The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 484 I’ll Avenge Lily

Natan looked at Scott, whose aura suddenly changed. He knew Scott’s anger towards Lily being knocked into a coma. It was precisely because of this that he did not blame Scott.

Scott, like Natan, didn’t want Lily to suffer this kind of pain. Scott was also helpless when this kind of thing had happened. The ones who really should be blamed were the people who caused it.

“It was Margaret who caused Lily to become like this. Margaret committed suicide by taking poison in front of everyone at that time. But now she appears again. I suspect that the poison she ate couldn’t kill herself. Besides, no one checked it at the time.
So she escaped. I originally wanted to take revenge for Lily with the power of Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce, but behind Margaret was supported by a person named Finn. This person has a mysterious background and possesses very powerful resources. Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce is not his match at all, otherwise Davies family would not become precarious.” Natan explained.

Scott nodded and said, “I already know these things. The one named Finn belongs to the Turner family.” “The Turner family? Where is the family? Why have I never heard of it?” Natan asked with a puzzled face.

Scott smiled and said, “The Turner family is the world-class family. They should have left H Country long ago and settled in M Country. Such a family has ability to disturb the world’s situation. It’s normal that Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce can’t fight against it.”

Natan frowned immediately. He originally thought it was just an ancient family hidden in H Country. Although it was strong, they should have a way to cope with it.

He had originally thought that after Scott came back and found a way to resolve Davies family’s crisis, Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce and Davies family could join hands. Then they should have a way to deal with Finn.

Listening to what Scott said now, Natan found that what he thought was a bit too naive. If the Turner family was really this kind of family which could disturb the situation in the world, even if Davies family and Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce in their heyday joined forces, they would not be able to deal with it at all.

“Does that mean that we can’t avenge Lily at all? Davies family has been forced to the corner by N Group. If the Turner family is really like you said, even if you come back, you can’t defeat it? ?” Natan said with a worried expression on his face.

If Davies family was destroyed N Group, his Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce might be the next one.

Scott turned his head and glanced at Natan. He said with a smile, “Don’t worry about it. Even if the Turner family is the world- class family, I am still not afraid. They harmed Lily like this. I will definitely avenge her. I have already treated Lily as my younger sister. I’ll help her.”

Natan was stunned at once, partly because Scott didn’t seem to be afraid of the so-called Turner family at all, and partly because Scott treated Lily as his sister.

Scott’s performance had made Natan feel that Scott and himself were on the same level. Scott was qualified to let Natan treat him equally, so Natan had always ignored Scott’s age.

It wasn’t until Scott said that he treated Lily as his sister just now that Natan realized that Scott and his daughter were the same generation and Scott was just a few years older than Lily.
Now, Natan really realized that Scott really regarded Lily as his sister. Scott was so sincere.

After a while, Natan came to his sense. Scott valued Lily so much. Natan was naturally happy. But this Turner family was not easy to be dealt with. Even it was Scott, he didn’t seem to have such a power at present.

“I feel the same about your feelings, but since this Turner family is the world-class family, how do you deal with it? They can determine our life and death at his will.” Natan worried.

“If it was before, I really had no way to deal with the Turner family, but now it’s different. They hurt my families. Even if they are the God, I have to let them to pay for it!” Scott’s eyes burst out the murderous.

Natan felt that Scott was not bragging. He found that Scott was different from before. Compared with the last time he met Scott, Scott seemed a little bit more unfathomable now.

At this time, he recalled what Scott had disappeared from everyone’s sight some time ago. Because of Lily’s accident, he had sent someone to find Scott’s whereabouts. But he didn’t get any news. No one knew that where Scott had gone.

Now, Scott came back. He wasn’t afraid of the Turner family at all. It was impossible for him to have such an unfathomable feeling for no reason.

Natan immediately concluded that there must have been some kind of special experience that Scott met during this time. It was this kind of experience that gave Scott the confidence to confront the Turner family.

Although Natan didn’t know what Scott encountered, he believed in Scott. He knew Scott was not a reckless person. Since Scott said so, he could defeat the Turner family.

