The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 461 Demise of the Cunningham Family

Jonas’s face changed abruptly. After having a glance of Terence, he asked, “What nonsense are you talking about here! My family is a world-class family, so how could it be destroyed?”

“Mr. Jona, all the properties of the Cunningham family have been frozen. The families and consortia that have connections with us have all asked us to terminate the contracts today. The World Bank will no longer give us loans, and the family’s capital chain has been broken. Now everyone in the clan is packing up and preparing to run!” The butler said in a bleak voice.

Jonas took two steps back, and despair appeared on his face slowly.
When Nate saw his father’s reaction, he felt a hint of anxiety in his heart. He asked quickly, “Father, what happened?” Jonas turned his head to see Nate , and his face became distorted.

He smashed the phone in his hand towards Nate’s face, and then he kicked Nate, and grabbed his neck, and began to slap him in face severely.

“You damn bastard, our family has been destroyed by you! You are the No.1 sinner of the Cunningham family!”

When Nate heard what Jonas said, his couldn’t help but tremble, and he asked, “Father, you…you mean, our family is really done?”

“It’s all because of you, jerk! Otherwise, how could our family fall into such situation? Even if you go to die now, your death would not be regretted!” Jonas face turned pale, with his eyes flushed, and his chest rising and falling rapidly. He stretched out his hand and slapped Nate, and then closed his eyes and lay down straight backward.

He twitched on the ground for several times, and then he didn’t move again.

One of Terence’s men walked over and checked Jonas’s body, then raised his head and said, “Boss, he is dead.”

Jonas was so mad at his own son that he went dead!

There was nothing different in Terence’s face, and the death of Jonas was nothing to him.

Nate couldn’t accept what had happened. He crawled over to Jonas and found that he was indeed dead, and his eyes were big and round, obviously not a death in peace.

“This…this is impossible, it shouldn’t be, it shouldn’t be like this.” Nate turned his head and looked at Terence, “Aren’t you Guanling just a high-end resort? How could you be so powerful? How could my family be done?”

“If I bear the same thought with you, Guanling might really be like what you said, an advanced resort.” Terence said lightly.

“Take him down and solve it. Lock up all the people who came with them in the dungeon. Don’t tell what happened today to the outside.”

“Yes!” Terence’s subordinates responded immediately, and then several people dragged Nate to walk downward.

Nate kept struggling, but unfortunately, nobody paid any attention to him. After a while, he was taken out of here. Ryanorrow, there would be no Nate in the world.

Annabel who had been watching here, saw that the Cunningham family was totally destroyed in just a dozen of minutes. The father and son of the Cunningham family were like ants trampled to death.

Although she knew that Guanling was not as simple as she thought, and this place had enough power to contend with the world’s top families, she couldn’t hide her shock after seeing how easily had Terence gotten rid of the Cunningham family.

The Thompson family was indeed much stronger than the Cunningham family, but with the strength of her family, it was simply impossible to destroy the Cunningham family in such a short time.

In other words, the Thompson family only ranked ahead the Cunningham family, but it was not able to destroy the Cunningham family. This was the reason why no matter how annoyed Annabel was, she could do nothing with Nate.

Terence glanced at Annabel who was in a trance. His glance gave her a scorching feeling and brought her back to reality in an instant. Annabel lowered her head unconsciously.

“Don’t talk about what happened today with the others. Including the fact that Scott is my son” Terence said.

Annabel nodded to Terence, and said, “Yes, Terence.”

It was precisely because of the good friendship between the Thompson family and Guanling that Annabel didn’t worry that she would be punished for witnessing the destruction of the Cunningham family.

“You seem to be a little bit interested in my son?” Terence changed his tone suddenly and asked Annabel.

Annabel’s face turned red and her heartbeat became much faster. She didn’t expect Terence to see through her. The most important thing was that Terence was Scott’s father, which made her feel a little at a loss.

“Ahem, uncle, you might have got me wrong, I… I have only known Scott for a while, how could.” Annabel defended brazenly.
“I know that you brought him back to the villa.” Terence said.
Annabel felt being seen through, and she bit her lips nervously.

“I don’t know how Scott lived through these years, and I don’t know what kind of girl he likes. You are a good girl in my impression. If you are interested in him, you can have a try. Of course, whether you can make him interested in you backward can only depend on yourself.” Terence said.

Annabel was a little excited. Terence’s words were basically equivalent to agreeing that she and Scott be together, but whether Scott’s heart could be won by her was up to herself.

“Thank you, uncle, I will work hard.” Annabel said shyly.
Terence nodded, said nothing, got up and walked towards the outside of the Martial Arts Hall.
Annabel stared at the ring below again, and then, as if she had made a certain decision, her eyes looked firmer.

“If Scott leaves Guanling, he might go to B City. I haven’t been there for many years. Why not wait until I return to the family to ask for my father’s permission to go to B City too.”

In CZ Community , J City.

In Amara’s home, Amara and Nicolas were sitting on the sofa with gloomy faces, and Conor and Morgan were standing in front of them with long faces.

“You mean, my daughter is lost? And she could not be found?” Amara stared at Conor in great anger.

“We have searched all the places we could find. Except for the blood stains, we have not found any clues about Edith. There are no monitors on the location of the accident. We asked people to investigate the monitoring of nearby streets. We are sure that there is a suspicious black commercial car, but the car disappeared and couldn’t be found anywhere after that day.” Conor explained.

Amara was furious and shouted at Conor: “What have you done! My daughter was lost just like this. You have magic powers, don’t you? How couldn’t you even find a living person? Go to get my daughter back!”

Conor frowned immediately. He came here to tell them the progress. Unexpectedly, Amara began to blame them. As far as he knew, the reason why Edith went so far to the suburbs was because she quarreled with Amara.

However, Amara looked as if she had nothing to do with this and blamed the others instead. This was really abhorrent.
Conor had long heard of Amara’s meanness from Scott, and today he saw how shameless Scott ‘s mother-in-law was.

“Hurry up and go to find my daughter for me. If you can’t find her, it will not be over. This must be Scott’s fault again. All of you who have connections with Scott are disasters. None of you is a good guy!” Amara said fiercely.

“If I didn’t guess it wrong, you must have done something that made her sad that she went to the suburbs. Aren’t you responsible for this?” Conor questioned.

Amara felt vacant, and raised her voice and shouted, “What nonsense are you talking about here! All this is because of Scott and you jinx. Without you, how could my daughter be missing!”

Before Conor spoke, Nicolas, who was sitting next to Amara, stood up abruptly. He frowned and stared at Amara and shouted: “It’s enough! Every time you put the blame on Scott, do you know how much hardship has she suffered because of you? When will you be able to see your problem!”

After being frustrated for so many years, Nicolas finally couldn’t bear it and broke out.


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