The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 467 Beat Up Amara

At CZ Community.
Amara sat on the sofa, recalling the scene where Scott appeared at the door of the house just now. She felt angry.
But after Scott left, she sat on the sofa and calmed down. Suddenly, she became a little frightened.

Although she hated Scott and always despised Scott, one problem she couldn’t ignore was that Scott was a big shot in J City now. Besides, he had a deep relationship with Davies family. It was not an ordinary person like her who could contend.

Even her TC International Hotel was given by Scott.

Now the company of Patel family went bankrupt and Edith’s disappearance had something to do with her. If Scott came back to learn about the situation, he wouldn’t let her go easily.

So now she was a little fidgeting, thinking about what to do if Scott came to her.

“Why didn’t he die outside? Why did he come back? I’m already annoyed enough. He still wants to make me angry.” Amara said to herself.

At this moment, a knock on the door suddenly sounded outside. Amara was so scared that she was shivering.

She quickly got up, walked to the door, and glanced outside through the cat’s eyes. Then she found that it was Scott, Conor and Morgan who were standing outside. She was stunned.

Looking at Scott’s face, he should have known about Edith’s affairs. He must come back to teach her a lesson this time.

Amara felt nervous. She didn’t know what to do. She thought about pretending that there was no one at home. After Scott left here, she would pack her things quickly and then left here.

“I know you are inside. Open the door. Otherwise, I will open it by myself directly.” Scott’s voice sounded.

Amara was shocked. She didn’t expect that Scott knew that she was at the door. She was in a horror suddenly. This guy was indeed a devil. He must have come out of hell. No wonder he always brought disasters to her family.

“Maybe this guy is just bluffing. I didn’t make much movement just now. How could he know that I was inside? Even if he knows it, I won’t open the door. Could he still break in? The door is do sturdy. I don’t believe he can break in.” Amara murmured.

“Give you three seconds. My patience is limited.” Scott said again.
Amara sneered, and murmured, “Even if you give me 30 minutes, I still won’t open the door. I think you are just stupid. If you are a little smart, don’t push me. Just get out of here.”

Scott counted silently for three seconds. Seeing that Amara hadn’t opened the door, he didn’t intend to waste time any more.
He stepped back two steps directly, then lifted his feet to kick the door violently.


The door was kicked open. Amara, who was still leaning on the door and looking into the cat’s eyes, was hit by the door and fell to the ground, screaming in pain.

“Yeah, my face, are you going to knock me to death? Bastard, you broke my door. You are not welcome here. Get out of here.” Amara covered her face and wailed.

Scott walked in with Conor and Morgan. He looked at Amara who was sitting on the ground expressionlessly, with a hint of coldness in his eyes.

“Why did you help Albie to make the company go bankrupt? Don’t you know that the company was Edith’s painstaking effort? If it weren’t for what you did, how could Edith leave in anger? If you don’t do such things, how could Edith disappear? Do you know how big mistake you have made?” There wasn’t any slightest emotion in Scott’s voice.

When Amara heard Scott’s words, she was so angry. She said with full of resentment. “My fault? Don’t talk nonsense here. This is all your fault. Right, the company is Edith’s painstaking effort. But she was just working for you. You just use Edith to make money for you. I did this only to get her out of your control.”

“Edith’s disappearance is also your fault. If it weren’t for the disaster you brought to our family, how could this happen? I haven’t come to you to get even. But you came here to teach me. Are you qualified to teach me?”

There was a cold light flashing in Scott’s eyes. He said coldly, “Have you ever thought that without these things you did or without your prejudice against me, these things would not happen at all? Until now, you still think these things are my fault?”

Amara thought for a while. Then she realized that if she didn’t get involved in these things, everything would not have become so bad, which made her feel guilty all of a sudden.

“Don’t… don’t think you can shirk responsibility by saying a few words here! Even if I have a certain responsibility, the main reason for these things is still on you. Do you think you can shirk it?” Amara arrogantly argued.

“Then you tell me what responsibilities should I take?” Scott asked.

Amara was speechless for a while and didn’t know what to say.

“Edith is your daughter, but you always embarrass her. You put her in a dilemma again and again. You even ruined her efforts and harmed her by conspiring with others. Are you worthy of being her mother?”

Scott walked in front of Amara and squatted down, his eyes full of questioning.

Amara only felt that her soul was penetrated by Scott’s gaze. She did not dare to look at Scott.

Then, she resisted the discomfort. She stared at Scott and shouted, “Why am I not worthy of being her mother? My daughter was brainwashed by you. Nicolas and Jennifer all have been brainwashed by you. You are the culprit. Don’t want to shirk responsibility!”

Scott directly raised his hand and slapped Amara, showing no mercy.
“I take my responsibility, but do you dare to take your responsibility?” Scott stared at Amara.

He never felt he was able to dispense with responsibility on the matter that Edith had an accident. He thought that the reason why Edith suffered this was because he did not protect Edith well. Because of him, Margaret would attack Edith.

So Scott was guilty and self-blaming. He knew his responsibilities and never planned to avoid it.

Amara, as the main driver of this incident, had never admitted her fault. She had always pushed everything to Scott, saying that Scott was disaster source, which became Amara’s ultimate excuse.

This was something Scott couldn’t stand.
“Why do I have to take the responsibility? It’s all your fault. It’s none of my business!” Amara still did not repent.
Scott slapped Amara again.

“You still dare to hit me? How dare you! If others know it, you will go to the hell!” Amara said sharply.

“So what? You should be punished for your fault!” Scott grabbed Amara by the collar, lifted her from the ground, and kept slapping her.

Amara kept resisting, scratching towards Scott with both hands. Scott didn’t care about it at all. He kept slapping Amara, venting the anger.

In a short while, Amara felt a little dizzy. Her two hands dropped. Some blood came out from the corners of her mouth. She looked sluggish.

If this continued, Amara might be killed by Scott.

Seeing this, Conor, who was standing behind, took a step forward and said, “It’s almost enough. She might die if you keep hitting her like this.”

“She made such a huge mistake but didn’t admit it. What if I kill her?” Scott was already a bit angry. If Amara wasn’t Edith’s mother, she would have become a corpse now.

Hearing what Scott said, Amara shivered visibly.

Scott slapped Amara a few more times, and then threw her to the ground.

Conor couldn’t help shaking his head. This was Scott’s family affair. He couldn’t intervene, so he could only watch it like this.
Scott stared at Amara who was dying, and said coldly, “Do you know you are wrong?”

Amara looked at Scott with horror. She knew that if she still didn’t admit mistakes now, Scott would really kill her.

But she was unwilling. She still believed that she was not wrong. All of this was caused by Scott.

In her opinion, she was Edith’s mother. No matter what, Scott couldn’t really kill her.

The thought flashed in her mind. Amara glanced at Scott, and said with difficulty, “It’s all… your fault!”

Scott’s immediately clenched his fists. He was about to step forward to beat up Amara.

At this moment, Conor hurriedly stopped Scott and said, “Just now, I got the news that Albie arrested that nanny who works for you. He is in Wonhu Company now. I don’t know what he wants to do.”


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