The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 464 Your Name Is Sylvie Sue

When Terence heard the question from Scott, his eyes instantly became sharper, and that bloodthirsty aura on his body seemed to be more terrifying.

After a long time, he gave a long sigh and said, “It involves the biggest secret of Guanling, I can’t tell you this secret yet, when you reach to a certain level, you will know why naturally. For now, it’s best for you not to think about the reason for this matter, otherwise it won’t do you much good.”

After hearing Terence’s word, Scott had no choice but to give up. He knew that Terence did not tell him the secret because he wanted to protect him, perhaps at his level now, he was indeed not qualified to learn that secret.

After that, Terence told Scott a bit more about their history with the Turner family and the sphere of influence of Guanling to the world.

The Token of War that Terence gave Scott could allow him to command all the people and forces that Guanling had distributed in the outside world, and he also taught Scott the ways to contact those people from Guanling in the outside world, telling Scott that no matter what his needs were, he could seek help from the people from Guanling.

As long as Scott returned to the outside world, he would become the spokesman of Guanling in the outside world, and he would have the same power as Terence, and could call on all the resources of Guanling as a means to confront the Turner family.

After clearing the air, Terence patted Scott’s shoulder and smiled, “You are my greatest pride in my life.” Scott nodded seriously at Terence and said, “I won’t let you down.”

After the brief reunion, what awaited Scott was still a parting, but now that he knew that Terence was still alive and had become the owner of Guanling, he finally could relieve.

The two of them chatted about some commonplace things, and Scott told Terence that he had gotten married. Terence looked very happy when he heard this, and asked Scott if he was a grandfather yet.

Scott shook his head with a smile and told Terence that he didn’t have a child yet, but when Terence was able to get out of Guanling, maybe he would have a grandchild.

After a long time, Scott got up and walked towards the outside, and as he reached the door, Terence called him back again.
“You must be careful out there, and remember, don’t provoke the people of the Pantheon.” Terence said seriously.

In the helicopter, Scott looked down at this place that existed in the middle of a mountain range, comparable to the Seven Wonders of the World. He was full of emotional thoughts.

This time, he came to Guanling, he had learned a lot. Of course, the biggest reward was that he made to meet Terence.

As he watched Guanling gradually becoming smaller, Scott also withdrew his gaze.

He took a deep breath, then slowly closed his eyes and began to think about what he should do next.

It would take him a day and a night to get back to J City from Guanling, even by helicopter. He missed Edith so much, and he wondered what she was doing now. When he came back, he couldn’t wait to have a good time with her.

In H Gity, in the villa of Ryanson Riviera.

Edith was sitting in front of the window, both eyes staring out of the window. She looked very confused and her face was full of doubt, as if she was struggling with something she couldn’t figure out.

After a long time, the door of the room was pushed to open and a maid came in and said respectfully to Edith, “Miss, it’s time for you to eat.”

Only then did Edith come to her sense and turn to look at her, finding that the maid had already pushed the food cart over.
“You can put it there, I’ll eat later.” Edith said.

The maid nodded and put everything on the food cart to the table, and after getting it done, she bowed to Edith and turned around and left.

As soon as the maid left, the man with the dragon head walking stick in his hand walked in and smiled at Edith, “Is the food not to your liking? You’ve eaten very little in the past few days, you’ve just recovered, it is not good for your health if you eat only a little.”

Edith looked up at the man and didn’t answer the question, but said, “Father, I still can’t remember anything, I can’t recall my past memories, but my instincts tell me that I don’t belong here before, and sometimes I still wonder if you are my father or not.”

The man laughed and said, “My silly daughter, of course I am your father, you are just under the illusion of being injured.”

“But I feel like I’ve lost someone very important, my instincts make me want to look for this person, but I can’t remember who this person really is, and it’s causing me great pain.” Edith replied.

“Edith, the doctor has said that this is just a nervous delusion that occurs after you have been injured. If you lose anyone, is it not clear to me as your father? This is because you have not rested well.” The man replied.

Edith nodded and said, “Okay.”

“Edith, you have to remember that your name is Sylvie Sue, you are the daughter of Darius Sue, the princess of the entire business empire in H City. It doesn’t matter if you can’t recall your past, what matters is your future, after you have fully recovered, I will take you to meet some people, if they can’t help you to bring back your past memories, then let them be your future memories.”

“We have to look into the future and come out of the memories of the past, this may be a gift from God to you.”

