The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 487 It’s All the Property of The Davies Family

“What are you talking about! More than half stocks rose by the daily limit? How could this be possible!” Antonio exclaimed at Priya, snatching the phone in her hand.

Everyone in the Davies family had already seen the result at this time. Those who chose to be loyal to the Davies family showed a relaxed smile, and those who chose to stand on Antonio’s side immediately frowned and their looks became gloomy.

“How could this be? How can the stocks of the listed companies in the name of the Davies family surge limit? As N Group took an action, their stocks should fall sharply. Even if Scott has 10 billion, it can only keep the stock price normal. Why does this happen?” Antonio stared at the data on the phone, puzzled.

Jordan, who had been standing next to Scott, heard Antonio’s words and he was relieved. Although he had known Scott’s support last night, he was still a little worried. Now seeing this result, he was convinced that Terence’s support to Scott was indeed amazing and far beyond his imagination.

“Could… Could it be that the N Group hasn’t taken an action yet?” Priya asked Antonio a little nervously. It was obvious that this result made her a little flustered.

“Impossible. This matter involves such a huge capital. N Group will not have any hesitation. In this situation, I am afraid that N Group has already started, but it has been resolved by another force. “Antonio explained as he looked at Scott.

Priya also looked towards Scott. If there was another force, it could only be Scott.

This guy actually resisted the N Group’s attack and also made the Davies family’s stock into the stratosphere, which was really incredible.

Thinking of this, Priya suddenly felt regretful.

Those who chose to believe in Scott were all relaxed at this time, and their eyes were full of admiration when they looked at Scott. Scott’s ability to resolve the crisis of the Davies family with such ease was enough to prove what kind of future he would give to the Davies family.

And those who had listened to Antonio’s words were staring at Antonio at this time, as if they would rush up at any time and eat him.

“Antonio, are you kidding us? You let us choose you, but the Davies family didn’t fall in trouble. In that case, why do we fallow you to leave the Davies family?”

“That’s right. You are not convinced because you were kicked out of the Davies family, so you want to fool us, right?”

“I’m really mad. I knew I should have been firmer. How could I lose my mind and believe what you said!”

Everyone blamed Antonio, as if they wanted to prove to Scott that they were only bewitched by Antonio.

Antonio listened to everyone’s words. He looked a little gloomy. After all, he didn’t know what was going on.

“Scott, even if you are lucky, even if you have resisted this time, there will still be another attack. I am afraid that it is already your limit. When next time, I will see how you can stick with it!” Antonio yelled at Scott viciously.

“Scott, we were bewitched by Antonio before, so we made the wrong decision. In fact, we are also thinking about the Davies family. You must understand us.” Those who stand behind Antonio had begun to think about restoring their image in front of Scott.

“Yeah, we are all bewitched by Antonio. Scott, now the Davies family is fine, we are willing to continue to serve the Davies family, and we will never be disloyal in the future!” The rest of the people echoed and said that they would be loyal to the Davies family in the future.

Priya saw this scene and wanted to beg Scott. After all, the Davies family was fine. As a member of the Davies family, she was still willing to stay in the Davies family.

But she also had some understanding of Scott’s character, knowing that since she chose to oppose Scott, she couldn’t turn back

So, after hesitating for a while, Priya finally just pursed her lips and lowered her head dimly.

Scott looked at the people behind Antonio indifferently. After a long time, he said loudly, “ At the critical moment of the Davies family, instead of having the determination to fight against the crisis together with the Davies family, you gave up the Davies family because of a few words of bewitching from others. Now you still want me to understand you, do you think I’m a fool?”

“From today, you will have nothing to do with the Davies family. Whatever happens to you in the future will have nothing to do with the Davies family.”

After hearing Scott’s words, everyone shook their heads helplessly, knowing that there was no chance of turning back.

“If this is the case, then we will take our things. Thinking about it now, you just resisted a crisis that the Davies family faced.
Compared with N Group, you are still far behind.”

Immediately someone wanted to go back to their room to take their important belongings, so that they could leave the Davies family with their capital.

At this moment, Jordan led the masters in Davies family and stopped them all.

