The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 470 Nothing Impossible

“Okay.” There was a woman’s voice over there. She didn’t ask why or Scott’s identity. Their task was that as long as someone called at this exclusive number, they would agree to him no matter what the request was.

The phone number was not fixed. There was a formula. According to the date of each day, there was different numbers. So Scott didn’t worry about that this exclusive number would be leaked. After all, this number was different every day. As long as the formula was not leaked, there was no problem.

After the call, Scott turned to look at Albie, and said, “Wait ten minutes. After it, I want to see if you can still laugh so happily.”

Albie didn’t take Scott’s words seriously at all. He said, “Okay, I’ll wait ten minutes. I don’t believe that you can really make my company go bankrupt in ten minutes. You wish!”

When the people at Wonhu Company heard what Albie said, they all laughed. Obviously, they all felt that what Scott said didn’t make any sense.

Both Conor and Charles looked at Scott with some doubts. They didn’t hear what Scott said when Scott called, so they didn’t know why Scott let Albie wait for ten minutes.

“Scott, why are we waiting here for ten minutes? Is it possible that after ten minutes, we can deal with them?” Charles asked.

Conor also looked at Scott curiously. Although they already knew that even TY Group had no way to deal with Wonhu Company, they all believed that Scott definitely had a way.

“Ten minutes later, Wonhu Company will go bankrupt.” Scott spoke lightly, as if to say something that had nothing to do with him.

Their eyes immediately widened. They looked at Scott in disbelief. Scott’s words were really surprising them.

“Scott, are you kidding us? The background of Wonhu company is not weak. It is impossible to let them go bankrupt in ten minutes.” Charles still couldn’t believe it.

“In this world, nothing is impossible. If you think it is impossible, it will be just because you haven’t reached that level yet.” Scott


Charles swallowed. He realized Scott changed. It seemed that Scott had gained a lot when he had been away from J City for so long this time. Scott had contacted with some really strong people. Otherwise, Scott would not have said that.

After almost ten minutes.

“Scott, it’s almost ten minutes. Didn’t you let me wait ten minutes? Ten minutes is almost over. I didn’t see you do anything. Are you kidding me?” Albie shouted at Scott.

The employees at Wonhu Company looked at Scott disdainfully. They all felt that nothing could happen within ten minutes.

Not long after Albie finished saying that sentence, he received a message. He took it out and looked at it. His eyes widened in an instant. He exclaimed, “Why is my company’s account frozen? What happened?”

Immediately afterwards, a woman in a black uniform came down from the elevator and ran to Albie in a hurry, “Mr. Albie, something happened. Just now, the bank we worked with has called us and said from tomorrow, they would stop giving loans to our company and asked us to repay all interest within ten days. Our company’s capital chain simply can’t hold on!”

Albie almost called out. He grabbed the woman’s shoulders and asked, “Why is this happening?” “I… I don’t know.” The woman was panicked.

At this time, Albie’s phone rang again. He picked it up. A cold and ruthless voice came from there, “This is the court of J City.
Wonhu Company is facing bankruptcy. We have formed a bankruptcy liquidation team. They will arrive there in these several days. They will liquidate your company’s capital. I hope you can cooperate with them at that time.”

The phone in Albie’s hand fell to the ground all of a sudden. Albie turned his head and looked towards Scott. Although he didn’t know what happened, he knew that Scott must have something to do with these things.
At this moment, Scott stared at Albie with a smile on his face, just as Albie laughed at him just now.

“What…what did you do to my company? What the hell did you do! Why did they say that my company is going bankrupt? How could it be so!” Albie shouted at Scott angrily.

“Why can’t it be like so? I’ve told you that you couldn’t laugh after ten minutes.” Scott stared at Albie and said.

The people at Wonhu Company were dumbfounded when they heard Albie’s words. They all looked at Albie in disbelief, thinking that they had misheard.

“What did Mr. Albie say? He said the company is going bankrupt?” “How is this possible? No matter what, it is impossible that a company suddenly go bankrupt, right?”

“Do you remember that what Scott said just now? He let us wait for ten minutes. Now itis almost ten minutes. He made our company go bankrupt in ten minutes?”

“No! Why? How can a company as big as Wonhu Company go bankrupt so suddenly?”

“Scott… Scott is terrifying! Just ten minutes, he bankrupted Wonhu Company?”

The people who mocked Scott just now were dumbfounded now, especially the previous employees of the company of Patel family. They all thought that joining Wonhu Company was a better choice, so they would mock Scott unscrupulously.

But now they found that Scott turned out to be so powerful. Within ten minutes, he made Wonhu Company go bankrupt.

On the way here, Scott had already considered the arrangements of those people after Wonhu Company went bankrupt. He asked Charles to arrange some jobs in TY Group for these people.

As for those who chose to join Wonhu Company, naturally they had no such opportunity.
Now, Wonhu Company went bankrupt. Those people really had nowhere to go.
Even if they regretted it now, no one would pity them.

After letting Wonhu Company go bankrupt, Scott’s steps to salve Albie had also been completed. Now what Scott had to do was only to let Albie take responsibility for his mistakes.

He, Conor and Morgan walked towards Albie. Albie was at a loss at this time. He was the president of Wonhu Company just now, but within ten minutes, he fell directly from the high position.

Scott just made a phone call. Then everything Albie was proud of was destroyed by Scott again. He and Scott were not on the same level at all.

“Give my company back. You bastard. You return the company to me!” Albie shouted at Scott so furiously.

“Give it back to you? What you owed me hasn’t been settled yet.” Scott coldly said, “Take him away. Next, I have to get even with him and let him pay the price for what he has done!”


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