott.

And Scott was not very interested in the antiques that Annie said. For this kind of thing that could be seen through the origin at a glance, Scott certainly did not pay too much attention to it. A few times when Annie talked about it, he even yawned.

It made Annie very angry. She felt that since Scott didn’t understand, he should listen carefully. Why was he so impatient? If so, he shouldn’t come here. This made Annie think Scott was hypocritical and arrogant.

So, when she was telling, she always glanced at Scott intentionally or unintentionally. Her look seemed to mock Scott, and she didn’t hide her dissatisfaction in the slightest.

Scott also noticed Annie’s gaze, but didn’t care. As a young man, Scott understood Annie’s thoughts very well. If Scott was just an excellent college student, he would definitely think about showing off his talent to others, especially those of the opposite Sex.

It was a pity that Scott’s level was too high, and what he has experienced was far from comparable to those of college students, so he didn’t care what Annie thought of him.

Walking to another booth, Annie saw an ancient coin on the booth, her eyes brightened up. Then she picked it up, looked at Scott, and said, “Mr. Scott has been following us for so long, but he has never spoken. When I introduced those antiques at that time, Mr. Scott looked impatient, as if he could know what they were at a glance.”

“Mr. Scott, since you can become Maddox’s friend, you must have your own outstanding merits. As Maddox brought you here, you must know antiques very well. How about telling me about this ancient coin? What is its origin? ”

Expression on Maddox’s face suddenly changed when he heard Annie’s hostile words. He just wanted to scold Annie, but when he thought of Brodie by the side, he stopped.

After Brodie looked at the ancient coin in Annie’s hand, he smiled and said, “Annie, aren’t you embarrassing Mr. Scott? Maddox has been explaining to Mr. Scott, which shows that Mr. Scott does not understand this aspect. This ancient coin is quite rare.
Even people in the history department know very little about it. How can Mr. Scott introduce it to you?”

“Yes, but before I saw Mr. Scott didn’t seem to not know about antiques. Or why would he dismiss my introduction. Teacher, don’t look down on Mr. Scott too much,” Annie said quickly.

She sounded like she was complimenting Scott, but in fact she was trapping Scott. As long as Scott couldn’t introduce it, he would be embarrassed.

Annie was also arrogant, how could she let this person who was only a few years older than her be so arrogant? He didn’t even show any interest in her introduction.

When Maddox hear Annie’s words, he became even more anxious. After hesitating for a while, he rushed to Scott’s ear and whispered, “Mr. Scott, she is still a student, and there are a lot of things she doesn’t understand. Don’t take it to heart. It doesn’t matter whether you introduce it or not.”

“It’s okay.” Scott smiled. Although he didn’t expect Annie would think he was impatient and suddenly embarrassed him, but he didn’t care. He just regarded it as a little girl’s vanity

After that, he turned around, looked at Annie, smiled and said, “This ancient coin in your hand is called Deyi silver. After Vinnie, the rebel in Tang Dynasty, occupied Luoyang, he cast Deyi silver. Later, he found out the name of Deyi silver was unlucky, so he changed later coins to Zhushun silver. These two kinds of coins are rare, especially Deyi silver.”

“Am I right?”


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