The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 465 I’m In a Bad Mood

In front of the Patel family’s company.
Scott waited here with a bouquet of flowers by his hand, wearing an expectant smile on his face.

He had finally returned to J City after all these troubles, and the first thing he did when he returned here was naturally to come to see Edith and give her a surprise.

As the saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Scott was very excited now, and he had even thought of what he would do after meeting Edith later.

He walked towards the Patel family’s company and glanced at the flowers he was holding, but when he entered the Patel family’s lobby, the smile on his face disappeared.

The entire lobby of the Patel family’s company was empty, with no one working there, and even the desks were nearly half missing, with all kinds of documents scattering on the floor, giving the impression that the building had been emptied.

His heart tightened, as he wondered what had happened and why there was no one in the Patel family’s company.

He ran over to the lift and reached the floor where Edith’s office was located, which was still in the same condition as the lobby, and Edith’s office had long been emptied as well.

Scott threw the bouquet of flowers he was holding onto the floor, then hurriedly took out his mobile phone and dialed Edith’s number.

“The number you have dialed is switched off.” After calling a dozen times, Scott received the same reply.

He took a deep breath, already wondering in his heart that something must have happened in J City during his absence.
He hurriedly ran out from the Patel family’s company and took a taxi to CZ Community.

The company grew so rapidly that it was natural for it to change its location. Scott comforted himself in his heart.

When he arrived at CZ Community, standing in from of his house, he knocked the door hurriedly since he forgot to take his key when he left home.

Soon, Amara wearing unkempt appearance came to open the door. The moment she saw Scott, Amara slammed the door again.

Scott’s heart beat faster, wondering what was going on, and he shouted through the door, “Mum, what’s wrong with you? Where is Edith? Why is her phone off?”

“You are a jinx, our family end up like this because of you, if it isn’t for you, how could my daughter have suffered such a thing, you are a sinner, you can’t repay what you owe our family in your life, I don’t want to see you, get out of here!”

Amara shouted towards the outside, after which there was no more sound.

Scott knocked on the door for a long time, but never got a response.

He cursed in his heart, turned around and went downstairs, called Conor, and took a taxi to Starry Night Club afterwards.

Half an hour later.

In Starry Night Club, Scott sat in front of both Conor and Morgan, his face somewhat looked gloomy.

Conor and Morgan were both looking at Scott cautiously, as if they were looking at a time bomb.

“What exactly happened in J City while I was away, and why has the Patel family’s company been emptied? Where is my wife? Didn’t I ask you guys to protect her secretly all the time? Why can’t I call her?” Scott asked.

After a long time, Conor sighed and took a step towards the front and said, “Scott, take it easy for now, I will tell you what happened in J City recently, but you must calm down first, now that it’s been done, even if you are in a hurry, itis useless.”

“The more you say the more anxious I get, just tell me what’s wrong with Edith!” Scott said impatiently.
Conor gritted his teeth and said, “She… disappeared.”

“Disappeared? Why would she go missing? Didn’t I tell you to send someone to follow her all the time? Now this J City, isn’t it all your world, why would she go missing?” Scott asked anxiously.

“Calm down first, I’ll tell you the whole story, everything that happened, it all started because of Margaret.” Conor said.
Scott immediately frowned and asked, “Didn’t she already die? Why would these things still be related to her?”

“We are not sure what this is all about, I will tell you from the beginning, when I finish, you will know what happened in J City during the time you were away.” Conor said.

Scott took a deep breath and nodded at Conor, signaling him to start from the beginning.

Conor immediately organized his thoughts and began to tell the story from the time Edith was almost abducted by human traffickers.

Scott listened to Conor’s narrative with his brows getting tighter and tighter, he didn’t expect the dead Margaret would appear in J City again, nor did he expect Margaret would be able to set up the Wonhu Company in J City.

After hearing that Albie, together with Amara bankrupted the Patel family’s company and that Edith had run away in heartbreak and had an accident in the suburbs, Scott couldn’t wait to go back to CZ Community and to break Amara’s arms and legs, throwing her into the woods to feed the wolves.

“This is the whole story, Margaret should have gotten help from someone to do these things, with her own strength, there is no way she could have created another Wonhu Company.”

