The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 485 Betray

Scott looked at Priya and her party, and knew who wanted to split the Davies family.

He squinted at Priya. Last time Scott regained control of the Davies family, Priya wanted to get close to Scott but was ignored by Scott. He did not expect that when the Davies family was targeted by N Group, Priya would took the lead in trying to split the Davies family. It seemed that he had misjudged Priya, his cousin.

When she was a child, Priya often followed Scott and treated Scott as her idol. After Scott was kicked out of the Davies family, Priya thought that she was superior, and began to think that Scott was not worthy of her admiration.

When Scott went back to the Davies family for the first time, Priya really looked down on Scott. However, after Scott defeated the Ashley in chess, her attitude towards Scott changed again.

After Scott took back control of the Davies family, Priya also showed her flattery to Scott.

Now that the Davies family’s status in B City was at stake, Priya took the lead in trying to split the Davies family, which was enough to show that she was a very snobbish woman.

When a person was at his prime, Priya would be eager to please that person. And when a person was down, Priya would kick him far away, disassociating herself early.

Scott didn’t expect Priya to become such a person. It seemed that after he was driven out of B City, Priya was influenced by Sasha and Margaret a lot.

But it was not important anymore, everyone had their own choice. For whatever reason, Priya had chosen this attitude, so she should bear the corresponding consequences.

It was foreseeable that if Scott resolved the Davies family’s crisis this time, Priya’s best end was to be expelled from the Davies family.

Priya knew it too, but she didn’t think Scott was capable of resolving the Davies family’s crisis this time.
“Naughty!” At this time, there was a loud shout. Everyone turned their heads and found that Jordan was coming over.

“Scott is the head of the Davies family. As a member of the Davies family, how dare you be so rude to him? Do you want to rebel?” Jordan glared at Priya angrily.

Priya was not afraid at all, staring at Jordan and said, “Jordan, now you are taking charge of the Davies family’s affairs. You should be clear what the Davies family’s position is now. We are already in danger in B City, and all of this is because of Scott, the head of the Davies family.”

“If the result of his being the head of the Davies family is the destruction of the Davies family, why do we need him to be our leader?”

As soon as she finished speaking, the people behind her immediately yelled, and they all seemed quite agitated.

“Scott, hurry up and abdicate! You are not worthy of being the head of the Davies family!”

“Although you are in the position of the head of the Davies family, you simply don’t care about the Davies Family’s affairs, and you have brought such a great enemy to the Davies Family. You are the sinner of the Davies Family. According to the family rules, you should be expelled from the Davies Family!”

“Even a wimp would not make the Davies family fall into the situation where it is now, Scott, you are not as good as wimp. How dare you come back. If I were you, I would die for it!”

Jordan was infuriated by these people’s words, and he wanted to walk over and teach them personally.
At this time Scott waved his hand to Jordan, and then walked towards Priya.

“Scott, you are not suitable to be the head of the Davies family. I think you should give up this position as soon as possible, otherwise the Davies family will only perish because of you!” Priya held her head up and looked at Scott with contempt in her eyes.

“How do you know that the Davies family will perish?” Scott questioned, staring at Priya.

“N Group has been targeting the Davies family for a long time. Our industry has been suppressed by them. N Group will go against us at any price. With the Davies family’s capital chain, there is no way to hold for too long.”

“Furthermore, N Group will carry out a full attack on the Davies family tomorrow. Considering the current situation of the Davies family, we need at least 10 billion dollars of cash to survive. As far as I know, after going against N Group these days, there in less than one billion left in the Davies family’s account.”

“And as the head of the family, you never care these things. Tell me, how can you get ten bliilion dollars? If it can’t be done, is the Davies family going to perish?”

Listening to Priya’s questioning, Scott couldn’t help but laughed and asked, “You are so sure that I can’t come up with 10 billion now?”

Priya curled her lips and said, “I know you have a black card of the World Bank. Although it can be overdrawn indefinitely, it is impossible to pay 10 billion at a time. Although your TY Group in J City is not small in scale, it is no doubt a fool’s dream to provide 10 billion dollars of cash flow. Cash flow and market value are two different things”

“That’s right, you can’t come up with 10 billion in cash right now, so don’t pretend. The Davies family became what it is now because of you!” A group of people accused Scott.

