The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 477 Natan’s Helplessness

“How… how is this possible. Am I dazzled? Zachariah actually knelt in front of Scott!” Stefan said to himself.
“You are not dazzled. Zachariah is not Scott’s match at all.” Morgan said.
Stefan turned his head to look at Morgan, and asked, “Then… how many moves did he take to beat Zachariah like this?”

“Three. Didn’t you hear it just now? Since Scott said that he only used three moves, he would definitely get Zachariah down within three moves.” Morgan said casually.

Stefan swallowed. He was staring directly at Scott and didn’t know what to say.

After a while, Stefan said, “This is unscientific. Why did it take him so much time to fight Ross and Spencer just now? But he only used three moves to get Zachariah down?”

“Didn’t I tell you before? Scott came here today to vent. If he directly killed Ross and Spencer, how could he vent his anger? When he played against Zacharia, his anger was almost vented out. So he wanted to get it done as soon as possible. Three moves are enough.” Morgan explained.

Stefan looked at Scott on the ring with complex looks in his eyes. If a person could defeat his opponent according to the time what he set, how strong was that person?

No wonder Conor and Morgan were so respectful of Scott. Now, Stefan was shocked by Scott. He had no opinions for Scott at all.

After solving Zachariah, Scott just stared at Stefan for a few seconds, then turned and left the ring.

Zachariah’s strength was indeed not weak, but compared with the top ten on List of the Ares, he was still too much worse. So Scott didn’t take Zachariah seriously.

In Scott’s memory, Zachariah was just a man who was knocked down by him with three moves. Zachariah had nothing more to let Scott worth remembering.

Scott walked in front of Conor and the other two. Stefan immediately walked up to Scott, and said with a smile on his face, “Scott, I was wrong before. I shouldn’t doubt your strength. Don’t take it seriously. ”

Scott ignored him, but said lightly, “It’s enough today. Let’s go back.”

Conor and Morgan nodded immediately, and then followed Scott to the outside.
Seeing that the three people were about to leave, Stefan quickly asked, “Scott, Conor, what should I do about the things here?”

Conor turned his head to glance at him, and said with a smile, “From now on, you will manage the underground boxing field in Tengyu County. You can handle the rest of the matter by yourself.”

After Stefan heard it, a touch of excitement suddenly appeared on his face. He knew that although Scott didn’t talk to him at that time, Scott actually accepted him. Otherwise, Conor would not let him take care of the underground boxing field in Tengyu County.

“Scott is really amazing. If I work for him, I will surely be able to achieve success in the future. I must work hard and try to let Scott see my efforts!”

Two days later.

At Starry Night Club, Scott was sitting at a table with a bottle of spirits on it. He had almost drunk up more than a half of bottle of spirits.

The staffs in Guanling had already sent back news to Scott that they had not found Edith’s trace in J City and Jiangbei, and there was no sign of Edith in B City where they focused on searching.

Edith seemed to have evaporated from the world, completely disappearing from everyone’s sight. Even Guanling where had such a huge network of connections did not find Edith’s trace.

Because the car accident was designed by Margaret, Scott believed that Edith’s disappearance must have something to do with Margaret. If he could catch Margaret, he should get Edith’s whereabouts.

In the past two days, the people in Guanling had also made investigations about Margaret’s whereabouts. Now Margaret was indeed in B City. Her whereabouts were not difficult to find. But the more so, the more Scott felt that this matter was not easy.
According to his understanding for Margaret, she must have something to rely on, so she would be so bold.

Margaret was cooperating with a mysterious businessman from overseas to suppress Davies family’s power in B City. This mysterious businessman had a very strong background. Even Davies family had no way to deal with the suppression of him and Margaret.

Afterwards, the people at Guanling determined the name of the mysterious businessman. He was called Finn. Scott, who had already guessed the mysterious businessman who helped Margaret was a member of the Turner family, was more sure that Finn was from the Turner family, the biggest enemy of Davies family.

If it was in the past, the Turner family came to B City to deal with Davies family, Scott might still be worried. After all, Davies family was only a first-line family in H Country. Compared with a world-class family like the Turner family, Davies family seemed to be too weak. Scott was also not sure whether he could fight the Turner family.

But now it was different. Scott had the entire Guanling as his backing. Even if the Turner family was the world-class family, Scott was not afraid now.

The Turner family helped Margaret cause Edith to disappear, and made Lily unconscious. Scott would never let them off easily.

It was just that things had happened. The Turner family was not as easy to deal with as Albie. Mobilizing the power of Guanling had to cost some time, so Scott did not rush to B City in the past two days.

When Guanling’s forces were deployed well in B City, it was still not late for Scott to come over.
At that time, Scott would give the Turner family a big surprise. Anyone who dared to harm Scott’s woman would end miserably.

Scott stared at the wine bottle on the table for a long time, then took a deep breath and drank the rest of the wine in the bottle.

In B City.
At Tianyuan Tower.

In Natan’s office area, the entire office area had been transformed by Natan into Lily’s ward. All the advanced medical equipment in the hospital was moved here by him. Several doctors took turns on duty to look after Lily who was unconscious.

Natan’s office was right next to this remodeled ward. He needed to work while keeping an eye on his daughter’s situation, so he could only choose this way.

Natan was sitting at the table, frowning and staring at the documents on the desk. At this moment, a man walked into the office, looking so serious.

Natan glanced at the man, and asked, “How is the thing I asked you to do going? Is it possible to bring down the company that Margaret is currently working in?”

The man shook his head and said, “We have tried every methods and invested a lot of money, but their company has a huge amount of funds. They are not afraid of our interference at all. They obviously want to continue playing with us. Chairman, in my opinion, we should suspend the attack on that company. If this continues, the entire chamber of commerce will probably be affected.”

Natan directly threw the documents in his hand onto the table, yelling, “Who the hell is this damn Finn? Why doesn’t even Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce have any way to deal with him? Is it that I can’t avenge my daughter?”

During this period of time, after Natan learned that the real murderer who caused his daughter into a coma was Margaret, he began to retaliate against Margaret. He once secretly sent someone to take Margaret back. But Margaret had many masters around her. None of the people he sent had returned.

Knowing that this method couldn’t work, Natan planned to bring down the company where Margaret was working in. Without economic strength as a foundation, Margaret would still have no way back.

But what Natan didn’t expect was that the company Margaret was in was so powerful that even Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce couldn’t get it down.

The staff’s report just now made him even more aware of the horror of this company. The reason why this company was so.
horrible was because of Finn.

“Davies family is also in danger at this time. I heard that some opinions have appeared in Davies family. Many people have begun to give themselves a way back. Davies family, which has been so powerful, has come to this point. It seems that there will some huge changes in B City.” After the upset, Natan felt more helpless.

“Chairman, there is another news.” The subordinate said.
“Say.” “Just got the news that Scott has returned to J City.”

After Natan heard this, his hands stopped and his eyes narrowed.


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