The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 479 Throw Them Off the Train

On the high-speed train heading to B City.

Scott sat by the window with his eyes closed and rested. The train came to the station and stopped. Many people got off the train and many people got on.

After a while, Scott suddenly felt that someone was poking his head. He opened his eyes, and found a fashionable girl standing in front of him.

The girl’s hair was curly. She looked in her twenties, and had two big eyes. She was pretty.

“What’s the matter?” Scott asked.

“You sit outside. I want to sit by the window.” The girl said unceremoniously.

Scott frowned slightly and said, “This is my seat.”

“So what? I want to sit by the window. You have to come out. Why don’t you know it?” The girl said aggressively.

Scott was a little speechless, and said, “If you are old, weak, sick, disabled or pregnant, I can give you my seat. Which one do you belong to?”

The girl immediately burned up and shouted, “You say I’m old, weak, sick, and disabled? Apologize to me!” Scott ignored her and continued to close his eyes.
Seeing Scott ignored her, the girl suddenly became a little frustrated and stamped her feet with anger on the spot.

The people sitting around Scott saw that the girl was wearing brand-name brands, so they thought the girl was a rich lady. They didn’t dare to provoke the girl. They all just watched her lose her temper.

Soon, a man about the same age as the girl walked over. He reached the girl’s side and asked, “Lyla, what’s the matter with you?”

When Lyla saw the boy, she immediately said aggrieved, “Carson, this brat is so bad. I asked him to change positions with me. I want to be next to the window, but he didn’t agree. I’m pissed off by him.”

After Carson heard what Lyla said, he turned his head and glanced at Scott who was closing his eyes and was resting.
Suddenly he was a little unhappy. He said to Scott, “Hey, she is just a girl. How about giving her a seat? You quickly come out. I don’t want to waste my breath with you.”

“I just said don’t buy these second-class seats. What kind of people who are sitting in these second-class seats are? If you buy business seats, how can I be bullied by him?” Lyla yelled at Carson with a grievance.

Carson quickly apologized to Lyla, “It’s my fault. When I bought tickets, there was no business seats. Sorry, this will definitely not happen next time.”

After hearing the words of the two of them, the people sitting around were a little upset. But because they didn’t want to cause trouble, no one stood up and said anything.

Lyla glanced at Scott again and found that Scott was still in his original posture and didn’t move at all.

“Look at him, he didn’t hear what we talked at all. He didn’t even listen to you at all.” Lyla pointed to Scott and said.

Carson was also a little annoyed. He had just spoken to Scott, but Scott didn’t even react at all. As a young man, how could he tolerate this kind of attitude?

Carson and Lyla were both young masters and young ladies of the big family in their city. Although their city was not much famous, they had been pampered since childhood.

One of Carson’s uncles was working with a big shot in B City recently. The two of them were going to B City to find that uncle to expand their horizon.

Carson felt angry. He was so excited that he could meet a big shot with his uncle, but now he was ignored by someone who could only afford a second-class seat.

“You heard what I said, didn’t you? I’ll give you three seconds to stand up quickly, otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude!” Carson pointed at Scott.

Scott still didn’t respond, closed his eyes, completely ignoring outside sounds.
“One!” “Two!”

Carson shouted. At this time, his face had become quite terrible. So many people were watching him. If Scott really didn’t listen to him, he would definitely have to teach Scott a lesson.

The people around couldn’t help shaking their heads when they watched this scene. Obviously, they had no way do deal with Carson and Lyla’s domineering attitude.

“This young man is really not afraid of getting into trouble. He just confronted these two people like this. Judging from his ordinary appearance, there must be no way to fight this kind of wealthy children.”

“I really admire his courage. But he seems a bit too stupid. With his eyes closed there, if the man wants to hit him, he will definitely not be able to react in time.”

“It’s really unlucky to meet such kind of people. I hope this young man will not get into too much trouble. If he apologizes and gives his seat to them, maybe there will not be much trouble.”


After Carson shouted the number, he saw that Scott was still sitting there motionless. He slapped Scott directly.

When the people around saw this, they couldn’t help shaking their heads. Some people even wanted to remind Scott, but in the end, they still didn’t dare to speak.

Just when Carson’s hand was about to hit Scott’s face, Scott suddenly raised his hand and grabbed Carson’s wrist with one hand, making it impossible for Carson’s hand to move any more.

Carson was suddenly shocked. He just watched Scott tightly closed his eyes. It was impossible for Scott to see his hand moving, but Scott caught his hand so accurately.

