The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 483 Let the Whole Turner family Be Buried

In the private room.

Scott and Maddox were sitting at the table. Maddox looked at Scott with embarrassment on his face and said, “I’m really sorry.
I didn’t expect such a thing to happen. If I knew it, I should go to the station to pick you up.”

Scott smiled at Maddox and said, “It’s okay. It’s just a small episode. I didn’t take it to heart.”

“My lord, I have already arranged what you ordered me to do. The partner of the old town reconstruction plan will only be Davies family.” Maddox said. Because they were outside, in front of others, he could only call Scott’s name.

“Don’t call me that, just call my name.” Scott said.

Maddox also smiled. He didn’t worry too much about this kind of thing. Since Scott asked him to call him by name, he just called Scott by name.

“This time the partner must be Davies family, but in addition to this, I want to let N Group to hand over all the funds. You think about whether there is a way to get it done. This time, I will not only let Davies family have a counterattack, but also let N Group disappear from B City.” Scott said.

If this kind of problem was put on others, it would definitely be a very difficult problem. After all, it was a contradiction in itself to let Davies family become a partner and to let N Group take out all the funds.

However, after Maddox heard Scott’s question, he just pondered for a while, and then he said, “Okay, I will go back and think about it. Anyway, the initiative is in our hands. It shouldn’t be difficult.”

Scott nodded. He didn’t have the slightest doubt about the ability of the people in Guanling. It was so easily for this force, which had already reached the world level, to stir the situation in B City.

“My lord… uh, or else I’ll call you Mr. Davies? I feel a little awkward to call you by name.” Maddox said.
Scott nodded, saying it was all right.
“Mr. Davies, you asked me to check the origins of Finn. I have already found it out. He is the second son of the current head of

the Turner family. He is also a very capable person. Among the younger generations of top consortia and the big families, he is ranked in the forefront.”

“The purpose of Finn’s visit to B City this time is to deal with Davies family. As far as I know, the Turner family gave Finn 20 billion in financial support in order to allow Finn to completely wipe out Davies family. It seemed that the Turner family attaches great importance to Davies family.”

“Finn is a rare talent in the Turner family. Although he is not the candidate for the next head of the Turner family, he has made a lot of contributions to the Turner family over the years. If Mr. Davies wants to kill Finn, I am afraid you will get the revenge of the Turner family.”

Hearing what Maddox said, Scott smiled playfully. Although it was Margaret who made Edith missing and made Lily be involved in a car accident, it was Finn who supported Margaret behind the scene.

Although Scott did not know how Margaret came back from the dead, he knew that even if Margaret did not die in that incident, Margaret would still not have any capital against Davies family. It was Finn who gave Margaret this opportunity, so those things happened.

Now, Scott was not sure whether Edith was alive or dead and Lily was still lying on the hospital bed, how could Scott let go of the man who was behind the scenes to manipulate those things?

Even if Finn was an important talent in the Turner family, Scott would not spare anyone who hurt Edith. Since Finn and Margaret had caused Edith to disappear, they had to prepare to accept Scott’s anger.

Besides, the Turner family was the great enemy of Davies family. Sooner or later, the two families had to fight with each other. In this case, if an important talent in the Turner family was dead, why didn’t Scott do it?

“So what? My wife is missing because of Finn. If there is anything wrong with her, I will let the entire Turner family be buried with her.” Scott’s eyes became sharp.

Maddox was shocked by the aura of Scott. He instinctively had a trace of fear for Scott.

Sure enough, the people who could successfully climb high ladder were all not simple. Since Scott said such a thing. Maddox had no doubt whether Scott had this ability.

Just by relying his on strength, Scott could also defeat the entire Turner family.

The two talked about other things and made some arrangements for the next things. After the meal, Maddox wanted to arrange a hotel for Scott, but Scott refused.

Now Davies family belonged to him. After returning to B City, Scott didn’t need to go to the hotel anymore. He could go directly to the Davies house.

Moreover, during this period of time, Davies farnily was targeted by N Group. The internal chaos had already occurred. Scott had to go back to know the situation and to solve the situation that Davies family was facing now.

It was just that before going to the Davies house, he still had a place to go.
At Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce.

Lily was in a coma. Scott was always worried about her. According to what Conor said, Lily ran into Edith that day, so they two had an accident together.

They made detailed inferences on the scene. The fact was that the truck was heading to Edith at the time, but before hitting Edith, Lily pushed Edith away, so Lily was knocked into the air. Edith just fell to the ground and shed some blood.

In any case, Scott was grateful to Lily. Even if Lily did not push Edith away, Scott would blame himself.

Because Margaret’s reappearance was his responsibility. He failed to really kill Margaret, so that he let Lily get affected.

At Tianyuan Tower, at the entrance to the ward specially remodeled by Natan.

Scott stood at the door, looking at Natan who was standing opposite him, and said with some self-blame, “I also have a great responsibility for this matter. If you want to blame me, I won’t have any complaints. Even if you hit me, I will accept.”

Natan stared at Scott for a long time. He had originally thought of venting his anger on Scott. If it weren’t for him, Lily would not have gone to J City. Then those things would not happen.

However, Natan had already figured it out during this period of time. It was Margaret and Finn who caused Lily to be harmed.
Apart from venting, blaming Scott was simply a meaningless thing.

He believed that after Lily woke up, she would not blame Scott, either.
So he could only sigh in the end.

“Let’s go in and have a look. Lily has been in a coma for a long time. The doctor said that she might become a vegetative. She is at her best age but encountered such a thing. As a father, I am heartbroken. These days, I can’t sleep. Every day, I pray to the God to let Lily wake up. But what I see every day is still that Lily still closes her eyes.” Natan said helplessly.

Scott took a deep breath, raised his hand, and placed it on the doorknob. At this moment, he was a little at a loss. He didn’t know how to face Lily in this situation.

In the end, Scott mustered up the courage, opened the door, and walked in.

After seeing Lily who had become thin, pale, and skinny on the hospital bed, Scott’s fists were instantly clenched. A thought appeared in his mind.

This time, he must kill Margaret in person!


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