The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 466 It Sounds Good to Die Like This

When Conor heard Scott’s words, he did not speak to Rogers anymore. He looked at Scott and said, “Rogers is indeed amazing. I and Morgan can’t defeat him. If you want to fight him, you must be careful.”

“Don’t worry. I know what I am doing.” After Scott finished speaking, he walked towards Rogers.

Morgan glanced at Conor and said, “Why don’t we rush up together? Anyway, we just need to win. So Scott doesn’t have to fight alone.”

Conor was also a bit hesitated. He knew that Scott was great, but the strength of Rogers was not bad. He felt that Rogers might be stronger than Scott. So he was worried about whether Scott could defeat Rogers alone.

They didn’t know what Scott experienced in Guanling. If they could receive news from Guanling, they would not have this kind of worries.

Now Scott had released all the power in his body. It was his master who asked him to “hide” the power in his body back then.
Scott himself did not know how to hide his power, so once he released it, he couldn’t hide it anymore.

Moreover, with Scott’s current level, there was no need to hide. He was now in a state of heyday at all times.

If someone wanted to defeat him now, unless he could ask five Kacper or ten top ten masters on List of the Ares to fight with Scott, otherwise, it was impossible to defeat Scott who was in the best state.

After struggling for a while, Conor said, “Let him go by himself first. If he can’t hold it, we can go to help him. Logically, Scott will not be impulsive. Maybe Edith’s affairs drive him mad. Just let him vent his anger, which is also necessary.”

Morgan also nodded and then turned to look towards Scott.

Seeing Scott walking towards him, Rogers curled his lips, and said, “Boy, are you trying to run away under my nose? Don’t you think you are a little too naive?”

“I’m here to teach you a lesson.” Scott stood in front of the crowd.
Rogers sneered suddenly. Obviously, he was disdainful of Scott’s words.
Rogers’ men behind him also looked at Scott mockingly, thinking that Scott was just kidding.

“Only you? You want to teach our boss a lesson? Even if you three rush up together, you might not be our boss’ matches. I think you should let your other two bros help you. Then our boss doesn’t have to waste time to teach you guys one by one.” A man next to Rogers shouted.

“I can kill you.” Scott glanced at all of them and said coldly.

“Stop bluffing. Do you really think you can be our boss’ match? Have you heard Shura?”

“Where did this person jump out? How ignorant he is! Look at him, he doesn’t seem to have any strength at all. I think I can knock him down!”

“I’ve seen a lot of people who are like him. They all like to bluff. When he sees the strength of the boss, he won’t have the guts to say such words.”

Rogers took a look at Scott, then took a step forward, and said with a smile, “Boy, I admire you. It’s just that you only have the guts but you don’t have enough strength. That’s stupid.”

“Do you know why I’m called Shura. What I like most is to watch my opponent die under my torture. I remember the last time there was one person standing in front of me and yelling at me. In the end, I broke his wrists and ankles. He lay on the ground and watched me crush his bones one by one. He was not killed by me in the end, but was scared to death by my torture. What do you think about the way to die?”

Scott squinted at Rogers, and said, “It’s not bad.”

Rogers was taken aback by Scott’s answer, and then asked, “So you also want to be tortured to death by me using this method?”

The people behind Rogers laughed loudly. One of them said, “So funny. How stupid he is! He actually came here to let our boss kill him. He actually said that the method of death our boss said is not bad. It seemed that he was scared by our boss and lost his mind.”

“I mean, you will die like this.” Scott said to Rogers. Then he rushed forward with a stride, hitting Rogers’ chest.

Upon seeing this, Rogers let out a cold snort. He also made a quick move, intending to block Scott’s punch first, and then catch him again, pressing him on the ground to teach him a lesson.

Rogers stretched out his hand to block Scott’s fist and already prepared to cope with Scott’s next move. But just when he touched Scott’s fist, a force beyond his imagination directly swallowed his palm. His hand followed Scott’s fist to hit his chest directly. The bones in that hand shattered in an instant. He was hit away directly.

