The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 481 You Are Too Naive

At Phoenix Pavilion.
Carson’s uncle led Carson and Lyla in. Both Carson and Lyla were shocked by the magnificent decoration of Phoenix Pavilion.
The city where they were lived also had decent hotels. But compared with Phoenix Pavilion, they were far behind.

“Wow, this is really magnificent. Is this the hotel in B City? Compared with here, the hotels in our city are like a cafeteria.” Lyla muttered to herself.

Carson’s uncle said with smile, “This is one of the best hotels in B City. Those who come here are all people from the upper class. If here doesn’t get more dignified, how can it set off their identity? Today, our boss is in the best private room, Dragon Temple, to entertain his guest. It is said that the identity of this guest is still relatively secret. You two can’t tell others. Otherwise, you will get me into a big trouble.”

Carson laughed immediately, and said, “Don’t worry, uncle, we all understand it. We will definitely not tell others.” “You two wait here for a while. I’ll go up to meet our boss. Remember, don’t make trouble for me.”Carson’s uncle said.
Bath of them nodded. Then Carson’s uncle turned and walked upstairs.

Carson and Lyla walked around curiously at Phoenix Pavilion. They had even thought out how to brag with their friends when they went back.

At this time, Scott walked in from the outside. Lyla who was looking around noticed his figure at once, and then immediately widened her eyes.

“Carson, look, isn’t that the dick we met on the high-speed train?” Lyla stretched out her hand to point at Scott.

Carson’s gaze followed Lyla’s hand to look over. After seeing Scott, he frowned and then said, “Does this guy follow us here? He felt ashamed on the high-speed train. So he follows us here to retaliate against us?”

“Maybe he overheard our chat, knowing that we are coming to see your uncle today. If he meets your uncle, he can find the person in charge of the old town reconstruction plan. He hurts his self-esteem on the high-speed train. So he is planning to come here to ruin us?” Lyla thought she logically deduced the reason why Scott came here.

“If this is the case, we have to stop him. This guy is surprisingly powerful. If he really causes some trouble, we will get involved.” Carson frowned and said.

Lyla also nodded and said, “Then let’s go over and stop him. This person is really so mean. He is obviously such a poor loser.
Why does he have to run to such a place to make trouble? I’m so angry.”

The two of them walked towards Scott and directly blocked him.

“Do you know what place this is? What are you doing here?” Lyla questioned Scott, staring at him.
Scott didn’t expect that Carson and Lyla would be here, and they actually stopped him. He felt a little strange.
“I’m here to meet a friend.” Scott said.

Lyla suddenly snorted and said, “Can you stop pretending? You? Meet a friend in this kind of place? Do you know that this is the best hotel in B City? Whoever can come here to eat are all members of the upper class. You are just such a wimp with brute force. How could you have friends of this level?”

Scott frowned slightly and said, “I don’t care whether you believe it or not. I have to go up. Please get out of my way.”

Carson immediately opened his two arms to stop Scott, and said with a mocking face, “Stop bluffing. We have guessed that you are here to make trouble. We just embarrassed you on the high-speed train. You don’t have to fallow us here! I remind you whoever comes here is all people with status. You can’t afford to provoke them. If you know what you are doing, just leave as soon as possible.”

“I don’t understand what you are talking about. Get out of the way quickly. I don’t want to waste time.” Scott said coldly.

He felt that these two people were a bit inexplicable. On the high-speed train, he didn’t say more than ten words to them. He didn’t know how Carson felt that he had embarrassed him.

“Don’t be shameless here. If you insist on making trouble here, I will call security guards. This is the best hotel in B City. The security guards here must be very good. If they come, you will definitely be screwed up.” Carson said fiercely.

Scott’s face sank. He became a little impatient.

Lyla stared at Scott and asked, “Since you said you came here to meet your friends, then tell me, in which private room is your friend waiting for you?”

In Lyla’s opinion, Scott certainly didn’t know what private rooms there were. If he couldn’t answer, it would mean that he really came here to make trouble.

“Dragon Temple.” Scott said.

Both Lyla and Carson opened their eyes and looked at Scott somewhat inconceivably. If they remembered correctly, Carson’s uncle said that the person in charge was going to entertain his important guest in Dragon Temple today.

