The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 475 Wait for One More Moment

Everyone was shocked by the scene. Just now, Scott turned his back to Ross and Spencer. The moment they started to fight with Scott, all the people thought that Scott was going to die.

In a battle, it was quite dangerous to leave one’s back to the enemy, especially when the enemy hadn’t given up.

However, Scott’s kick frightened everyone. Being able to react in such a short time and kicking Ross off with only one kick was not what an ordinary person could do.

When they came back to themselves from the surprise, someone ran to Ross to check his condition. Then the man shouted in a panic, “He…he is dead, Ross is dead, Ross is killed!”

There came an uproar!

One of the three kings of the underground boxing ring in Tengyu County, Ross, was kicked to death. This was a real shock for everyone who often came to this underground ring and knew about Ross.

When Scott heard Ross’s death, he shook his head helplessly, and said in his mind: “I didn’t control my strength well, I’m sorry.” Then he looked at Spencer who stood in front of him, and asked coldly: “You haven’t given up, so do you want to continue?” After hearing what Scott said, Spencer knelt in front of him, and said with a trembling voice: “I give up, I give up!”

Seeing Spencer conceded defeat, Scott didn’t continue and at this time everyone under the ring was so shocked that they went speechless.

Scott turned back and was going to jump off the ring. At this moment, he suddenly remembered something, and then turned back again to look at Spencer.

Spencer thought that Scott was going to hit him, so he was so scared that he lay down on the ground and wailed: “Bro, I have given up, please forgive me, I don’t want to die.”

“Um, I just want to ask, now that you lost the game, shouldn’t you give us the share you promised?” Scott asked.

Spencer let out a sigh of relief, and then answered: “Give you, I’ll give it to you now.”

He got up from the ground and said loudly to everyone: “From today, all my share here will be given to Conor. From now on, he will be the controller here. I will never take a penny from here anymore!”

After speaking, he jumped down from the ring in a hurry and ran away like a mouse.

Scott looked at everyone again and shouted: “Is there anyone who still got a problem!”

It was quiet under the ring, and no one dared to stand out again.

Seeing no one answered, Scott left the ring and walked down.

Most people began to look at Scott in awe, but there was still a small group of people staring at him gloatingly.

Scott walked to the front of Conor, Morgan and Stefan. At this time, Stefan’s attitude towards Scott had completely changed.
His disdain was completely replaced by respect and even a bit of jealousy.

When Conor and Morgan saw Scott approaching, they both smiled at him. Conor asked, “How is it, have you vented enough?” “It’s almost there.” Scott said flatly.

At this time, Morgan also noticed that many people in the crowd were gloating at Scott, and he asked: ” Scott has already won, why are these people still showing that gloating expression?”

Stefan sighed and said: “You won, but Ross was killed. Those who are gloating are definitely from Baoyun City.” “Why do you say so?” Conor also looked at Stefan with some doubts in mind.

” Conor, you don’t know. He is the apprentice of a Cross Practice Master in Baoyun City whose name is Zachariah Fraser, the top master in Baoyun City. It is said that his strength is very terrifying. No one dares to cause trouble for him. And Ross could establish his foothold in Tengyu County because of Zachariah’s help.”

“Zachariah always covers for his apprentice. Ross is his favorite apprentice. It is said that once someone in Baoyun City took up the domain of Ross, and the man was thrown into the mountains the next day and never came out. Now that Scott has beaten Ross to death, Zachariah will definitely not let you go this time.”

“The most important thing is that Zachariah is in Tengyu County today. If this news has spread, Zachariah will probably rush here at once.”

After Stefan finished his speaking, he was full of anxiety. He rolled his eyeballs and said: “We’d better leave quickly, lest Zachariah will come. That would be troublesome.”

After listening to what Stefan said, Conor and Morgan were both calm, as if they didn’t think Zachariah was so powerful.

Scott became even more excited. Just now, Ross and Spencer did not let him vent all the depression in his heart. If there was one who was stronger than them, came and fight with Scott again, Scott would naturally be pleased.

“In that case, let’s wait here,” Scott said.

Stefan was stunned when he heard Scott’s words. He thought that after he told them, Scott would realize the seriousness of the problem, but he didn’t expect Scott to say that they would wait here.

In Stefan’s eyes, this was simply seeking death. Although Scott was indeed very powerful, and he beat Ross and Spencer by himself, he was not as powerful as Conor said that he could put them to death in one minute.

What was more, Zachariah was the No. 1 Cross Practice Master in Baoyun City. This name was not coming from nowhere. Like in the J City, no one had ever been called the No. 1 master. Ross was just one of Zachariah’s apprentice and Zachariah must be much powerful than Ross.

If Scott thought that he got the capability to compete with Zachariah just because he had beaten both Ross and Spencer, then it was too self-righteous.

“Scott, the strength of Zachariah is absolutely not as simple as you think. In my opinion, we should avoid him now. Zachariah won’t stay in Tengyu County all the time. We can wait until he leaves before we go to deal with our own business. ” Stefan persuaded hurriedly.

“Stefan, you are looking down upon Scott. Now that he asked you to wait for a while, you can rest assured and wait. Cross Practice Master is trivial when compared with Scott.” Morgan stared at Stefan and said.

“No, Zachariah is really…” Stefan still wanted to clarify to Morgan.

“Okay, just wait here. When Zachariah comes, you will know whether Scott is his rival.” Conor said to him.

Seeing that he couldn’t pervade them at all, Stefan could only keep the words to himself.

He was thinking that if they wait until Zachariah came, and if Scott was not competent to beat him, it would be too late.

If it hadn’t been because he wanted to keep the industry of the underground boxing ring in Tengyu County, he might have escaped alone now.

“Anyway, it was Scott who killed him. It has nothing to do with me. Zachariah won’t come to me for revenge. What I can do now is to ask God for blessing.”

The people from Baoyun City on the scene saw Scott still waiting here without the meaning to leave, except for a bit surprise, they were becoming more and more glad, preparing to see Scott’s misfortune.

“Didn’t Stefan tell him that Ross was Zachariah’s apprentice? They are still waiting here. I heard that Zachariah is in Tengyu County today. I guess it won’t take long for him to get here. ”

“Judging from their behaviors just now, I think Stefan has told them, but it seems that Scott doesn’t want to leave but to wait here. Is it possible that he is waiting for Zachariah? He wants to fight with Zachariah?”

“Don’t be kidding, Zachariah is the No. 1 Cross Practice Master in Baoyun City. Even if Scott is powerful enough to beat two at the same time, according to his performance just now, he could not rival Zachariah.”

“That’s right, Zachariah was good for ten, and he could kill one with only a dozen of moves. Itis not easy for Scott to resist two.
How could he rival Zachariah? It’s ridiculous.”

After a while, there was a sudden commotion at the entrance of the underground boxing ring, and people stepped aside. Then, a man who looked a bit sloppy with dreadlocks walked towards the ring.

The man went to take a look at Ross’s corpse, and then glanced over the people furiously.

“Who doesn’t want his life killed my apprentice, get out of here, I will tear you to shreds!”


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