After falling to the ground, Rogers vomited a mouthful of blood. His face was full of pain. The hand he had just blocked Scott’s fist was already dead.

Rogers’ men who were still laughing at Scott were dumbfounded when they saw this scene. They all stared at Scott in shock.
Many people were so scared that they hurried back towards the back, as if they saw the devil coming out of hell.
“Why… why is he so strong? The boss… was knocked down in just one move?”

Both Conor and Morgan stared at this scene. Both of them were ready to rush to support Scott just now. After all, in their opinion, Rogers’ strength was too terrifying. Scott himself might not be able to defeat Rogers alone.

However, the facts were not what they thought. Scott only used one move to knock Rogers down. Only when Conor and Morgan team up with each other could they defeat Rogers.

It was horrible!

“OMG, Scott is awesome. How could he be so powerful? I remember he was not like this before. Otherwise, I would have been beaten to death by him a long time ago.” Morgan muttered to himself.

“It seems that he should have experienced something we could not think of. I didn’t expect his strength to become so terrifying.
Now in the world, I am afraid that there are few people who can defeat him.” Conor was also in astonishment.

What they didn’t know was that Scott’s strength had reached this level a long time ago, but Scott had never used all his strength before.

Scott walked towards Rogers. Rogers’ men all looked at Scott in horror, not knowing what to do.
“Damn it… What are you doing? Punch him!” Rogers, who fell on the ground, yelled at his men.
Those men took a deep breath. Some of them rushed towards Scott, while some chose to run away directly.

Scott slapped one of Rogers’ men away. These people couldn’t cause any threats to Scott. After a while, many of them lay on the ground.

Seeing Scott so horrible, the rest of Rogers’ men were already too scared to step forward. Soon, they all fled from Starry Night Club. No one cared about Rogers anymore.
Scott walked in front of Rogers and looked down at him. Rogers was full of horror. Looking at Scott, he felt that Scott was the

real Shura who came out of hell, and his so-called Shura was bullshit.

“Let me go. I promise to leave J City immediately. I will never come to you guys and make trouble for you again in the future.” Rogers said tremblingly.

“Don’t you think it’s too late to say this kind of thing?” Scott stared at Rogers expressionlessly, “That kind of method to die you just said is really good. Since you admit you have already killed so many people, then if I kill you, it can be considered a way to uphold justice.”

“No… don’t, you let me go. As long as you let me go, I am willing to be your slave and work for you for the rest of my life.” Rogers said quickly.

“Sorry. I don’t need a slave like you.” Scott said, then leaned down, grabbed Rogers’ intact hand, and broke his wrist forcefully.

Rogers screamed. His face was full of despair. He originally thought that he would be able to snatch the title of the underground emperor in J City when he came over today. However, this guy who appeared suddenly solved him with one move.

Now this guy still was tormenting him according to the method he said. He regretted what he said just now.

However, even if he was so regretful, it was useless. That Rogers provoked was Scott who was in rage. In this state, Scott would not give him any way to survive. Since Rogers had something to do with Margaret, Scott absolutely couldn’t let him go.

After that, Scott broke Rogers’s ankles, making Rogers completely lose his ability to move. Rogers could only lie on the ground, waiting for Scott’s trial.

Scott raised his foot and stepped on Rogers’ forearm. As soon as he applied force, the bones there would break directly.

“You have eight bones in your limbs. I’m not as perverted as you. Today I will only break your eight bones. If you can survive, you will be lucky. But if you can’t survive, you will deserve it.”

After speaking, Scott stepped on Rogers’s other arm without mercy.

Before Scott completely crushed the eight bones of Rogers’ body, Rogers already died. He died in extreme pain. His face was distorted and looked very horrible.

After solving Rogers, Scott walked up to Conor and Morgan and said, “Let your men deal with it.” Conor nodded and immediately went to arrange it. Morgan glanced at Scott and asked, “Scott, what are we going to do next?”

Scott narrowed his eyes and said, “Go to CZ Community to find Amara.”


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