The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 472 You Should Be A Little Conscious

Morgan heard Scott’s words and immediately said with a smile, “Scott, with your strength, no matter which ring you are in, there must be no match for you”

Conor on the side thought for a while, and said, “If you just want to vent, you don’t have to find someone who can rival Scott.
Just find a few people who are willing to be beaten. Morgan, how about having a fight with Scott and let him vent?”

Morgan stared immediately, and pleaded at Scott quickly, “Scott, please spare me. I want to live a few more years. Even if you just beat me to vent, I’m afraid I will still have to lie in bed for a year.”

Conor laughed, and said, “What a pussy, don’t you claim to be an invincible player in the J City boxing ring? Why are you wimpy in front of Scott?”

Morgan immediately scratched his head in embarrassment, and said, “Isn’t this because Scott is too good? How dare you tease me? You and I have not been able to beat Rogers, but Scott beat him up so easily. Can’t you feel the power of Scott. I don’t care if you want to be sandbags for Scott, but I won’t anyway.”

Hearing the two people quarreling, Scott showed a smile, and his tense mood also relaxed some.
“Why don’t you let me vent on you together?” Scott smiled.

This time even Conor started shaking his head, obviously afraid of being doormat for Scott, and quickly said, “Actually, I know a place that can make you vent and make some contributions to our development by the way.”

“Where?” Scott asked immediately.

“Tengyu County, the junction of J City, Baoyun City and L City. Because it is the junction of the three cities, it is more chaotic than ordinary places. The population flow here is very large. All kinds of people go there every month. Good and bad people were mixed together.”

“Because of it, the underground boxing field in Tengyu County is also quite chaotic. The people in the three cities are intertwined here, and the interests involved are wide.”

“A long time ago, I had arranged people to go to Tengyu County and wanted to get a share of the pie from there, but the strengths of the three cities were not much different, and the people I sent over could not beat the people in the two cities, and can only take a small part of the profit.”

“If someone can unify the underground boxing field in Tengyu County, he will gain considerable wealth,. You will be the only one who has the power to do this.”

After Conor finished speaking, he smiled expectantly at Scott. If Scott could really unify the underground boxing field in Tengyu County, it would be of great benefit to his development in J City, and he might also be able to earn him a place in Baoyun City and L City.

Most importantly, it was a bit late for Conor to go to Tengyu County to get a share of the pie, so the people he sent to Tengyu County kept being bullied there. If Scott could go over and help him out, he would feel more comfortable.

“How long does it take to get to Tengyu County?” Scott asked.

“It’s less than an hour’s drive,” Conor replied.
Scott got up and said, “Let’s go and went. And I will help you unify the underground boxing field by the way.”

Conor was full of emotion. In his opinion, it was quite difficult to unify the underground boxing field in Tengyu County. Not only did he find it difficult, but the people in Baoyun City and L City also found it difficult. After all, even if there was a gap between the three forces, it was not much deep.

However, this matter was just a piece of cake for Scott and he even didn’t have to make preparation, which made Conor deeply aware that there was a gap between people.

Tengyu County.

Conor drove Scott and Morgan to the door of a seemingly run-down game hall. Charles didn’t follow him because he had to deal with the affairs of TY Group.

They got out of the car and walked towards the game hall together. There were various game consoles, and many children were sitting in it.

They kept walking towards the front and saw a small door at the end. At this time, there was a sturdy man sitting in front of the small door, playing with his phone.

After Conor took the lead and walked over there, the sturdy guy said without lifting his head, ” The ticket to boxing match is 500 dollars per person. If you don’t have money, get out.”

Conor gave a light cough. The sturdy man raised his head and took a look. After realizing that it was Conor, he immediately smiled and said, “Hey, it turns out to be Mr. Conor. You rarely come recently. Is it because our boss took a little bit more of your share last time, you stopped coming in in a fit of anger?”

Scott could hear the ridicule and disdain in this sturdy man’s tone.

On the way, Conor had already explained to Scott that the underground boxing field here was controlled by the forces of the three cities, and the money was divided according to the share.

The three forces needed to take turns to arrange people to collect entrance fees and maintain the order of the boxing ring. Today it was just the turn of the forces in Baoyun City.

