The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 476 Three Strokes

One of Ross’s subordinates ran towards Zachariah, pointing to Scott, and shouted: “It’s him, that guy, who killed our boss!”

Zachariah followed the man’s hand to look over. And finally, with his eyes falling on Scott, he roared and walked towards him in a big stride.

Everyone stepped back quickly, and the rage of Zachariah shocked them, as if they would fall down by staying too near to him.
“You madcap! You killed my apprentice, and I will make you buried with him today!”

“He is so dead today. Looking at Zachariah’s expression, I am afraid that he is going to tear Scott into pieces to revenge for his apprentice.” Many people stared at Zachariah and Scott intently. And some felt sympathetic for Scott.

Seeing Zachariah coming towards them, Stefan began to tremble. When Zachariah was about to arrive at the front of them, Stefan gritted his teeth, and stood out in front of Zachariah.

“Master Fraser, your apprentice was beaten to death because he lost the game. You should know the rules of the ring. Fists and kicks are blind so it is normal to be beaten to death. After all, this was all agreed before entering the ring. Calm down please. If you are going to fight for your apprentice, I’m afraid people will say that you can’t afford to lose. This will damage your reputation as Cross Practice Master.” Stefan said.

When Zachariah heard what Stefan said, he stared at him, and said coldly: “Who are you? How dare you interfere in my business? Go away, or I will deal with you together with him!”

Stefan gritted his teeth and said: “Master Fraser, what I said is true. Everyone present is a witness. If you don’t believe me, you can ask them. Your apprentice is also one of the co-partners of this boxing ring. He should also abide by the rule here. According to the rule, when you get off the ring, even if you have personal grievances, you should solve it in the ring instead of off the ring.”

Zachariah, as the No. 1 Cross Practice Master in Baoyun City, was naturally a bit arrogant, so he cared about his reputation. He wanted to start the fight directly upon seeing his apprentice’s death just now. But when he calmed down, he thought he had overreacted and he felt what Stefan said was reasonable.

He stopped with a gaze on Scott, and asked coldly, “Hey, guy, do you dare to fight with me in the ring!”

Stefan turned his head and winked at Scott, thinking that this was the best opportunity he could get. As long as Scott refused, with Zachariah’s status, he would definitely not attack Scott in the boxing ring directly. At the very least, there was a chance to escape for Scott.

He felt that Scott should understand what he meant by doing this. If Scott couldn’t understand him, then there was nothing he could do.

“I’m waiting here to go to the ring with you.” Scott said.
Stefan’s face changed and he looked at Scott in disbelief. He was burning his own bridge by saying so. At present, even if Stefan got a silver tongue, there was no way to save Scott.

“Don’t talk big. You think that you can kill my apprentice and me, don’t you? Stop daydreaming! Since you are willing to go to the ting, then don’t waste time here. If I beat you to death in the ring, the others won’t say that I break the rule. So, don’t blame me if I beat you to death later!”

After speaking, Zachariah rushed towards the ring.
Scott didn’t hesitate, and followed immediately.
“Scott, you are not worried at all, aren’t you? Don’t belittle Zachariah, he is far more powerful.” Stefan said anxiously.

Conor smiled and glanced at Stefan, and said: “Scott is not afraid, what are you afraid of, watch carefully, if Scott was not confident in winning, he would not be in the ring now.”

Stefan suddenly felt that he was like the back-seat driver. Conor was right. Anyway, he was not in the ring himself. Since the game was unavoidable, it was better to watch the game carefully.

Everyone was a bit surprised when they saw Scott and Zachariah in the ring, and they crowded to the ring immediately.

“He is really not afraid of death. He dares to go to the ring and fight with Zachariah. I really don’t know how to evaluate him. Is he really that competent and strong or he is just bragging?” Some people said to themselves, obviously having no faith in Scott.

Zachariah and Scott stood on the opposite side of each other. Zachariah looked at Scott and said coldly: “Dude, Ross is my favorite apprentice. But you killed him, so don’t blame me for being cruel!”

“I’m afraid you will be buried with your apprentice.” Scott said lightly.

“Don’t boast without shame! Just like you, I can make you kneel down and unable to stand up again with no more than twenty strokes!” Zachariah snorted coldly.

“Twenty strokes are too many, I only need three strokes, just as you said, I will keep you kneeling on the ground forever.” Scott stretched out his hand to show three.

Zachariah laughed wildly, and said to everyone: “Have you all heard that? He said three strokes will keep me kneeling on the ground forever. Isn’t it the most laughable joke you have heard today?”

The people off the ring burst into laughter immediately. Obviously, for them, this was indeed a joke.

“Now you see, in their eyes, you are just a joke. You say that you can defeat Zachariah in three strokes. There might be someone who could beat me in three strokes in this world, but it definitely won’t be you!” Zachariah looked at Scott and said.

“We’ll see, don’t talk nonsense.” Scott said.
Zachariah snorted coldly and stopped talking. He rushed towards Scott, making the whole ring shake.
Scott stood still, staring at Zachariah with both eyes, and observing his movements.

Stefan didn’t really want to see what was going to happen next. When Zachariah rushed towards Scott, he turned his back to the ring directly.

The moment Zachariah rushed so near to Scott, Scott suddenly lifted his palm and pinched Zachariah’s neck directly at a rapid speed.

Zachariah’s pupils shrank in an instant, and what followed was an uncontrollable fear in his mind.

He found that he could only see Scott’s hand pinched on his neck, and his own reaction speed was not as fast as Scott’s.
After Scott squeezed Zachariah’s neck, he swung Zachariah’s entire body into the air and then slammed to the ground. And Scott kicked Cheng Zachariah’s knee violently. After a while, Zachariah was kneeling on the ground and facing Scott.
Three stocks!

With only three stocks, Scott made Zachariah kneel in front of him. This happened so fast that the people under the ring did not get it at that time.

Zachariah only felt dizzy, and then a sharp pain came from his knee. When he came to himself, he found that he was already kneeling in front of Scott.

He planned to get up from the ground quickly, and then continue the fight with Scott, but in the coming second, he found that his legs had lost consciousness, and he had lost the ability to stand up from the ground!

“No, this is impossible, three strokes, he really only used three strokes. Why is there such a powerful person in this world? My knees, no, I don’t want to be crippled!” Zachariah roared in mind.

However, no matter how furious he was, the game was over and no one can change the result anymore.

At this time, people off the ring came to from the shock, and then there came a hubbub of voices from them. And everyone began to complement Scott sincerely. Scott’s three stocks just now could be described as fluent and powerful, and they were so powerful that completely exceeded everyone’s imagination.

“It’s amazing, it’s amazing, my God, he must be the incarnation of Ares!” “My god, this is awesome, it’s so simple for him to beat a Cross Practice Master to the ground?”

“It’s no wonder he dared to be so arrogant. It turns out that he does have capabilities. It seems that I really misjudged him.”

Stefan frowned when he heard the voices from the people around him, wondering whether Scott would have been beaten to death in such a short time.

From the reaction of the people around, it was highly possible. It was a pity that he reminded Scott before the game, but Scott didn’t listen to him at all. Now, it was useless to blame anyone.

Stefan turned back slowly and looked towards the ring. In the next second, he became frozen and startled by what he saw.

He did not see Scott’s failure, instead, he saw that Zachariah was keeling in front of Scott, unable to resist at all!


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