“Don’t… don’t talk nonsense here! Today, the person in charge of the old town reconstruction plan will entertain his guests in Dragon Temple. How could your friend be there? I think you are here to make trouble, and you also know the place. Lyla, go to call the security guards. I stopped him. We must not let him in today!” Carson shouted with a serious expression on his face.
Lyla also nodded quickly, turned around and ran towards the door to call the security guard.

Scott was a little speechless. He didn’t want to argue with them anymore. He walked directly to the front.

“You want to break in?” Carson shouted at Scott.

Scott pushed him away and continued to walk forward.

Carson followed Scott and kept shouting, “This is not a place where you can enter. Stop!”

He knew that Scott was very strong. If they two really had a fight, he would definitely not be able to defeat Scott, so he didn’t dare to stop Scott directly. He could only shout behind Scott.

Scott ignored Carson and walked towards the spiral staircase in front.

Just when Scott was about to reach the stairs, Lyla ran over with some security guards. She stretched out her finger to point at Scott and shouted, “It’s him. He wants to make trouble for your guest. You guys quickly arrest him.”

The security guards rushed to Scott and stopped him. The security captain looked at Scott up and down and found that Scott was dressed in ordinary clothes, which seemed to be a big gap with the celebrities who often appeared here. So he agreed with Lyla’s words, thinking that Scott was here to make trouble.

He knew that there was a big shot who had a meal here today, and that big shot was the person in charge of the old town reconstruction plan. A person of that level could close their hotel with just a word.

If Scott accidentally ran into that big shot, the security guards would all get involved.

“Boy, I don’t care who you are. Get out now, or don’t blame us for being rude!” The security captain stared at Scott.

Scott glanced at him and said coldly, “Is this the way you treat guests?”

When the security captain heard this, he felt a little bit shocked. If Scott were a guest here, he would indeed be severely punished if he treated Scott with this attitude.

“Don’t listen to him talking nonsense here. How could he be the guest here? This person came to B City by train with us. He is just a poor loser. He is not the guest here at all. In the train, he was embarrassed by us because he is short-sighted. So he comes here to retaliate against us now.” Carson said quickly.

As soon as the security captain heard this, he felt relieved. Then his gaze at Scott became fierce again.

“You’re just a loser. You felt embarrassed, which can only blame yourself for being too stupid. Why do you come here to vent? Get out of here and don’t let us hit you.” The security captain said and then took up his own baton.

Lyla stared at Scott gleefully, and said, “Get out of here. Do you not know how strong the security forces are in this high-end hotel? It is not the small hotel in your county. These security guards here have all been rigorously trained. Even if you are strong, you can’t be their match!”

Scott sighed. He just came here for a meal. But he actually run into such trouble. Besides, he was upset about Edith’s disappearance. So he didn’t plan to talk nonsense with these people. He was about to knock them down first.

At this moment, a person quickly walked over here and shouted in a warm voice, “Scott, you are here. I was about to go out to find you.”

Scott turned his head and looked over. He saw a middle-aged man in his forties with some thin hair and well-dressed clothes.
This man was the person in charge of this old town reconstruction plan, Maddox.

Although the two had not met each other, they had seen each other’s photos. Moreover, Maddox was a talent who was very loyal to Guanling. After hearing that Scott had successfully climbed high ladder, he admired Scott so much. When he saw Scott, he was so enthusiastic.

Scott nodded to Maddox and said, “Just arrived.” Maddox glanced at the people around Scott, with a trace of doubt on his face, and asked, “What’s the matter?” “These people said that I was here to make trouble and they plan to drive me out.” Scott said.

Maddox immediately glared at them, and shouted, “It’s really stupid. You are my distinguished guest. But they want to drive you out. I’m really angry!”

The security captain looked at this man who suddenly ran over. He didn’t know who this person was. It was Carson’s uncle who had arranged for Maddox to come here for dinner. So the security captain only knew Carson’s uncle.

However, listening to this person’s tone, the person seemed to be a big shot, so the security captain began to feel a little guilty.

Carson and Lyla didn’t know Maddox either. Lyla looked at Maddox. Suddenly her eyes lit up. She pointed to Maddox and said, “Maybe you are this guy’s accomplice?”

“It must be the case. This man wears ordinary clothes. He looks like a middle-aged greasy man. He must be acting in a play with this wimp. Huh, you are too naive. Do you really think you can use this trick to deceive me?”


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