The boss of Baoyun City was named Ross, and the boss of L City was named Spencer. Both of them were influential men in their respective cities, and both had strong power. In this underground boxing ring of Tengyu County, they also had great prestige.

Compared with these two people, Conor didn’t show up much here. He had been entrusting the affairs here to an old friend. That person is named Stefan, who is also a good fighter. Because he has a great enthusiasm for the underground boxing ring, he agreed to come here to help him take care of it.

After Conor heard the sturdy man’s words, his look suddenly darkened, and he said coldly, “Don’t be such a jerk here, so it won’t be long before you lose the guts to say this to me.”

With that, Conor walked inside.

The sturdy man curled his lips, thinking that Conor was bragging, and he didn’t care at all.

Morgan and Scott followed Conor and walked inside. Morgan glared at the sturdy guy. The sturdy guy didn’t dare to say anything. Before, Morgan played in the boxing ring here. This sturdy guy knew how powerful Morgan was. So, he dared not provoke Morgan too much.

At this time Scott also walked over. The sturdy guy had never seen Scott before. He thought Scott looked weak, so he rolled his eyes and reached out to stop Scott.

“Buddy, you look so strange. Haven’t you been here before? If you want to go in, pay 500 dollars for the entrance fee,” the sturdy man said when looked down at Scott.

Scott stopped and glanced at the sturdy man, thinking that this man was really on the verge of death.

When Conor saw this, he frowned, turned around and stared at the sturdy man and said, “Are you f*cking dicing with death? How dare you charge my people? Do you really think it’s easy to bully me as I have a small share here?”

“Fuck, you want to taste my fist, don’t you?” Morgan also shouted at the sturdy man.

The sturdy man didn’t panic at all, and said, “Conor, I never thought about bullying you. I also act according to the rules. Of course, you and Morgan don’t have to pay for the entrance fee, but this person is a newcomer. It’s not too much for me to charge him a ticket fee as he comes here for the first time. If you bring a hundred people here and I don’t charge them, how can we manage this underground boxing ring?”

Conor clenched his fist. This sturdy man was clearly making trouble for him. He had never heard of people belonged to the three major forces needed to pay for tickets when entered the boxing ring.

“What if I don’t pay?” Scott stared at the sturdy man.

The sturdy man looked at Scott, he didn’t dare to blatantly trouble Conor and Morgan, but he was not afraid of this strange man.

In his opinion, this person was only a subordinate of Conor, he needn’t to afraid of him. And Conor would definitely not get into a stalemate with them for a subordinate.

“If you don’t pay, I don’t mind letting you taste my fist. You pay the money yourself. Don’t let Mr. Conor help you. Don’t waste his time here. As a subordinate, you have to know your duty,” the sturdy man said to Scott, then he clenched his fist and showed Scott his strength.

Scott directly stretched out his hand, pinched the man’s arm, and then violently pulled, and the man’s arm was directly dislocated.

“What the f*ck! Dare you hit me!” The sturdy man resisted the pain in his arm, and patted Scott with his other hand.

Scott kicked the sturdy man directly, and the sturdy man flew backwards directly, hitting a game console, and the game console was scrapped.

“You should also be a little conscious, you are just a janitor. Be careful next time,” Scott said, looking at the man.
Conor smiled and looked at Scott, then gave him a thumb.

The three of them walked inside together, and Conor was not afraid that the sturdy man would tell his boss. After all, they came today to unify the underground boxing field. After today, the entire underground boxing field would belong to them. So, there was no need to worry about it.

What’s more, with Scott here, he just couldn’t worry even if he wanted to worry.

The underground boxing ring here was much livelier than the one in J City. In addition to the ring, there was also a place similar to a bar, which was somewhat similar to the bar on the outskirts of S City.

At this time, the bar was already overcrowded. Everyone gathered around the ring, watching the game on the ring with excitement.

Conor took Scott and Morgan to their turf in this underground boxing ring. A lean, but physically strong man walked towards them.

“Conor, why don’t you tell me when you came here. I can let someone pick you up,” the man said.

Conor smiled at the man, then turned around and introduced Scott, “This is Stefan I told you about. He has always been in charge of things in Tengyu County.”

After speaking, Conor looked at Stefan and said, “This is Scott, call him boss.” Stefan glanced at Scott up and down, and was taken aback.

This person looked ordinary. How could Conor ask him to call him boss?


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