The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 480 Only Belong to Davies Family

After hearing Carson’s words, everyone’s eyes widened in surprise. They didn’t expect that Carson and Lyla could have such a relationship with such a big shot. No wonder they two would be so arrogant.

None of the things and people involved in the reconstruction of the old town in B City was simple. Even if Carson’s uncle was just a person who worked for the big shot, he was still not some ordinary people could provoke.

After learning of Carson’s identity, the people who had laughed and hated the two of them immediately changed their attitudes. In this carriage, all of them were going to B City, and most of them had settled in B City. Being able to make friends with people like Carson would definitely get some benefits.

The people around were all eagerly talking with Carson, with smiles on their faces, as if they had completely forgotten what happened before.

“Young man, you are really amazing. You can participate in such an important event at such a young age. You’re really promising.”

“Yeah, little bro, I laughed at you just now. Please don’t take it to heart. My family also opened a company in B City. Maybe we can cooperate in the future. Let’s make a friend first.”

“You’re so handsome and promising. Your girlfriend is so beautiful. You’re awesome.”

Listening to the flattering of the people around, Carson immediately showed a smug look on his face, and the previous embarrassment disappeared.

Lyla on the side also breathed a sigh of relief. Seeing these people around them suddenly begun to flatter them, she rose her head proudly.

She was Carson’s girlfriend. The better Carson was, the more proud she felt.

She turned her head and glanced at Scott on the side. Then she saw that Scott seemed to have no interest in what they were discussing, and looked out the window with a calm expression on his face.

Lyla curled her lips suddenly, thinking that Scott must have pretended to be calm. But in fact, he was listening to them. He must have regretted provoke Carson. The reason why he pretended to not care about it was because he didn’t want others to laugh at him.

“It’s just a scumbag. How could this kind of person compare to Carson? It’s ridiculous.” Lyla muttered.

“Little bro, I heard that the person in charge of the renovation of the old town is now looking for a partner. It is said that all huge companies and families in B City want to get this opportunity. It’s very likely that Davies family or Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce can get the chance, right?” A middle-aged man asked.

Carson immediately pretended that he knew the secrets behind the scene. He said, “You all guessed wrong. Now in B City, there is a newly emerging company called N Group. This group is very powerful and specifically targets Davies family. Davies family, who used to be the most powerful in B City, has no way to fight it. Even Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce still couldn’t compete with it. I got news from my uncle. This time the most hopeful one is N Group.”

Everyone’s eyes widened when they heard it. They didn’t expect Carson to say that the prestigious Davies family was defeated by a newly emerging company. This was really beyond their imagination.

“I’ve heard of N Group. It has a great reputation in B City now. But what I didn’t expect is that N Group is so powerful that even Davies family can’t handle it.” The man said.

“But this is just a guess. After all, Davies family has dominated B City for so many years. It can’t fall suddenly. If Davies family is targeted by others, I think Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce will be more likely to get the project.” Another person expressed his opinion.

Everyone began to say their guesses out. Many of the people sitting in the train were people who came out of B City to work.
These people had a lot of knowledge about the situation in B City. Because the information they received was different, their opinions on this matter were different.

When the discussion was intense, Lyla turned and glanced at Scott next to her. Seeing that Scott was not involved at all, Lyla felt that this person must be a poor loser, and he didn’t even know what was happening in B City. He certainly didn’t understand what Carson was talking about, so he pretended not to care.

Lyla rolled her eyes at Scott and said, “Hey, don’t stare outside. You can also talk about your views. Which party do you think is more likely to get the opportunity to cooperate in the reconstruction of the old town this time? ”

Everyone stopped talking, turning their heads to look at Scott, as if they wanted to know what Scott thought about this matter.

Carson sneered, and said, “He looks like a poor loser. But he has such great strength, maybe he is farming at home every day.
How could he know such a big thing? Maybe he doesn’t know what we are talking about.”

Scott turned his head to glance at Carson and Lyla, and then he said, “It will only be Davies farnily who can get this cooperation opportunity.”

Carson was taken aback for a moment, then burst into laughter, and mocked, “Are you kidding? Davies family is the least likely to get this opportunity now. You said so decisively. Who do you think you are? Do you think this matter is up to you?”

