The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 462 Good News

Amara was stunned by Nicolas’s roar. She had never thought that Nicolas dared to speak to her in this tone.

“What do you mean, are you saying that my daughter’s missing was my fault?” After Amara came back to herself, she questioned Nicolas.

“Isn’t it your responsibility? If you didn’t make the decision to bankrupt the company of the Davies family, how could your daughter be so sad? How could she go to the suburbs? And how could this happen? Amara, are you really so brazen? I have had enough of you!” Nicolas did not suppress the emotions in his heart, and he broke out directly.

Amara’s turned pale suddenly. she was criticized by this useless man. How could he criticize her like that! And he thought that it was her responsibility. This is nonsense!

“Are you going to rebel? Your wimpy man dared to talk to me like this. You don’t want to stay in this family anymore, do you!”

Amara stood up directly from the sofa, and she reached out to grab Nicolas’ face. Nicolas hid behind as quickly as he could.
Although he shouted at Amara, he didn’t dare to fight with her.

Seeing this, Jennifer came to stop them in a hurry. Amara pushed her away and almost made her fall to the ground.
When Conor and Morgan saw this, they both shook their heads, turned and walked outside of the house.

Nicolas also followed them in a hurry. After leaving the room, he shouted at Amara: “Sooner or later, this family will be ruined by you!”

He ran away quickly after speaking.

Amara sat back on the sofa with her chest heaving. After a while, she said sullenly, “What have I done wrong? It’s all Scott’s fault. When he comes back, I will ask him to find my daughter for me!”

In the No.1 hospital, B City.
In an advanced ward, Natan was sitting on the edge of the bed with a frown, staring at Lily lying in the bed.

After Lily was hit by a car that day, Natan sent Lily to the best hospital in B City for treatment. But Lily’s condition was so serious that she got out of danger until today.

During this period, Natan had sent people to look for the driver who caused the accident. They found a suspicious vehicle, but the car was abandoned and the driver was nowhere to be found. This driver seemed to be a veteran. He left neither evidence nor the clues to find him.

Natan was also resentful about what happened to his daughter. His underlings found that Lily was with Edith before the accident.

At first Natan thought it was Scott who did this, but the investigation revealed that Scott was not in J city at all, and Edith was also missing, and Edith ‘s bloodstain was seen on the ground.

So Natan speculated that this accident had nothing to do with Scott, and Edith was also a victim.

He didn’t know who would do this to his daughter and Edith. During this period of time, his hair became a lot grayer.

Because Lily’s condition was unstable recently, he could only keep her accompany in the hospital and let his underlings investigate the accident.

Lily was lying in the hospital bed with her eyes closed and her face pale. She used to be an innocent and happy girl, but now she looked very haggard and exhausted. Natan felt distressed when he looked at his daughter.

“Lily, don’t worry, Daddy will find out the murderer for you, and I’ll kill those involved in this accident!” Natan gritted his teeth.
After a while, the door of the ward was pushed open, and the doctor walked in with the diagnosis report.

Seeing the doctor come in, Natan stood up quickly, looked at the doctor, and asked, “Doctor, how is my daughter? She has been in a coma for so many days, when will she wake up?”

The doctor didn’t look well. He walked up to Natan, sighed and said, “Natan, your daughter’s condition is not optimistic, but don’t worry. The diagnosis is only temporary. She may get better sooner or later.”

Natan’s heart sank, and he asked, “What is the diagnosis?”

The doctor hesitated, but still said: “According to the current diagnosis, she is in a severe coma because of neurotraumatic injury, and it is possible that she will stay in the persistent vegetative state.”

After hearing the doctor’s words, Natan stretched out his hand and grabbed the doctor’s clothes, and said sharply: “What are you talking about! My daughter will stay in the persistent vegetative state?”

The doctor was so scared that his body began to tremble, and he tried to comfort Natan: “Natan, calm down. This is just a preliminary diagnosis. It is possible that your daughter can get better and be cured.”

“I invested this hospital. If my daughter can’t wake up, I will fire all of you!” Natan said furiously.

The doctor nodded and said, “Natan, please rest assured that we will do our best to save your daughter. Our dean has invited the most remarkable experts in the world to come to B City for a consultation.”

Natan let go of the doctor, realizing that he was a bit rude just now and said: “I hope you can try your best. I’m sorry that I went too far just now.”

