The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 469 He Is Dead

“Screw it! He… he is so great! I haven’t seen it clearly yet, but those four bodyguards were already knocked down by him?”

“Scott’s skill is probably comparable to the martial arts masters on TV. It’s really terrifying. If I get such a punch, I’m afraid I will die immediately.”

“Oh my god, I didn’t expect Scott would be so good at fighting. Before, I always said he was just a wimp. I actually wanted to bully him in the past. Now it seemed that I was so lucky that I didn’t hit him at the time. Otherwise, I’m afraid you guys can’t see me anymore.”

A group of people were shocked by Scott’s strength. They changed their views on Scott in an instant.

Albie was also taken aback by Scott’s sudden attack. He knew Scott could fight before, but he never thought that Scott would be so powerful. He thought that his four bodyguards would defeat Scott soon, but he didn’t expect Scott to solve his four bodyguards in the blink of an eye.

After Scott knocked down the bodyguards, he looked at Jennifer and asked, “Jennifer, are you okay?”

Jennifer nodded and said, “I’m fine. I just got hit. But It’s not serious.”

Seeing the bruise on Jennifer’s face, Scott’s face sank. He said, “Don’t worry. I will let him pay the price for what he did to you.” After speaking, Scott took Jennifer to Conor and Morgan’s side.

Albie took a deep breath and adjusted his state. Even if Scott was powerful, so what? He had Rogers’ help. This master was called Shura by everyone. He was definitely better than Scott.

Thinking about this, Albie had a lot of confidence again. He walked towards Scott and stared at Scott, saying, “Don’t think I will be afraid of you just because you can fight. Let me tell you, I have a strong master you can’t imagine. As long as I call him, he will come over. Then you will die miserably. Do you dare to let him come over?”

Scott stared at Albie, then asked, “You mean Rogers?”

Albie was stunned. He didn’t expect Scott to know Rogers’ name. Then he said so confidently, “Yes, it is him. Since you have heard of his name, you should know how good he is. Before he comes over, you’d better kneel down and kowtow to get my forgiveness, otherwise I won’t have the patience when he comes.”

Scott smiled and said, “He won’t come.”

“Stop f*cking bullshit here. Rogers is my men. I can decide whether he will come or not. Who do you think you are? Is it possible that if you say he won’t come, he really won’t come?” Albie took out his cell phone and planned to call Rogers.

“He is dead. Even if you call him, it’s useless.” Seeing Albie didn’t believe him, Scott said again.

Albie snorted. Obviously, he didn’t believe Scott’s words. He dialed Rogers’ phone number.
But after a long time, no one answered the phone, which made Albie frown.

At this time, a person hurriedly ran in from the outside. It was one of the bodyguards that Rogers had brought out. Seeing that Albie was here, he quickly ran towards Albie.

“Something has happened. Something has happened!” the man said as he ran.

When Albie saw the man, he immediately said, “I’m looking for you. Where is your boss? Why can’t his phone get through?” When the man arrived in front of Albie, he said with a desperate face, “…Boss was beaten to death.”

“What are you talking about? If you f*cking dare to joke with me here, I will kill you!” Albie grabbed the man by the collar.
“I’m not… kidding. It’s true. The boss was indeed…killed!” The man was almost crying.

“Who killed him? Your boss is so strong. Who can beat him to death?” Albie asked anxiously. Then he set his sights on Scott.
He didn’t expect that what Scott said turned out to be true.

The man also followed Albie’s gaze and glanced over. The moment when he met Scott’s gaze, he down on the ground, looked at Scott with horror on his face, and stepped back.

“It’s… it’s him. He killed our boss. It’s terrible. It’s terrible…” The man was like seeing a devil. He quickly got up from the ground and ran out of Wonhu Company without looking back.

Albie looked at Scott in disbelief. He didn’t expect that Rogers was actually beaten to death by Scott. It was really unexpected.
Albie swallowed. Looking at Scott, he actually felt a bit fear.
Scott was staring at Albie coldly at this time. Although Scott did not speak, Albie felt so creepy.

“Why…why are you looking at me? Do you want to hit me here? Tell you, this is my company. So many people are watching you.
If you dare to do it, they will immediately call the police!” Albie said.

