The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 471 Perish the Thought!

The top floor of Wonhu Company.

In a shady room, from the window, there was a construction site behind. At this time, the construction site had been shut down, and there were not many people there.

Scott and Conor were standing opposite Albie. On the way back, Albie had been beaten by Morgan because of resistance. At this time, he had had been badly battered about the head and face.

“You gangsters! Robbers! Let me go hurriedly. What you are doing now is illegal, and you must be punished!” Albie had no way to deal with Scott, and could only shout.

“Fuck, a miserable weakling. We are hooligans? Well, are you being violated by us? Or do you want to taste my fist again?” Morgan glared at Albie.

Albie was so scared that he shrank his neck immediately, obviously very afraid of Morgan.
Scott walked up to Albie, grabbed him by the collar, and lifted him from the ground.

“Scott, let me go quickly. You have no right to keep me here. If someone outside knows it, you will go to jail. Do you want to fight the law!” Albie said and stared at Scott.

“In J City, my law is the only law. Even if I kill you, no one will dare to trouble me,” Scott said in a cold voice.

Scott’s words made Albie’s hair stand on end. He did not doubt Scott’s words. A person who could bankrupt the Wonhu Company within ten minutes had incalculable power.

“Scott… Scott, in fact, we don’t need to go against each other. Let’s calm down and have a talk. I did have something wrong before. If you are enraged with me, I can apologize to you.” Albie softened suddenly. He knew that in front of Scott, he didn’t have any qualifications to negotiate terms at all.

“Apologize? The Patel Group went bankrupt. Edith was and Lily was hit by that car and flew more than ten meters away, but you wanted to settle all these down with a simply apology. Do you think it’s possible?” Murderous spirit from Scott immediately wrapped Albie.

Albie couldn’t help but tremble, and quickly said, “That…that was not what I did. I just made the Patel Group bankrupt. I didn’t do the rest. It was the woman. She did all of this. It was also the woman’s order that I made the Patel Group go bankrupt. It has nothing to do with me!”

Scott knew that the woman Albie was talking about was Margaret, but even if Albie was used by Margaret, the mistakes he committed were still impossible to forgive.
If a person was instigated to kill someone, the instigator was guilty, but the murderer was also guilty.

What’s more, Albie had always been deliberately trying to fight Edith. If he didn’t want to do it in the first place, how could he be used by Margaret so easily.

Scott wouldn’t let Margaret go, but he wouldn’t let Albie go either.

“Isn’t making the Patel Group go bankrupt? If it weren’t for this incident, how could Edith break with Amara? How could she go to the suburbs alone? Do you think you have no responsibility in this matter?”

As Scott said, his other hand grabbed one of Albie’s fingers, and with a violent force, he directly broke his finger.

Albie screamed immediately and couldn’t help resisting, but Scott was grabbing him with his other hand, and he couldn’t break free anyway.

“Itis to punish you for uniting with Amara to bankrupt the Patel Group.” After that, Scott grabbed Albie’s other finger, breaking his finger abruptly.
“Itis to punish you for making Edith heartbroken. Going to the suburbs alone, she was hurt.”

Another finger was broken, Albie looked pale, and his body couldn’t help shaking. On this day, he finally realized the horror belonging to Scott.

If he was given another chance, he would definitely not choose to offend Scott, nor would he trouble Edith.
Unfortunately, there was no if in this world.

“Itis to punish you for not repenting, and always trying to make trouble for me and Edith.”

In a short while, Albie’s ten fingers were broken. Every time he was about to faint in pain, another finger had been broken before he lost consciousness, making him unable to relieve his pain by fainting.

“Edith is missing now. I am desperate. I can’t find her for a second and I will be in torment for a second. You will not understand my mood. Just a few broken fingers can’t make up for your mistakes,” Scott stared at Albie.

“Please… forgive me, I won’t dare anymore, please, I really know that I was wrong,” said Albie, dying.

“Perish the thought!”

Scott spoke to Albie, then carried him towards the window.

Albie seemed to have a premonition of some kind of crisis, and kept struggling, but was suppressed by Scott.

Scott opened the window. Albie’s pupils shrank, and the expression on his face was like a dead body, with blue veins on his forehead violently, as if he had used his best strength in his life. However, under Scott’s control, no matter how strong his strength was, it was futile.

The next moment, Scott threw Albie out without any hesitation, a scream rang out in the air, but unfortunately there was no one behind the construction site, and no one noticed Albie falling from the top floor.

After throwing Albie out, Scott turned around, looked at the people behind Conor, and said, “Let’s go.”

Conor and others looked solemn, and they couldn’t help but straighten themselves in front of Scott, then they nodded and followed Scott out to the outside.

Downstairs, Jennifer was waiting here. Seeing Scott coming over, she greeted them hurriedly.

“Scott, how’s it going? Did Albie admit he was wrong? He is incorrigible. Will he come to trouble you again even though you taught him a hard lesson?” Jennifer asked.

Scott smiled at Jennifer and said, “Don’t worry, Jennifer, he will never have a chance to trouble me again in the future.”

Jennifer nodded and followed Scott out. As she walked, she pondered over the meaning of Scott’s words. Suddenly, she stared at Scott and looked at Scott in shock. ‘Never have a chance to make trouble. It seems that only the dead can never have a chance, right?”

She was shocked, but she didn’t dare to say anything when she found Scott was so calm as if nothing had happened. She knew that Scott was great, so no matter what Scott did, she would not be too surprised.

Amara had already driven Jennifer out, and she was beaten by Scott before. She would take revenge on Jennifer if he let Jennifer go back to CZ Community. Therefore, Scott asked Conor to arrange a room for Jennifer at Starry Night Club.

On the way to Starry Night Club, Jennifer told Scott about the details of what happened at home that day, and by the way told Scott that Nicholas was also kicked out of the house by Amara.

After listening to it, Scott felt that Amara was indeed a mad woman. If Conor and Scott hadn’t talked about Jennifer at that time, Scott might actually kill Amara.

Now Scott had solved Albie, and the anger in his heart had vented a lot. Thus, his killing intent for Amara was not so strong.

Although what Amara did enough to make Scott kill her a hundred times, she was Edith’s mother after all. Even if Scott really wanted to kill her, he had to find Edith first.

During this period of time, he didn’t plan to go to CZ Community. After he calmed down, he wanted to think about how to deal with Amara.

After returning to Starry Night Club, a room was arranged for Jennifer, and Scott and Conor were sitting and drinking together.

When returned, Scott had already notified the people in Guanling and asked them to help look for Edith. With Guanling’s power, the probability of finding Edith was still very high.

Just a minute without seeing Edith, Scott couldn’t feel ease, so he tried to relieve his anxiety by drinking.

After drinking for a while, Scott still felt that the depression in his heart was difficult to resolve, so he looked up at Conor and said, “Find me a boxing ring, I want to vent.”


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