“Unexpectedly, you knew it clearly,” Scott smiled and said, “Then, how did you know that the N Group will carry out a full attack on the Davies family tomorrow? Shouldn’t it be kept strictly confidential? It is better to strike the Davies family suddenly, right? Or have you been bought by N Group?”

Priya suddenly stiffened, with a guilty expression on her face, and she said, “Don’t slander me here. I just found out through my

own means. I’m not like you, who didn’t care about the Davies family at all.”

The smile on Scott’s face also gradually disappeared. He could feel that Priya was lying. He did not expect that Priya would be bought by N Group. Originally Scott only thought that Priya had her own choice. It was excusable that she made some actions against Scott for her own interests.

But he never expected that Priya would betray the Davies family, which he could not tolerate.

Scott glanced at everyone present, and said coldly, “I can assure you that the attack of N Group will only be in vain tomorrow. I know that many of you have some ideas. I’ll give you a night to think about it. If you still think that the Davies family will perish like Priya tomorrow, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

Priya snorted immediately and said, “Scott, why don’t you think about what you can guarantee now? Everyone is just for the Davies family. If you really don’t want the Davies family to perish, the best choice is to abdicate, instead of bragging here.”

The people behind Priya also stared at Scott with disdain, thinking that Priya was right, and Scott was just bragging.

“At such times you shouldn’t bravado. If you really want the Davies family to be good, you should give up the position of the head. No matter who is the head of the Davies family, he will definitely be better than you.”

“It was a complete mistake to let Scott control the Davies family. Now the Davies family’s industry is in danger. It is all Scott’s fault, but he is still impenitent. It’s really hateful.”

“If Scott insists on leading the Davies family off a cliff, then we really can only find another way out.”

Scott ignored them, turned around and walked towards the study. Jordan saw this and gave them a helpless look, and then followed Scott hurriedly.

Priya stared at Scott’s back, her look became cold. After a while, she said to herself, “Scott, the essence of society is still the law of the jungle. I did this for my own future. Who doesn’t want to let myself live better? I don’t think I have done anything wrong.”

In the study, Jordan stood in front of Scott with his brows furrowed. For a long time, he said, “If what Priya said is true, tomorrow N Group will try its best to sound out us. Given the current cash flow of the Davies family, it’s really hard to resist. It seems that N Group is trying to defeat the Davies family in one fell swoop.”

Scott stared at the documents on the desk for a while, then raised his head and smiled at Jordan, “You don’t have to worry about this. It’s just 10 billion cash flow. I will solve it. N Group will not succeed.”

Jordan immediately stared and said, “Scott, that’s 10 billion cash flow. Even a giant in the business world like the Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce, it would be even harder to get 10 billion cash flow. Are you sure there’s a solution?”

Scott nodded seriously, and said, “Yes.”

Jordan thought for a while, and then asked, “Did you experience anything when you left this time?”

Scott didn’t hide it, and nodded.

“Why did Finn attack the Davies family, do you know the reason?” Jordan asked again.

He always felt that the current Scott gave him an extremely calm feeling, as if Finn was nothing to Scott.

And he also faintly guessed that the reason why Scott was so calm should have something to do with his departure.

“Finn is a member of the Turner family. The Davies family and the Turner family are eternal enemies. They want to destroy us, so they sent Finn over,” Scott said.

Jordan’s eyes widened immediately, looked at Scott incredulously, and asked, “the Turner family? Is it first-class family in the world?”

“Jordan, have you heard of this family?” Scott asked in surprise.

Jordan took a deep breath, and then said, “I heard your father mentioned it back then. At that time, your father only mentioned the existence of the Turner family. I didn’t expect them to be the Davies family’s mortal enemies.”

“To be precise, the Davies family is a branch of the Turner family. But from the grandfather’s generation, it has left the Turner family, and when it comes to the father’s generation, it is changed to the surname Davies. My grandfather was killed by the Turner family. So, we are mortal enemies with them.” Scott continued.

Jordan was shocked by Scott’s words. Jordan was the first group to follow Terence, but even so, he didn’t know that the relationship between the Davies Lin family and the Turner family.

“You… how do you know these things?” Jordan asked in a shaky voice.
“I saw my father this time,” Scott said flatly.

Jordan felt as if he had been struck by lightning, numb from head to foot.


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