Carson tried hard to get his hand back. But he was shocked to find that his hand couldn’t move even a little bit. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get rid of Scott’s hand.

The people around were all surprised when they saw this scene. Unexpectedly, Scott could grasp Carson’s wrist with his eyes closed. It was really amazing.

“Damn it. Let go of my hand. Do you want to die?” Carson shouted at Scott, while pulling his hand back forcefully.
At this time, Scott suddenly let go of his hand, so Carson sat down on the ground, wailing.

Everyone in the carriage saw this scene and immediately laughed.

Lyla only felt ashamed, wishing to leave here quickly. If possible, she didn’t want to say that she knew Carson.

Carson stood up from the ground, rubbed his ass, turned his head and glanced at the people around him who were laughing. He said angrily, “What are you guys laughing at! Don’t blame me to hit you guys if you laugh again!”

Many people closed their mouths immediately, but some people were still laughing quietly. After what happened just now, people’s fear of Carson had weakened a lot.

“Carson! If you can’t solve this matter, I will get off at the next stop!” Lyla shouted at Carson.

Carson cursed secretly, then looked at Scott, and said, “You are so arrogant, aren’t you? You dare to challenge me? I promise that I’ll knock you down and let you beg for mercy!”

At this time, Scott opened his eyes, glared at Carson and Lyla, and said coldly, “If you two continue to make trouble, I will throw you two off the train now.”

Both Carson and Lyla were frightened by Scott’s fierce gaze. They didn’t even dare to refute Scott’s words for a while. They were very sure that if they didn’t listen to Scott, it was very possible for Scott to throw them both off the train.

“Now go to your place and sit down. When you go out, it’s best not to lose your young lady’s temper. Not everyone can bear your temper.” Scott said.

Both Carson and Lyla immediately sat down in their respective positions, not daring to go against Scott again.

When everyone saw this scene, they secretly applauded, cheering for Scott, and at the same time making fun of Carson and Lyla.

No one in their family could teach them. There was always someone who could teach them a lesson when they were in society.
After both Carson and Lyla sat down, they were quiet. But they stared resentfully at Scott. Then, nothing happened.
As the train progressed, the atmosphere in the carriage eased a lot. Many people continued to chat.

Scott was still sitting there. However, at this time, he no longer closed his eyes to rest his mind, but stared at the scenery flashing through the window, thinking what Edith was doing at this time and whether she was suffering.

During his two days in J City, the people in Guanling adjusted their power and took the task of rebuilding the old town in B City.
The person in charge was a talent that Guanling had cultivated outside.

Guanling had existed for many years. During its long history, many talents had been cultivated. They were scattered in all walks of life in the outside world. This was also the reason why Guanling was isolated from the world but could control the changes in the outside world in a timely manner.

These talents were all loyal to Guanling. They had a fanatical adoration for the boss of Guanling.
Scott was the son of the boss of Guanling. Besides, he held Token of War. Naturally, these talents all bowed to Scott’s orders.

Scott truly realized the horror of the power of Guanling after truly understanding the resources of Guanling. Davies family in B City was already a very powerful family, but compared with Guanling, it was still just like an ant in front of an elephant.

With the help of Guanling’s power, Scott took the task of rebuilding the old town. His purpose was to let Margaret and the people sent by the Turner family to B City get punishment. Of course, they certainly didn’t know how strong support Scott got from Guanling yet.

Maybe Finn and Margaret still felt that Scott was worried about how to deal with them at this time. But they didn’t know that Scott had already controlled the power that could influence the world structure. If he wanted to solve a person who was sent by the Turner family to B City, naturally it would be easy.

What Scott was looking forward to was seeing the expressions on Finn’s and Margaret’s face after they learned that the real manipulator behind the old town reconstruction plan was him.

“I don’t know if you have heard that the old town in B City is about to be renovated. This is a big project. The things involved at that time will definitely be very complicated.” At this time, a middle-aged man said.

“Really? The old town reconstruction in B City is different from other projects. It is indeed a very large project.”

“Itis said that the person in charge of this project is a big shot with a very strong background. It is said that all the forces in B City are now trying to please this big shot. If they can get a share of the old town reconstruction plan, it will be incomparable and amazing benefits.”

Carson had been silent at first. When he heard everyone discussing this issue, a smile appeared on his face. Then he said to everyone, “Tell you, we are going to B City this time to find my uncle. My uncle works for the big shot you guys mentioned.
Maybe in this old town reconstruction plan, I can get a work.”


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