“We got the news not long ago that Margaret has now gone to B City, and she doesn’t deliberately cover her tracks, as if she isn’t afraid of being discovered. We have contacted the Davies family and asked them to keep an eye on her. It seems that the reason why she went to B City is that she is looking for trouble for the Davies family. What we don’t expect is that Margaret would have the capital to make the Davies family helpless.”

Conor said, his face also revealing a trace of doubt, obviously he did not understand how in the world Margaret was able to fight against the Davies family.

Scott’s first reaction after hearing Conor’s words was to think of the Turner family that Terence had told him before.

The only family that Scott knew of that could easily stand up to the Davies family was the Turner family. Before he returned, Terence had told him that the Turner family was already planning to make a move against the Davies family in B City.

Only at this time he didn’t have the time to think about these things, all he cared about now was Edith’s whereabouts.

“Where is Edith? It’s been a long time, hasn’t a single clue been found?” Scott stared at Conor and asked.

A hint of guilt appeared on Conor’s face as he shook his head.

Scott directly clutched a cup on the table and that cup instantly shattered, scaring Morgan to tremble.

“Didn’t you say that before Edith disappeared, she met Lily? The two of them were in an accident together, Edith disappeared,

then where is Lily? How is her condition now?” Scott asked again.

“Lily didn’t go missing, it was said that she was hit by the lorry and knocked out by more than ten meters, afterwards she was sent to the best hospital in B City, she is still in a coma. At that time Lily was knocked off in the middle of the road, while Edith just fell on the roadside, so we suspect that when the lorry crashed over, Lily pushed Edith away, that’s why this happened.” Conor explained.

Hearing this, Scott’s gaze immediately became sharper and both his fists had clenched up tightly.
“All those who are related to this matter, I will not spare any of them!” Scott’s voice was stern and terrifying.

He knew that the culprit of this matter was Margaret and the Turner family behind Margaret, so naturally Scott would not let them go, but before that, Scott still had to deal with those guys who were pushing for it, which naturally included Amara and Albie.

What Scott could not imagine was that Amara would help Albie to bankrupt the Patel family’s company and force Edith to break off her relationship with her.

This time, Scott would not show her any mercy. No matter what Edith’s current condition was, Amara had to be punished in some way.

Just as Scott got up, intending to go back to CZ Community and find Amara to ask her about this matter, a commotion suddenly came from outside the Starry Night Club.

Scott looked at the entrance of the bar and saw a man in a dark-coloured practice uniform leading a group of people into the Starry Night Club.

Those people looked aggressive, and at first glance, they were not good visitors.
Conor and Morgan both turned their heads to look over, and both of them frowned.

Scott noticed the two men’s reactions. According to their reactions, with the strength of the two of them, there shouldn’t be anyone else in J City now who could make them afraid, it seemed that these people who came in now were not simple.

He stood up and looked at Conor and asked, “Who are these people?”

“They are from Wonhu Company, the head is named Rogers, with the title of Shura, he is not from J City, he should have been sent by Margaret from B City, specifically to find trouble for us, this person is extremely strong, even though my strength and Morgan’s strength have improved greatly, we are still no match for him, he wants to replace me and become the underground emperor of J City. During this period of time, he has come to look for trouble several times.” Conor explained.

Scott nodded, snickering in his heart, what bullshit Shura, he had even defeated the Human King at Guanling, how could this kind of loser be his opponent.

It was just that he was now burning with anger in his heart and was thinking of an opportunity to vent it, since these people had taken the initiative to look for fight, he would not be polite to them.

“What’s your decision now? The position of underground emperor of J City, are you going to give it up voluntarily or let me grab it from my hands? You have already known my strength, if you let me start the fight, you won’t have a good end.” Rogers stared at Conor and Morgan and challenged, directly ignoring Scott, who he felt was unremarkable and should not be a formidable figure.

“Hurry up and surrender in front of our boss, our boss is a Shura with dozens of people died under his hands, the terror he brings is not something you can afford, just kneel down and beg for forgiveness, give up your name as the underground emperor of J City, then our boss will let you go!” The brothers behind Rogers shouted at them.

Conor was about to take a step forward, but was immediately stopped by Scott.

“I’m in a bad mood, just leave them to me, I just need some sandbags to vent my anger!”


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