“Scott, what do you mean? We are just looking for another way out. Can’t we take away our things?” An elderly elder immediately glared at Scott.

“The Davies family is a family, not a company. If you are just employees of the Davies family and want to find another way out, I have no right to interfere. But you are a member of the Davies family. When the family is in danger, you only think about your own way out, and even sided with the enemy.”

“You are traitors!”

“All of your things are the property of the Davies family. Now you have to leave, I won’t stop you. But from now on, never try to get each cent of the Davies family. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being cruel!”

After speaking, Scott suddenly burst out of murderous aura.

Everyone felt the murderous aura on Scott, and they were shocked. They had no doubt that if they really tried to get their own things now, Scott would really kill them.

Many people were regretful. After learning the Davies was in crisis, they all tried to get a lot of benefits from the Davies family.
They planned that when the Davies family really failed, they could live by relying on these things.

Now Scott broke their paths directly, naturally making them a little frustrated.

“Well, even if I can’t take it, he can’t stop me from taking the money I deposited in the account. There are just some antique and gold bars and the like. It doesn’t matter that I cannot get them.” Many people took a chance on the money they got from company before.

However, people with this kind of thinking were dumbfounded in the next second, because they had all received a text message, which showed that all their accounts had been frozen, and there was no way to get a cent of the money inside.

Scott controlled the Davies family’s general account, so how could it be possible for these people to take anything from the Davies family? When they chose to stand on Antonio’s side, Scott had already regarded them as enemies.

“Come here, drive these traitors out. If anyone dares to resist, just beat them directly, it doesn’t matter if they are killed, they are no longer members of the Davies family!” Jordan shouted.

The Davies family’s thugs immediately drove Antonio and others out.

Antonio turned his head and glared at Scott fiercely. He was unwilling. He thought that Scott would be defeated this time, but he didn’t expect Scott to deal with it easily.

“Next time, next time I must make you have no chance to rise again!” Antonio gritted his teeth.

Scott looked at Antonio with a calm look. He didn’t plan to get rid of these people now. He couldn’t kill them all just because they were traitors. Otherwise, the police uncle would come to him.

But he also knew that people like Antonio were on their last legs. Their current reliance was only N Group. When Scott vanquished N Group and Margaret, these people would naturally not end well.

“Jordan, I’ll leave it to you.” Scott turned his head and said to Jordan, then turned and walked towards the study.

At this time, his phone rang, and he took it out to see that it was a message from Maddox.

“Mr. Scott, are you free tomorrow? Someone asked me to go to the antique market. Would you like to go with me? Then I will pick a few good gifts for you.”

N Group.
Finn and Margaret were sitting opposite each other. Margaret frowned as she looked at the message on the phone.

“When we attacked the Davies family, there was a mysterious force that secretly interfered with our manipulation. Not only did the stocks of the listed companies of the Davies family not fall, but most of them went daily. Scott is not as simple as we thought,” Margaret said.

Finn showed an indifferent smile, and said, “If he was beaten so easily, it would be too boring. This time it was just a probe, so there is no need to take it seriously.”

Although Margaret was very helpless, she couldn’t wait to see Scott defeated in front of her now, but she also knew that dealing with Scott still needed a process.

“In addition to trying to make the Davies family fall into trouble, this probe is actually exploring Scott’s limit. Even if he resolves this crisis, he will definitely use all of his reliance. In this way, for the reconstruction plan of old town, he will never have any chance ”

“The way we can really defeat the Davies family is the reconstruction plan of old town. As long as we can get this cooperation, the Davies family will never have a chance to prosper again. It seems that our plan has been half successful.”

Hearing what Finn said, Margaret felt a little more comfortable, and then an expectant smile appeared on her face.

The banquet for the person in charge of the reconstruction plan of old town would begin in a few days, and then it would be time to compete for partners.

Scott used all his hole cards today, and when that happened, what could he rely on to fight with N Group!

“Scott, let’s wait and see, there will always be a day when you kneel down in front of me and beg for mercy,” Margaret murmured.

“By the way, gifts are indispensable for the banquet in a few days. It’s said that the person in charge likes antiques. You can find some decent antiques and send them to that person at that time,” Finn said.

Margaret didn’t say anything, just nodded.


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