Scott smiled jokingly at him, and asked, “So you’re scared?”

Albie immediately glared at Scott and shouted, “Holy shit! How could I be scared of you? Even you’re not bad at fighting, so what? You are just a wimp. I’m competing with you in business. If you’re really good, you can buy my company. If you can defeat me in business, I will admit you are really powerful.”

Scott narrowed his eyes. When he thought of that it was Albie who made the company of Patel family go bankrupt, he couldn’t control his anger.

It was just that in front of so many people, Scott really can’t directly deal with Albie. Before that, he really had to solve Wonhu Company first.

Scott wouldn’t let go of those who harmed Edith. He just had to punish them step by step.
“It’s just a small company. Do you think I will be scared of it?” Scott stared at Albie and said.

“Haha… Look at you, so arrogant. I can make the company of Patel family go bankrupt. Can you bankrupt my company? Scott, tell you, I have strong support behind me. You? You’re nothing!” Albie said with disdain.

Scott turned his head to look at Conor, and asked, “How long will Charles have to arrive?”

“It should be soon.” Conor said.

Scott nodded and said nothing.

Seeing that Scott didn’t speak, Albie thought Scott was scared, so he was even more proud.

After a while, Charles arrived at Wonhu Company. He walked into the lobby and walked over quickly after seeing Scott.

When Albie saw Charles appear, he suddenly snorted and said, “You want to rely on TY Group to defeat me? Tell you, it’s absolutely impossible!”

Scott ignored him, but turned to look at Charles. He asked, “How about it? Can you make this company go bankrupt?” Charles’ expression was a bit serious. He shook his head at Scott, and said, “Wonhu Company has greater financial support behind it. TY Group alone can’t make it bankrupt.”

Hearing Charles’ words, both Conor and Morgan were a little surprised. They didn’t expect Albie to have greater support behind him. Even Scott’s TY Group could not deal with it.

This was the first time they had no good ways to deal with the opponent since they knew Scott.

It also proved how powerful the power behind Wonhu Company was.

Scott didn’t frown when he heard Charles’ words, but rather calmly, as if it was not a problem for him.

“Scott, how about going back to discuss how to deal with Wonhu Company together? Although there are some big shots behind Albie, it does not mean that there is no way to deal with it.” Charles said to Scott.

“No need.” Scott said.

Albie looked at Scott discussing with others and Charles frowning. He immediately guessed what was going on. Even TY Group had no way to deal with Wonhu Company.

He shouted with a smirk, “Scott, don’t you want to make my company go bankrupt? Why are you all frowning now? There is no way to deal with my company, isn’t there? ?”

After hearing what Albie said, everyone at Wonhu Company all knew that TY Group could not deal with Wonhu Company at all.
They were even a little proud.

“Unexpectedly, the famous TY Group can’t have any ways to deal with our Wonhu Company. Our company is really amazing.”

“Haha, it was really a correct decision to come to Wonhu Company from the company of Patel family. But there were still so many people who chose to resign directly. They are really stupid. This is a company that TY Group can’t defeat.”

“Scott, don’t waste your efforts here. I used to belong to the company of Patel family. Now I’m the president of Wonhu Company. I feel here is a hundred times better than the company of Patel family. Even if its TY Group, it’s not Wonhu Company’s match. You’d better leave our company quickly. If you anger our president, you will die miserably.” A person who worked in the company of Patel family before directly yelled at Scott.

Seeing that the people in his company were so supportive of him, Albie was quite proud. He shouted at Scott again, “Have you heard that even your previous employees said so? Do you think you can fight with me? I think you should give up early and don’t waste your energy here.”

“The stupid guy is still arrogant. Scott, I have to go to beat him up to see if he dares to be so arrogant.” Morgan said with an angry face.

Scott waved his hand and said, “No, just wait.” Then Scott took out his cell phone and dialed a number.
This number was an exclusive number for contacting all major forces of Guanling in the outside world.

Generally, only the boss of Guanling and the person whom the boss of Guanling trusted most could know this phone number. So no matter who made this call, the force of Guanling in the outside world would do their best to serve the person.

After the call was connected, Scott said directly, “Help me check Wonhu Company in J City. Within ten minutes, let it go bankrupt.”


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