The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 473 Do You Have Any Last Words

Seeing Stefan stunned, Conor reminded, “What are you doing! Hurry up and call.”

Only then did Stefan react, thinking that although he didn’t know who this person was, since Conor asked him to call, he just did sO.

He glanced at Scott and exclaimed, “Boss.” Scott just nodded slightly, and didn’t say anything.

Stefan only felt that the person in front of him was too cold. He called him boos, but he actually reacted so indifferently. He was an ordinary person that he had never heard of, which made him feel a little unhappy.

However, due to Conor, he could only hold this uncomfortable in his heart.

“When we came in just now, Ross’s man asked Scott to pay for the ticket, and Scott beat the person. It is estimated that Ross will bring someone to find him in a short time. In any case, you can’t give them any more shares this time. Just be tough with them. You don’t have to be afraid of Ross and Spencer in the future,” Seeing Stefan greeted Scott, Conor told Stefan what had happened at the door at that time.

When Stefan heard this, he frowned and said, “Conor, Ross and Spencer are staring at us during this period of time. They have long wanted to grab our share. What happened is bad for us.”

Although he didn’t say explicitly, he was obviously complaining that Scott had done something wrong.

Conor glanced at him and said, “Didn’t I say you don’t have to be afraid of Ross and Spencer in the future. With Scott, maybe

we can directly grab the shares from them today.”

Stefan was shocked, and he glanced at Scott in disbelief. Conor actually felt that relying on this seemingly ordinary person, he could grab the share of Ross and Spencer. It was too arrogant.

But before he could speak, a riot began not far away. They turned their heads and saw that a group of people were walking toward them aggressively. The leader was Ross with thick eyebrows.

The sturdy man who was beaten at that moment had a gloomy look, clutching his arm and following Ross, with a murderous expression on his face.

Upon seeing this, Stefan suddenly cursed in his heart, and quickly winked at the subordinates not far away, and asked them to call people over. Seeing Ross and the group of people broke in full fury, he thought there would be fight soon.

“Conor, Stefan, what the hell do you mean, dare to dislocate my cousin’s hand? Are you going to turn against me? I’ve detested you for a long time, if you don’t want to stay here, then I will kick you out of Tengyu County in person!” Ross shouted at Conor and the others.

“Well, it seems that Conor is dissatisfied that his share was occupied. To be honest, I have long detested Conor and this group of people. If Ross wants to beat them, I don’t mind lending him a hand.” At this time, another voice sounded, and it was Spencer who rushed to look on.

When Stefan saw this, he immediately became anxious. Ross and Spencer had communicated in private for a long time, and they were always thinking about how to drive Conor out of Tengyu County.

It was a pity that there was no sufficient reason, and they couldn’t do it directly. Now Scott hit Ross’s cousin, which was enough to be an excuse for them to fight against Conor.

It was already quite difficult for Stefan to maintain the balance here. However, as soon as Scott arrived today, he got the matter into the worst situation. Even if Conor treated Scott more respectfully, he was still quite unhappy with Scott.

“Sirs, I think it should be just a misunderstanding. Ross, the one who beat your cousin is new, and he doesn’t understand the rules here. I will pay for your cousin’s medical expenses. Please let it go,” Stefan said quickly, intending to try his best to save it.

“Medical expenses? Damn, can’t I afford this medical expenses? This matter is related to the dignity of my cousin. It is impossible to solve it with money. If you want to make this matter easier, then let stupid guy who beat my cousin come out, kneel and kowtow to my cousin in front of everyone. And then, let my cousin remove his two arms. Only in this way, I’ll forgive him.
Otherwise, I’ll never let you go!” Ross said with a cold face.

When Stefan heard Ross’s words, he turned to look at Scott, as if he really wanted Scott to go out and take the blame by himself, so as to resolve the threats made by Ross and Spencer.

At this time, Conor stepped forward and shouted at Ross, “You’re so f*cking self-righteous. It is already pretty good that he is not killed. Spencer, don’t think I didn’t know you two had colluded. Don’t you just want to join forces to get me out of here? Tell you, I’m here today to let you understand that you don’t have power to do so!”

After listening to Conor, Stefan’s complexion changed drastically. Conor’s words was equivalent to turn against between Ross and Spencer. If there was no way to suppress them today, then the consequences they would face could be imagined. know.

