The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 460 Your Son Must Die Today

After Nate heard Terence’s voice, his legs trembled and he almost knelt directly on the ground.
After resisting the fear in his heart, Nate stared at Terence and asked with gloomy look, “Uncle Percy, what do you mean?” “I ask you kneel down,” Terence said again.

Nate immediately snorted and said, “Why I have to listen to you? What’s more, my father is still here. You are really arrogant! How dare you not care the Cunningham family. ”

Annabel on the side heard this and immediately muttered, “He really doesn’t care the Cunningham family.”

Seeing Nate’s reaction, Terence turned his head and gave the person next to him a look. The person rushed over and touched Nate’s knee, making him unable to stand still and knelt on the ground.

Nate was full of pain. He wanted to get up from the ground, but found that he could not control his two legs. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t stand up.

Expression on Jonas’s expression changed when he saw this scene. He didn’t expect Terence to be so direct that he let his subordinates beat his son to the ground.

“Mr. Percy, why do you have to let my son kneel down? Was it possible that the young master of the Cunningham family can be insulted by you casually?” Jonas said angrily.

Although he already knew the horror of Guanling, the Cunningham family was also a world-class family. His status and reputation should not be underestimated. He came to fawn on Terence this time just because didn’t want to establish an enemy for himself.
Terence insulted his son in this way. Of course, he couldn’t bear it anymore.

“Well, I respected you so I didn’t kill him directly. Otherwise, with the things you did, I would have killed them,” Terence said and curled his lips.

Jonas turned pale, he endured the anger in his heart, and asked, “Then please tell me what my son did to make you so angry!” Terence didn’t speak, and a person next to him stepped forward and said all the things Nate had done to Scott.

“That Scott is just a dog you raise here. What’s wrong with what I did to him? Didn’t we can do anything with money in Guanling? I gave you money but I have to suffer from it here. I’m so angry. How dare you bully me?” Nate gritted his teeth.

The man next to Terence heard Nate’s words and immediately walked over and slapped him hard on the face.
Nate covered his face and looked at Terence sullenly.

Jonas was also a little unable to bear his own emotions, and said solemnly, “Mr. Percy, don’t be too much! He is the young master of the Cunningham family!”

“Scott is my son,” Terence said lightly.

When Jonas and Nate heard these words, they were stunned. Expression onJonas’s face changed immediately, and he understood why Terence embarrassed his son. It turned out that the one Nate offended was his son!

There was a hint of horror in his heart. If this was the case, Nate spent money held the challenge of climbing high ladder, which was almost equivalent to spending money to kill him. After all, before this, no one thought that Scott could succeed in climb high ladder.

No wonder the boss of Guanling would treat his son like this. If he were the Terence, he would do the same things.

Jonas immediately became anxious. He knew that Guanling was not easy to mess with. If he really wanted to fight Guanling, it would be Cunningham family who would suffer, and he had to find a way to make up for his son’s fault.

After Nate heard that Scott was the son of Guanling boss’, he was very surprised. He didn’t expect Scott to have such an identity.

However, in his eyes, Guanling was not as strong as the Cunningham, even if Scott was the son of Guanling’s boss, he was not qualified to treat him this way.

“Even if Scott is your son, it is him who is ungrateful, I just teach him for you. You should thank me!” Nate shouted at Terence.

Jonas’s heart did a complete somersault. He turned his head to look at Nate, and shouted, “Shut your mouth! Are you dicing with death?”

Nate glanced at Jonas in a puzzled way, and said, “Dad, why are you so afraid of him? Guanling is just a more advanced resort.
What’s so scary about their boss? Let me teach you a lesson. What happened that I taught his son? The Cunningham family shouldn’t be afraid of Guanling!”

“A small Guanling! It seems that the outside world’s perception of Guanling is still at your level. If this is the case, then I will take the Cummingham as an example to let those outside know that if Guanling is as simple as you think!” Terence reached out and patted the table, and the two people next to him immediately walked over and began to slap Nate in


Jonas was anxious, and quickly said to Terence, “Mr. Percy, this is indeed my son’s fault, but he didn’t mean it. Please forgive him.”

“He didn’t mean it? If it wasn’t for my son’s strength, he might have already died in the ring. You could calm me with such a word? Your son must die today!” Terence showed a terrible killing intent.

“Dad, at this time, are you still polite to the dogs in Guanling? Our family is not afraid of them at all!” Nate had been badly battered about the head and face. and shouted with aggrieved look.

Seeing his son, Jonas was really angry. He gritted his teeth, looked at Terence, and said, “Percy, don’t do too much. The Cunningham family is not as bullying as you think. If you insist on beating my son, then I won’t be polite to you anymore.”

“Think about it for yourself. If the Cunningham family is going to fight against Guanling with all our strength, even if you can hold it, you will still be badly injured. Are you sure you want to be an enemy of my family?”

Terence smiled at Jonas and said, “Be an enemy with the Cunningham family? You think too much, you don’t have the qualifications yet, and… are you sure there is Cunningham family outside now?”

Jonas was shocked and felt that Terence was bluffing. He said coldly, “Don’t be fooling around here. My family is such a big family. How can it be ruined as you said? You are too high to see the power of Guanling! ”

“Really?” Terence replied, full of ridicule.
At this moment, Jonas’s phone rang, and he took out his phone and found that his housekeeper was calling.

He answered the phone, and a miserable voice came from there, “Master, the Cunningham family… it’s over!”


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