“If you have any needs, just tell me. I will definitely help you. Even if I have to bet on the survival of Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce, I will help you deal with Finn and Margaret.” Natan said solemnly.

Scott nodded to Natan, and said, “I will definitely avenge Lily!” After that, Scott walked to the side of the hospital bed, sat on a stool beside it, and stared down at Lily who was in coma.

Scott felt sorry that the originally innocent girl became like this. All kinds of naughty Lily appeared in his mind. But now, Lily closed eyes and had a pale face. Scott couldn’t help but burst into anger.

He recalled the sad look that Lily had been misunderstood by him before. Before her accident, Scott didn’t solve the grudge between them. Now, watching Lily lying on the bed, Scott felt he was too ruthless.
“Don’t worry. I will kill those who hurt you. The last misunderstanding was also my fault. I shouldn’t slap you directly. If you can

wake up, I will definitely apologize to you. No matter how you punish me, I won’t have any complaints.” Scott sighed.

“I know a genius doctor. His medical skills are very good. Others may not be able to wake you up, but I believe he must have a way. I will call him and ask him to come to B City. I believe you will wake up soon.”

“After all, you haven’t punished me for what happened last time. I think you must want to punch me very much. I promise you that when you wake up, if you want to punch me, I will let you do what you want to do.”

After speaking, Scott saw that Lily still did not move. He felt a little helpless. He stared at Lily in front of the hospital bed for a while before he got up. He looked at Natan who had been standing on the side.

“I do know a genius doctor. I will let him come over. Whether it works or not, it is a hope. I will give you his contact information then. I hope you can entertain him at that time.” Scott said.

Natan nodded. He naturally didn’t want to let go of any opportunity.

After that, Scott didn’t stay here too long. After telling Natan about his plan to deal with N Group, he called Owen, and then left Tianyuan Tower.

In the ward, Natan stared at his daughter for a long time. Then he sighed and walked out of the ward.

He didn’t notice that the moment he turned around, one of Lily’s fingers trembled slightly.

At the Davies house.

Scott appeared at the door and stepped inside.

Nowadays, the Davies house had become a little desolation. It used to be a crowded place. Many people were eager to have some relationship with Davies family. Every day, so many people would come here to give gifts.

But now that there was no one at the door. All parties in B City had long known that Davies family had become an empty shell under the targeting of N Group. Davies family might be replaced by others at any time.

Davies family had also become a mess. Because of the tricks of N Group, the status of Davies family was in jeopardy. Many people had also been lured by Margaret by various means. They were already considering rebelling against Davies family.

Scott already understood this situation when he met Maddox, but he was not in a hurry. In his opinion, this was not a big deal.
He could take advantage of it to take a look who was really loyal to Davies family.

Scott was walking in the Davies house. Soon, someone spotted him. Many people ran over immediately, but no one came forward to say hello.

Davies family was in a critical juncture. Scott had lost his credibility. He disappeared after he took over Davies family. Many people believed that Davies family becoming like this was the result of Scott’s bad leadership.

Scott didn’t care about these people’s attitudes. He kept walking. When he entered the depths, there was a man walking up to him respectfully.

“Where is Jordan?” Scott looked at a man standing in front of him.

“Jordan is dealing with the family business in the study room. Mr. Scott, during your absence, many changes have taken place in Davies family. Someone has tried to split the power of Davies family. Please find a way to deal with it.” The person looked worried.

Scott nodded and asked, “Who wants to do this?” The man sighed. Just when he was about to speak, he and Scott heard footsteps not far away.
Scott and the man both looked up and found that a group of people were walking toward this side aggressively.

The leader was Scott’s younger sister, Priya, who had a good relationship with Scott when they were a child. But they became strangers when they grew up.

The last time Scott regained control of Davies family, Priya wanted to get close to Scott again, but it was a pity that Scott did not give her this opportunity.

“Scott, what qualifications do you have to come back here? If it weren’t for you, how could Davies family become like this? You’re incompetent! You should get out of Davies family forever!”

Priya’s face was sullen. She yelled at Scott unceremoniously.


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