The man spoke to Edith with a solemn face.

Edith smiled at the man, although she still felt that the memories of the past were important to her, but since she couldn’t recall anything, she couldn’t force herself. Darius was right, since she couldn’t recall the past, she should look to the future.

“Thank you, I’m lucky to have a father like you.” Edith said.

In J City, CZ Community.

In the middle of the living room, Amara was dragging a suitcase out of Jennifer’s room.

Jennifer was just coming back from the supermarket, and when she saw this scene, she asked hurriedly, “Sis Amara, what are you doing?”

Amara’s hair was a bit dishevelled and she looked haggard and weak. Since Nicolas had a fight with her last time, he had not come back for several days.

She had thought that there was no way for Nicolas to get out of her grasp, and with no place to sleep, Nicolas would definitely come back obediently in the end, and then she would be able to take it out on Nicolas.

But she seemed to have underestimated Nicolas’s determination this time, and since he had left that day, Nicolas had not returned, which made Amara feel abandoned.

Only this feeling did not last long before it turned into the feeling of being betrayed by Nicolas, and she felt that everyone had betrayed her and that everyone was against her.

Edith broke off the mother-daughter relationship with her and disappeared from J City afterwards. Nicolas left home in a fit of temper because of this incident and did not return for a few days. In the past, it was impossible to happen.

In the end, Amara still blamed everything on Scott, thinking that everything was Scott’s fault.
She would never realize her own problems.

Amara stared at Jennifer and said, “I lost my daughter, my man, my family is broke now. All of you are against me, don’t think that I, Amara, am easy to be bullied, even if all of you are gone, I can still live a good life, you are no longer needed here, from today you don’t need to work in my house.”

When Jennifer heard Amara’s words, she had a helpless expression on her face and said, “Sis Amara, listen to me, you really did something wrong this time, you can’t be too aggressive, when you should admit your mistakes, it’s better to admit them, if you keep on being so stubborn, this family will fall apart sooner or later.”

Amara immediately glared at her and said, “When does it become your turn to lecture me? What’s wrong with me? I’m doing this for the good of my daughter, and that wimp Nicolas dared to argue with me over this. I think all of you have been brainwashed by Scott, he is the one to be blamed, it is his fault that things end up like this!”

When Jennifer saw that she couldn’t persuade Amara, she shook her head and said, “This family is ruined by you, it has nothing to do with Scott.”

“Get out of my sight! Take your things and get out of my house, and don’t let me see you again!” Amara got furious immediately, pointing at Jennifer’s nose and shouting at her.

As Edith disappeared and Nicolas left, Jennifer also felt that there was no need for her to stay here anymore, otherwise Amara would definitely keep taking it out on her.

She walked over, grabbed her suitcase, turned around and walked towards the outside, and said to Amara, “Take care of yourself.”

As soon as Jennifer went out, Amara heavily shut the door.

She took her suitcase downstairs and walked towards the outside, and only when she was on the road did it occur to her that she didn’t know where she was going.

As she walked along the road, she was thinking about her future. Jennifer finally decided to go to find her daughter and think about what to do next.

Perhaps she would have to come back, after all, Scott didn’t know what had happened at home, and she would have to come back and explain to him what it was all about.

Just as she reached the entrance of an alleyway, several people suddenly rushed out from inside and dragged her straight into the alleyway.

Jennifer was filled with panic, not knowing what these people were doing, and was very frightened in her heart.
“What are you doing? Let go of me, or I’ll call out.” Jennifer shouted at the men.

“Shouting for help? Do you think it is working?” A voice came out at this time.

Jennifer turned her head to look over and found that the person walking over was actually Albie.

“Albie, what do you want? Just tell them to let me go!” Jennifer shouted.

Albie snorted and said, “If you want me to let you go, it’s fine, tell me where Scott has gone and I will let you go, otherwise, don’t blame me for being heartless.”

After taking over the Wonhu Company, Albie had been calculating how to take revenge on Scott.

Before Margaret left, she instructed him to make sure to find trouble for Scott, and as for the Davies family, there was no need for him to worry about it, Margaret would naturally deal with it.

“You son of b*tch, you only know to find trouble for others all day long, I think you are all fed up and have no time to spare!” Jennifer, who was always gentle, finally couldn’t help herself after knowing Albie’s purpose, and followed Amara’s example by bursting out a four-letter word.


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