The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 486 I Can Guarantee

Coming out of the study, Jordan still felt his head buzzing.

Whatever Scott just told him was the biggest secret of the Davies family. Scott also told Jordan that Terence was not dead, he just went to a place where he couldn’t get out.

Scott told Jordan about some insignificant things in Guanling. By the way, he told Jordan that Terence’s support for Scott was far beyond the Davies family’s ability.

And it also made Jordan understand why Scott was so confident. Not only did Scott think that the threat of N Group was nothing, he also began to think so.

“It seems that God blessed the Davies family. Now that Scott is back, N Group is nothing to be feared.”

“If this is the case, then through this incident, we will see who are really loyal to the Davies family. As for those who want to betray, there will be in big trouble!”

After muttering a few words to himself, Jordan walked towards his room with ease.

The next morning.
Priya and a group of people gather in the main courtyard of the Davies House, and confronted the group of people led by Jordan.

“Jordan, don’t be stubborn. If the Davies family is still in Scott’s control, it will only get worse and worse. The only option at the moment is to let Scott give up the throne.” Priya looked at Jordan righteously.

How could Jordan, who already knew Scott’s background, listen to Priya’s words.

He looked at Priya sullenly, and said, “Priya, I thought you would always think about the Davies family, but I didn’t expect that even you would be tempted by others. You really disappointed me.”

“Jordan, don’t I just look out for the Davies family? It’s the right choice for the Davies family to ask Scott to give up his position as the head of the family,” Priya said solemnly.

“Then tell me, the Davies family’s current crisis comes from N Group. What does it have to do with whether I give up my position as the head of the family?” At this time, Scott’s voice sounded, and everyone turned their heads and looked over.

Priya was speechless again when asked by Scott. Although she was smart, she put all her energy on playing chess. She knew very little about this kind of power struggle. She just did what but others asked her to do, not thinking about the reason at all.

Now Scott asked her so, of course she couldn’t think of any good excuses.

“You can’t answer, how can I give up the position as the head of the Davies family?” Scott stared at Priya, as if he had already penetrated her mind.

Priya was embarrassed, thinking quickly how to refute Scott’s words. People standing behind Priya looked at her suspiciously, and now they started to think, since Priya was for the benefit of the Davies family, why she asked Scott to abdicate instead of thinking about how to deal with N Group.

Even if Scott gave up the position as the head of the Davies family, wouldn’t N Group still attack the Davies family?

Just when everyone was puzzled, a few others walked into the main courtyard.

“It’s very simple. As long as Scott surrenders the position as the head of the Davies family, the N Group will stop targeting of the Davies Family. At that time, the Davies family will still be able to sit firmly in the position of the first family in B City.” A hearty voice rang.

Everyone turned their heads and looked over and found that it was Antonio.

After Antonio and the others were driven out of the Davies family by Scott, they had come to the Davies House to make trouble, but they were all suppressed by Jordan.

Since then, Antonio and they had been very miserable. They cursed Scott all the time, but it was useless. As the head of the Davies family, they were no longer able to see Scott casually.

This situation continued until some time ago, when Margaret found them.

Although surprised that Margaret appeared again, they soon accepted the incident. Margaret took them to N Group and told them that N Group existed to get rid of Scott.

They had already hated Scott for a long time. They naturally joined N Group immediately, and based on their past experience working in the Davies family, they began to compete against the Davies family in a very targeted manner.

It could be said that the reason why N Group had been able to force the Davies family to such a situation so quickly was that Antonio and they had absolutely contributed a lot.

“Antonio, you are the one who was kicked out of the Davies family. How dare you say such things here?” Scott stared at Antonio and said coldly.

Antonio just smiled and said, “I was kicked out of the Davies family, but now I still sit in a high-level position in N Group. Under your leadership, the Davies family is about to fail. Why can’t I say so?”

Priya saw Antonio coming and ran towards him. Then she said to Scott, “Scott, you also heard that, as long as you give up the position as the head of the Davies family, the Davies family will be safe and sound. We did this entirely for the benefit of the Davies family!”

“What if I don’t?” Scott said nonchalantly.

“After half an hour, if you don’t give up, a large amount of funds will enter the stock market and manipulate the stock prices of all listed companies in the Davies family. By then, all of the Davies family’s properties will fall to the limit. I wonder if you, the head of the Davies family, can be so calm.” Antonio sneered.

Scott curled his lips. No wonder Priya said that it would take at least 10 billion to deal with the N Group’s attack. It turned out that it wanted to manipulate the stock market to attack the Davies family.

If this was the case, it was simple.

Scott took out his phone, sent a text message, and then had no worries anymore.

“Sorry, I don’t think you can manipulate the share price of the Davies’ industry.” Scott shrugged.

Antonio snorted coldly, and said, “To deal with the N Group’s attack, you must have a cash flow of at least 10 billion. Nowadays, the Davies family is exhausted. Do you think you can come up with 1@ billion?”

Scott smiled and said, “You’ll know whether I can or not in half an hour.”