Lyla echoed, “So funny. If you don’t understand, just say you don’t know. Why do you have to pretend to know everything here? Now, you’re embarrassed. Carson’s uncle is working for the person in charge. The news from him must be correct. You actually said that it could only belong to Davies family. It’s ridiculous.”

The reason Lyla asked Scott was to find a chance to laugh at him. She didn’t expect Scott to be so cooperative and to say this kind of words. He was really a layman. It was so stupid.

When everyone around heard Scott’s words, they couldn’t help but laugh a little. Many people had begun to despise Scott a little. Perhaps what Lyla said was right. This surprisingly powerful young man might be really farming, so he didn’t understand the situation in B City.

“If you don’t understand, you can just say that you don’t understand. Why do you have to pretend to know it? This will only make others lower their impression of you.”

“In this way, this person is indeed inferior to this young man. Although what they did was not right at the time, it is understandable. After all, they are rich.”

“If this young lady asks him to give his seat to her again, I will definitely support her. This young man just knows bluffing, which is annoying.”

Scott curled his lips when he saw everyone’s reaction, and then turned his head out to look out of the window again, not wasting time with them.

Seeing Scott like this, Lyla immediately said, “You feel ashamed, right? It’s so embarrassing. After being exposed, you put on airs and ignore others. You think you look very cool like this? No, it will only make people feel ridiculous.”

She didn’t think of that it was she herself who insisted on asking Scott. If she didn’t ask, Scott would indeed ignore her from beginning to end.

“Fine, Lyla, don’t pay attention to him. I have seen a lot of people who are like him. They just like to pretend. Anyway, we just have no choice but to take a train with him. Don’t waste our time.” Carson said.

Lyla nodded to Carson. Both of them turned their heads and continued to have a lively discussion with others.

Just now, Scott didn’t tell Lyla directly that he was indeed in charge of this old town reconstruction plan.

The person in charge was a member of Guanling. Now, he must be serving Scott. As long as Scott gave the order, this cooperation could be given to anyone Scott wanted.

Davies family was targeted by N Group. Scott naturally had to find a way to help Davies family to survive. This cooperation couldn’t be given to anyone except Davies family.

Scott did not let the person in charge reveal the goal too clearly. For others, N Group still had the greatest hope. Carson’s uncle was just an insignificant figure next to the person in charge. How could he know the partner with the reconstruction of the old town had already been determined?

The reason why Scott did this was to give Finn and Margaret hope. They believed that this opportunity would fall into their hands. When they thought they would be able to defeat Davies family by rebuilding the old town, Scott would let them understand that all this had already been arranged, and let them know that they were not his match at all.

Scott believed the expressions on their two faces at that time would be quite pleasing to his eyes.

When the high-speed train arrived at the station, everyone got up and took their luggage, walking towards the outside of the train. Carson and Lyla gave Scott a vicious glance when they got up, and then walked outside.

Scott stood up and stretched himself. After getting off the train, he glanced at the distant sky. This time, he must let Margaret learn the lesson she deserved. Since she came back from death last time, Scott would have to watch her die in front of him with his own eyes this time, so that she would never come back again!

Outside the train station, Carson and Lyla saw a BMW parked on the side of the road. A man in a suit stood by the side of the car.

Carson hurriedly dragged Lyla over. When they reached the person, Carson quickly said with a smile, “Uncle, this is my girlfriend, Lyla.”

Carson’s uncle smiled at the two people and said, “Get in the car. I will take you two to Phoenix Pavilion. Today, my boss is there to meet a very important guest. I have to rush over to make arrangements. You two, be wise up later. Don’t cause trouble for me.”

When Carson and Lyla heard that they were going to meet the big shot, they were full of excitement immediately. They nodded to the uncle, and then got into the car.

The important guest that the person in charge received was definitely not an ordinary person. They didn’t know what kind of person it was. Lyla was looking forward to it.

Not long after the BMW left, Scott walked to the side of the road, hailed a taxi, and then got in.

“Sir, go to Phoenix Pavilion.”


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