The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 478 Necklace

In H Gity, at a splendid hotel, a dance party was being held here at this time. All the top celebrities in H City participated in it.
Everyone was well-dressed and decent.

Edith was standing in front of a glass showcase at this time, with a sparkling crystal necklace inside. There were a lot of precious jewellery on the party for people to see. This necklace was considered the most dazzling among them.

Edith’s gaze fell on this necklace. Her thoughts were a little confused. She always felt that she also seemed to have such a necklace which was also very beautiful but important to her.

It was just that she couldn’t remember where her necklace was and who gave it to her. Besides, she didn’t know what that necklace meant to her. She just knew it was important.

After thinking for a long time, Edith sighed helplessly. She decided not to force herself to think about things that she couldn’t remember.

During this time, she had gradually accepted her identity and accepted the name Sylvie. She was the daughter of Darius and the young lady of the Sue family.

The Sue family was the most prestigious family in H City. In this city known as the economic center of H Country, it was not a simple matter to get such a reputation.

As Edith got to know the Sue family, she also gradually learned that the strength of the Sue family was much stronger than she had imagined. The most prestigious family in H City was just a cover for the Sue family’s strength. The real Sue family was already one of the top ones among the world’s first-class families.

The background of the Sue family could only be understood by people who had reached the same level as the Sue family.
Among the world-class families and consortia, there was no one who didn’t believe the strength of the Sue family.

It was just that among these powerful forces in H City, few knew it. There were a few families and companies that often opposed the Sue family. They always thought that the strength of the Sue family was equivalent to them, but they didn’t know the real Sue family could wipe them out so easily.

One reason why Darius concealed the strength of the Sue family was because he was not interested in the fights between world- class consortia and families, and the other was because of Edith, the daughter he had searched for so many years.

Edith could feel that Darius was so nice to her. Because she had no memory of the past, she had already accepted Darius as her father.

It was just that Edith couldn’t figure it out. Since she was Darius’ daughter, she always felt that the people around Darius were very strange to her. She didn’t have a friend here. Except for Darius, no one knew her past.

Darius explained to Edith that she had been living in another place for more than two decades. Because he wanted to protect Edith well.

From Darius’ love for her, Edith did feel that Darius was very concerned about her safety, so she believed this explanation.
Darius’ pampering with her had reached the point where it was impossible to add any more. Today’s dance party was just

because Edith said that it was a bit boring to always stay in the villa, and she wanted to find a lively place to wait. Then Darius let his men prepare this dance party.

In the entire H City, everyone wanted to have some relationship with the Sue family. So there were quite a lot of people at the dance party.

Although the party was lively, no one knew Edith. So it made Edith feel more lonely. It wasn’t until Edith saw this necklace that she felt a certain familiarity.

At this time, a figure appeared next to Edith. Edith turned her head and saw Darius, his face full of love for her.

When the people around saw Darius appearing, they all cast their gazes immediately to Darius and started talking in a low voice.
“Look, that girl is Darius’ daughter? She is really beautiful.”

“I heard that his daughter only returned back not long time ago. Darius is so spoiled for her. It’s really enviable.”

“She is so beautiful. Besides, she is the young lady of the Sue family. If I could hold her in my arms, my whole life will be enough.”

“You wish. I heard that Darius has already selected his daughter’s future husband. At your level, I’m afraid that you are not enough to be the son-in-law of the Sue family.”

“Do you like this necklace?” Darius asked.

Edith did not say yes or no, but she said, “This necklace makes me feel very familiar. Father, have I had such a necklace before? Who gave it to me? The person who gave the necklace to me should be very important to me.”

“Silly daughter, your previous necklaces are countless. There are too many similar ones. Maybe it’s just because of this necklace that makes you suddenly remember some things. You lost your memory. So anything which makes you think about the past will make you feel important.” Darius explained with a smile.

Edith nodded thoughtfully. Maybe Darius was right. The previous feeling might be just an illusion. Once she got all her memories back, she might not think that necklace was important.

“Daughter, I helped you find a few young cool guys in H City. You are also at the age of being in love. Hang out with them. Maybe you will like one of them.” Darius said.

“No!” Edith replied so quickly. This was her instinctive reaction. She gave the answer without thinking about at all.

In Edith’s subconscious, she thought she shouldn’t come into contact with any men anymore.

Darius didn’t expect Edith to refuse so quickly. He was also taken aback for a while.

“What’s the matter, daughter? Don’t you want to know more people?” Darius asked.

Edith’s face immediately became painful. She said, “Father, I always feel that my heart is already occupied by one person, so there is no way to accommodate anyone else. If possible, I hope you can help me look for this person.”

Looking at Edith’s painful face, Darius sighed helplessly and said, “I will help you find him. You look not well. Go back and rest first.”

Edith nodded, and then left here accompanied by the two girls.
Darius’ gaze fell on the necklace in the glass showcase. His eyes suddenly became deep.

“Take away all the necklaces here. These things are not allowed to appear in front of the lady in the future.”

In B City, at the headquarters of N Group.

In an office, Margaret was sitting on the sofa. Sitting opposite to her was a handsome man with a faint smile on his face. Behind him was a meticulous secretary wearing black-rimmed glasses.

The one sitting opposite Margaret was Finn.

“The person I arranged in J City to deal with Scott died. It is said that he fell off the building. Scott returned to J City not long ago, then the man was dead. It’s Scott who has done this.” Margaret said to Finn.

“He’s just a chess piece. It’s not important. I didn’t think that a fool can kill Scott. If Scott is so easy to deal with, it will be too boring for me to come over this time.” Finn said.

“Davies family is about to be driven into a dead end by us, but they still have some foundations. We need a lot of effort to completely defeat Davies family.” Margaret continued.

Finn laughed and said, “Now, there is a chance that you can bring down Davies family without much effort. Maybe God hates Davies family. Such a great chance actually appears at this time.”

“What chance?” Margaret was so interested in it.

“Not long ago, someone took the project for the renovation of the old town in B City. The benefits involved are quite huge. Even I can’t figure out the details of the person who presided over this matter. He must be a big shot. Of course, it’s not important. The important thing is that he will definitely look for people to cooperate to complete the transformation of the old town. Whoever can get this cooperation opportunity will completely suppress above all major forces in B City.”

“Now we are the only one who has huge capital chain in B City. Davies family is in danger. Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce has been beaten by me. As long as we can get this cooperation opportunity, Davies family is nothing.”

After listening to Finn’s words, Margaret’s eyes lit up. But soon, she said with some worry, “Since even you are not clear to this person, he may not agree to cooperate with us. If he chooses Davies family, Davies family can take this opportunity to stand up.
We will be the one who are in trouble at that time.”

“Don’t worry about it. The person in charge intends to hold a banquet in a few days in order to find a partner. Anyone who wants to cooperate with him can compete. The transformation of the old town requires huge financial support. His requirements are also very simple. Whoever pays more will cooperate with him.”

Finn laughed and said, “Do you think anyone in B City can compare us in money?”

In J City, at Starry Night Club.
Scott was sitting in front of the bar, with his mobile phone on the table. He was drinking.

At this moment, his cell phone rang. After the call was connected, a low voice came from it, “My lord, it is all ready in B City. You can come over.”


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