But the person in charge here was still Conor, and he couldn’t say anything. At this level, he had no way to intervene.

He could only look at Scott with a bit of resentment, thinking that what happened today was caused by this guy. If all his hard work in Tengyu County was ruined because of him, even if Conor stopped him, he would definitely not let Scott go.

Ross and Spencer glanced at each other, but they didn’t expect Conor to be so rough and turn against them directly.

However, neither of them was too surprised. Instead, they smiled. This was exactly the result they wanted. Only in this way could they drive Conor out of Tengyu County.

“Fuck, it seems you want to start the fight directly. Since you choose to settle it down in a hard way, then don’t blame us for being impolite!” Ross shouted at Conor, and he was about to fight right away.

At this time, Scott walked out, looked at the people on the opposite side, and said loudly, “Go to the ring, I’ll settle with you today.”

Ross glanced at Scott, then sneered, “Just you? You want to fight with me in the ring?”

“It’s not you, but you two.” Scott pointed at Spencer again, “You two go to the ring with me. If you win, all of Conor’s share will be given to you, but if you lose, from now on, the underground boxing field of Tengyu County will be Conor’s world.”

As soon as Scott said, the audience was quiet for a few seconds, and then most people laughed.

“Is this guy insane? He wanted to go to the ring to fight Ross and Spencer, and he also laid Conor’s share. Is it that Conor doesn’t want to be here anymore, so let this guy who is pretentious come here to die?”

“It seems he wants to fight with two people at same time. I have never seen such an arrogant person in this boxing ring. Ross and Spencer, are both first-class boxers. It’s hard to deal with one of them, let alone two.”

“It sounds like he’s diving with dice. Conor really doesn’t want to make development here. He even found such a fool to challenge Ross and Spencer. I really don’t know what he thought. ”

Expression on Stefan’s face changed a lot because of Scott’s words. He quickly turned his head to look at Scott and said, “Don’t make jokes here. If you make this kind of joke, you won’t be able to take it back.”

Scott glanced at him and said lightly, “I’m not kidding.”

“Boy, are you sure you want to challenge the two of us in the ring? Tell you, we won’t feel ashamed of two-on-one. If you can really make bet on Conor’s share, we will immediately enter the ring,” Spencer said, staring at Scott.

“He’s right. You two go to the ring to fight with him. As long as you can beat him, all my share here will be given to you, but if you lose, then you have to give me all your shares!” Conor said.

Everyone was surprised, didn’t expect Conor to support Scott.

In their opinion, Conor did this because he was insane.

Stefan looked like he had seen a ghost, and rushed to Conor, and said, “Conor, don’t be joking. You don’t know the strength of them. The chances of Scott defeating them is too low. We can’t take this risk.”

“This is not a risk, but a safe bet. Just leave it alone. After today, the entire underground boxing ring will be taken care of by you,” Conor said seriously.

No matter how Stefan thought, he felt that Scott could not beat Ross and Spencer. However, it was Conor’s business in the final analysis, and he was only responsible for taking care of the affairs. Therefore, he bit back the words he would like to have said.

When both Ross and Spencer heard Conor’s personal assurance, they laughed. If they could, they didn’t want to mobilize their subordinates to fight and make a mess. Now that there was such a simpler method, they were naturally happy.

“Well, since you spoke, then I will agree to this request,” Ross said.

“I’ll also join you. Anyway, it’s a dead certainty. You give us your share for nothing. We have no reason to refuse it” Spencer smiled.

Seeing the two people agreed, Scott didn’t waste time and walked directly toward the ring.

Although he was trying to help Conor grab a share, it was just a casual thing. The main purpose of his coming here today was to vent his anger.

When Ross and Spencer saw Scott in the ring, they didn’t waste time anymore and went to the ring.
Everyone surrounded the ring, wanting to see what the outcome of this battle would be.
Stefan couldn’t help sighing, he had already believed that after tonight, they would have to be driven out of Tengyu County.

Ross and Spencer went up to the ring and looked at Scott with disdain. In their eyes, Scott was just a wimp with no strength.
Even if he had some strength, it would never be the opponent of them.

Scott glanced at both of them, then murmured, “Fighting is full of danger, I will not show any mercy today. Do you have any last words to say in advance?”


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