The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 474 One Against Two

When both Ross and Spencer heard Scott’s words, they both had their faces full of disdain. Ross snorted and said, “How arrogant you are! I think you are the one who has to leave a last word!”

After that, Ross rushed towards Scott, with a tiger-like figure and extraordinary momentum. His steps were also very particular.
He seemed to be a strong boxer.

When Spencer saw this, he did not hesitate. He followed Ross and attacked Scott. Conor just said he would lay his share on this battle. For the benefit, he would not care if it was shameless to deceive the less by the more.

They flanked Scott left and right, showing no signs of being merciful.

Everyone in the audience looked expectantly at the battle on the ring. Of course, most people wanted to see how badly Scott would be beaten by Ross and Spencer. Expect for Conor and Morgan, no one else would think that Scott could beat the combination of Ross and Spencer.

Stefan stared at the ring anxiously, the cold sweat on his palms came out, and now his future in this underground boxing ring was up to Scott, who seemed to be nothing special. As he didn’t know Scott, he was naturally not optimistic about the battle on the ring.

He turned his head and glanced at Conor and Morgan, and took a deep breath, still intending to persuade Conor.

But before he had spoken, Conor, who was standing there staring at the battle on the ring, suddenly spoke, “How long do you think it will take this time?”

Morgan on the side replied, “It has to be a minute at least. If it doesn’t last a minute, it would be too embarrassing.” “A minute, I guess it’s a bit hard for them,” Conor said with a smile.

After Stefan heard the conversation between the two people, he was full of doubts, so he asked, “Conor, since both of you feel that Scott can’t last a minute, why did you agree to let him fight with Ross and Spencer? Isn’t it self-destructive?”

Conor and Morgan glanced at each other and both couldn’t help laughing.

“We didn’t say Scott couldn’t even last a minute,” Conor said.

Stefan was taken aback and asked quickly, “Then what you just said is…”

“Do you still need to think about it? Of course, Ross and Spencer can’t hold on to Scott’s attack for a minute,” Morgan said quickly.

“It’s not necessarily. Scott is here to vent this time. He may not beat two of them quickly. It is estimated that he will play with them on the ring.” Conor added.

Stefan looked at the two people in front of him staringly as if he had heard something amazing. He didn’t expect that they thought that Ross and Spencer could not hold on to Scott’s attack for a minute.

Could it be that his ears have a problem? Stefan turned his head suspiciously and looked over the ring.

At this time, Scott faced Ross and Spencer and was working hard to adjust his breathing so that his strength could be controlled, and would not directly kill both Ross and Spencer.

As Conor thought, Scott came here today to vent. Naturally, he wouldn’t easily beat the two opponents in front of him. He would control his strength and try to make the fight longer.

Just as Scott was adjusting his breathing, Ross and Spencer had already rushed in front of him, stretched out their hands and hit his face.

Scott stepped back, because he was focused on breathing, so he didn’t immediately act on them.

It was precisely because of this that the people under the ring thought that Scott was beaten by Ross and Spencer from the very beginning, and could only keep moving back.

“I wondered how good this kid is. I didn’t expect that he is so weak. When he came up, he was completely outgunned.”

“It seems that it is really just a douche. At that time, I really thought he could beat Ross and Spencer by himself according to his words. It seems that he was just bragging just now.”

“Well, this person is pretentious, I didn’t expect him to be so weak. It seems that today Ross and Spencer will not let him go out of the ring alive.”

Stefan frowned when he saw that Scott fell into a disadvantage at the beginning. Hearing what Conor and Morgan said just now, he thought Scott really had shocking strength, but now it seemed that he was weak.

“It seems that both Conor and Morgan overestimated him. At this level, how could Ross and Spencer be defeated together within a minute? It seems that today’s results may not be good.” Stefan shook his head helplessly.

On the ring, Ross and Spencer sneered when they saw Scott only knowing to retreat. In their opinion, Scott had no strength at all, and the previous words were just boast.

“I don’t think you are strong. Facing us, you only know how to hide. Do you think you can keep hiding like this?” Ross said to Scott.

“I think he just doesn’t know how he is. When he came to the ring, he thought he could beat us. When itis the time to have real fight, he realized that he couldn’t do it at all!” Spencer also yelled.

At this moment, Scott had adjusted his breathing. He stopped backing up. After stopping, he looked at Ross said to Spencer, and said calmly, “Really?”

After that, Scott punched them and stopped avoiding. He controlled his strength. If he hadn’t adjusted just now, he might have killed one of them with one punch.

Ross said to Spencer instantly felt that Scott’s aura changed, and he became completely different from just now.

Ross said to Spencer attacked Scott. However, their attacks were resisted by Scott, and they couldn’t take a single move of Scott.

People outside the boxing ring were surprised to see Scott’s change. Those who were still mocking Scott immediately shut up and watched the game on the boxing ring in surprise.
In a short while, everyone saw the scene on the ring where Scott kept beating Ross and Spencer., from head to toe. And Ross

and Spencer were beaten and could not fight back. They could only watch Scott’s fist fall on them.

Everyone opened their mouths in surprise, and never expected Scott to be so powerful, especially after the initial contrast, Scott made them even more shock.

Stefan also stared at Scott on the ring with an incredible look at this time. Scott’s strength completely exceeded his imagination, and his feelings for Scott at that time were completely different.

Only then did he understand why Conor and Morgan were so calm. It turned out that Scott really had enough strength to compete with Ross and Spencer.

It just made him a little puzzled that although Scott was able to beat Ross and Spencer and made them unable to fight back, he didn’t knock them down in a minute as Conor and Morgan said.

In Stefan’s view, Scott’s strength was merely to suppress the combination of Ross and Spencer, and it was not as scary as Morgan said.

In the arena, Ross and Spencer couldn’t bear Scott’s attack. They all felt that Scott entered the ring just to beat them, not to win.

But after a while, they had been badly battered about the head and face.

“Stop, I admit… won’t fight anymore, if this continues, I will have to be killed by you.” Ross said to Scott, and then he winked at Spencer.

Spencer immediately understood, and immediately said, “I won’t fight anymore, I can’t win.”

When Scott heard the words of the two people, he stopped his hands, turned and looked out of the ring, and wanted to ask if there was anyone who wanted to fight with him. He felt that he hadn’t finished venting yet.

At this moment, both Ross and Spencer gave Scott a vicious look, rushed towards Scott, and attacked his back.

“We just said not to fight, but didn’t say to admit defeat. It’s really stupid to leave your back to us!” Ross sneered and shouted, and his fist was about to hit Scott.

At this moment, Scott turned around violently and kicked directly on Ross’s stomach with a roundabout kick.

Ross’s eyes widened, and then he flew out, fell under the ring, and Spencer, who was following behind, stopped immediately in horror.


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