“It’s okay, I understood.” The doctor replied, then turned around and left the room.

Not long after the doctor went out, several of Natan’s underlings walked in.

Natan stopped them directly and let them go outside. At this time, he didn’t want to disturb his daughter anymore.
In the corridor, Natan took a deep breath and asked, “How is the investigation? Is there any progress?”

One of them said: “The driver has been found, and he is under our control now. We got some information from him.”

“What?” Natan narrowed his eyes, and he was full of rage right now.

“This driver was instructed by a woman called Margaret. Margaret should have died more than two months ago. I don’t know why she appeared again. According to the driver, his target was Edith. Lily was with Edith at that time, so this accident happened.” that man said.

Natan immediately clenched his fists. He didn’t expect that his daughter would have encountered this just because she was walking with Edith.

He knew that Margaret was dead, and he didn’t expect that the person who instigated the accident would be a dead one.

There were a lot of doubts in his heart. He didn’t know what was going on. The only one thing he could be sure of was that the murderer was Margaret.

Natan’s eyes became brooding. His first reaction just now was that Scott had caused his daughter to be like this. After all, it was because that Margaret was trying to attack Edith, that his daughter suffered.

However, when he calmed down, he found himself too extreme, and Scott didn’t want this happen either. By passing the bucks to Scott couldn’t salve any problem.

Now he could only wait for Scott to come and find out Margaret, who was the real murderer. His hatred should be vented on Margaret.

“Where is that driver?” Natan asked.

“The driver has been killed by us. He was in great pain before he died, so he explained everything.” His subordinate replied immediately.

Natan nodded, and then asked: “Has he said clearly about Margaret?”

The subordinate nodded and said, “The driver told us about Margaret. Margaret was in J city and had been staying in the building of Wonhu Company. When we went there, she had already left.”

“We found that Margaret had returned to B City, and she didn’t mind exposing her whereabouts this time. We found out where she went after returning to B City easily.”

“It is a new company in B City. The background of this company is quite mysterious, and the company looks competitive.
Recently, it has been fighting against the Davies family. It seems that Scott hasn’t found a way to deal with it.”

“Margaret is in this company recently. We investigated their boss and found that he only appeared in the country recently. He is very young, probably less than 30 years old, but he is very experienced in business, otherwise it won’t cause the Davies family to WOITy.”

“We have been investigating for a long time and we haven’t found any information about him, except for his name.”

Hearing this, Nate felt that this accident was not as simple as he had imagined. Margaret, who was resurrected, and a young businessman with a mysterious background, made him feel that something was about to happen.

“What’s his name?” Natan asked.
The subordinate paused, then said solemnly:

“Finn Turner.”

H City in the south.
In a first-class mansion in Ryanson Riviera.
In a princess room, Edith was lying in the bed with her eyes closed and face pale.

Several overseas doctors were gathered around the bed, examining her carefully. There were many top medical instruments beside the bed, which showed that Edith’s life condition was normal at this time.

Not far from the bed, stood a man who was dressed in luxurious clothes, wearing a finger-stall and holding a dragon-head crutch in one hand. He got great personal charisma, giving people a feeling of prestige and authority.

At this time, the man was staring at Edith with complex emotions including excitement, nervousness and hesitation.

After a long time, the foreign doctors stopped the inspection, and one of them walked up and said: “Her condition is stable, but the head has been hit. We inferred that after she woke up, she might have an amnesia for a short time, but this won’t last long.
How long it takes to recover depends on her own condition. If there are people or things she is familiar with, it may help her recover faster.”

Hearing this, the man frowned and said, “Aren’t there ways to make her recovered when she comes to herself? People and things that she is familiar with are not here.”

“We have done our best. It is fortunate that she did not experience a deep coma due to the impact.” The doctor replied.

The man nodded, and he did not worry about this, so he said: “I see, you will stay here during this period of time, and observe her condition at any time. Give her the best treatment. As for her memory, you don’t need to worry about that. She came to me, maybe amnesia, is good for her.”

The doctor gave a hum, and immediately decided to turn around. At this moment, he suddenly remembered something and turned back to look at the man again.

“Anything else?” the man asked.

The overseas doctor smiled and said, “I have another good news to tell you. I focused so much on her condition that I forgot about it.”

“What good news?” The man asked expressionlessly.
“She is pregnant.” The doctor said.

The man’s expressionless face instantly changed.


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