Antonio didn’t expect Scott to be so stubborn. It was such a time that Scott still refused to give in. He felt that this was just Scott’s stubborn behavior. He didn’t think that Scott would have ten billion.

“Everyone, I have already said what should be said, and you have seen Scott’s attitude. He didn’t want to make the Davies family better at all. Do you really believe that he can come up with 10 billion in such a short time? I advise you to think about it, if the Davies family is ruined, you all have to suffer along with it!” Antonio shouted at everyone around him again.

Everyone in the Davies family hesitated because of Antonio’s words. Antonio was right. With the Davies family’s current situation, it was indeed very difficult to come up with 10 billion. And if Scott just needed to hand over the position of the head of the family in exchange for the stability of the Davies family, it didn’t sound like a bad thing.

But at this time, no one stood up and stated their position, everyone was considering it.

Antonio looked at Scott with a sneer. Whether Scott was willing to give up the position as the head of the Davies family, he would be in trouble. Antonio had waited for too long on this day. He wanted to see Scott being cast aside by everyone in the Davies family.

As time passed, Scott had no intention of surrendering, and everyone in the Davies family was a little anxious.

Finally, a person couldn’t hold back and shouted, “Scott, or you should give up the position as the head of the Davies family.
Think about the Davies family, it will really be ruined.”

As soon as this person finished his words, those who had already their own idea immediately began to echo.
“That’s right, now only you give up the position as the head of the Davies family, can the Davies family survive.”

“Scott, don’t be too selfish. At this time, it is a wise choice to give up the position as the head of the Davies family. The survival of ours cannot be ruined by you.”

“You can’t be reckless at this time. You know the strength of N Group. Now B City is no longer the Davies family’s world. Don’t try to be brave.”

Seeing that so many people had been shaken, and Scott still didn’t want to change his mind, even yawned, Antonio was a little worried.

If Scott was willing to give up the position as the head of the Davies family, although N Group would not really let the Davies family continue to dominate B City, as long as it could control the Davies family, it would make Antonio be in charge of the Davies family.

But now Scott had no intention of surrendering the position as the head of the Davies family, which naturally made him very anxious. If there was no result in half an hour, N Group would really attack the Davies family, and then the Davies family would go bust. The Davies family in that state had no value.

Seeing fifteen minutes passed, Scott still did not speak, Antonio became a little anxious.
“Scott, do you really want the Davies family to be ruined?” Antonio shouted.
Scott shrugged at him indifferently.

Antonio snorted coldly. He had no hope for Scott’s resignation as the head of the Davies family. He glanced at everyone present and said, “It seems that Scott insisted on leading the Davies family into abyss of suffering, so even I can’t help you. But I am not as ruthless as Scott. Anyone of you who wants to come and work with me can come here now. I can guarantee that you will still have a decent job after the Davies family is ruined.”

Everyone sighed helplessly, and obviously felt that if Scott refused to give up, the Davies family would be ruined.

“I can assure you that by the time Antonio said, the Davies family will still be safe and sound. Since he gave you the choice, then I will not stop you. If you believe me, wait patiently for a while. If you don’t believe me, you can go to Antonio,” Scott said.

Everyone immediately began to discuss, as if they were deciding how to choose.

Soon, some people walked towards Antonio, and some gave Scott a vicious look and shouted at him, “Scott, it is really unlucky that the Davies family is ruined by someone like you. You regret it!”

Everyone at the scene began to choose their own positions, and after a while, they were divided into two groups.

Jordan looked at this scene and did not stop it. It was a good opportunity to screen talents who were loyal to the Davies family.
Although they would lose some talents, for a family, loyalty was often more important than talent. Furthermore, it was not difficult to cultivate people for the positions they in.

After everyone had made their minds, Antonio gave Scott a cold look, and then made a call.

“Go ahead, Scott refuses to give up the position as the head of the Davies family, there is no need for the Davies family to exist anymore.”

When he hung up the phone, an evil arc formed at the corner of his mouth, and he said, “Scott, you must remember that Davies family is destroyed by you, and you are the sinner of the Davies family forever!”

“Sometimes speaking too early will only make yourself embarrassed.” Scott said, staring at Antonio.

“How can you still pretend at such a time. Later, the stocks of all listed companies under the Davies family’s name will limit down.
Let’s wait and see if you can keep blustering at that time!” Antonio snorted coldly.

Priya also looked at Scott contemptuously. Now in her eyes, even if Scott’s chess skills were superb, he was still a short- sighted guy. She had no interest in Scott for a long time. Her current goal was Finn.

Half an hour passed quickly. Antonio estimated that the time was almost up, and then said to the public, “Take out your phones to see how the listed companies in the name of the Davies family are. I believe the situation must be very tragic.”

Everyone hurriedly took out their phones and went to check the stocks of listed companies under the name of the Davies family.
Priya also took out her phone to check, but after seeing the result, she was stunned.

When Antonio saw Priya’s reaction, he was a little confused and asked, “What’s wrong? Have the stocks fallen too much and scared you?”

Priya raised her head to look at Antonio, her lips trembling and said, “None of the listed companies under the name of the Davies family name have fallen, and… and more than half of them rose by the daily limit!”


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