The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 459 Kneel Down

Accompanied by Kacpter’s words echoing throughout the Martial Arts Hall, Scott’s challenge of climbing high ladder could be considered a successful conclusion.

The audience was quiet for three seconds, and then there was overwhelming applause.

Annabel looked at Scott with excitement, the smile on her face couldn’t help overflowing, she almost shouted at Scott below, “You are the man I like!”.

Nate stepped back weakly and sat on the sofa softly, his feeling was indescribable.
Scott even wasn’t killed in this way. He really couldn’t think of any way to get rid of Scott.

Montgomery whistled at Scott. Scott was his idol at this time. Even if he were to be Scott’s subordinate for the rest of his life, he was willing to do so.

Scott looked at the end of the challenge of climbing high ladder, and he also let out a long sigh of relief. At this time, he felt an irresistible feeling of exhaustion, and the joy of finally using all the power in his body.

He walked two steps forward, intending to get off the ring, but as soon as he took his foot, he felt dizzy, and then fell directly to the ground.

Upon seeing this, Montgomery hurriedly rushed to the top of the ring and checked Scott’s condition, and found that he had just fainted because of excessive exhaustion. There was no major problem, and he was relieved.

When Annabel saw Scott fainted, she was also agitated. Instinctively, she wanted to rush down to take a look at Scott’s situation, but considering there were so many people here, she still held it back.

When Terence saw Scott fall down, his heart did a complete somersault, but after making sure that Scott was okay, he was not in a hurry. He just ordered the people around him to help Scott find a doctor.

It didn’t take long for someone to come and take Scott who was fainted away from the Martial Arts Hall, and went back to the villa to rest.

With the end of the climbing high ladder, most of the people in Martial Arts Hall also left here after a short period of excitement.
Milo got up from Terence, smiled at Terence, and said, “It is a great surprise to see your son’s strength today. Take him to my place for tea when you are free.”

Terence hurriedly got up, bowed to Milo, smiled and said, “Of course.”

As the owner of Guanling, Terence knew what level of Milo was. Each person who once received the invitation of Milo was very famous.

His casual remark had a very high value.

Milo didn’t stay here anymore, turned around and walked outside. Terence went out send him, and soon returned to the Martial Arts Hall.

Today, Scott succeeded in climbing high ladder, which was considered to have completed his task, and Terence needed to help Scott clear some troubles, so that those who was stupid could understand that his son was not a man to be bullied.

Jonas was already waiting at Terence’s seat at this time, because most of the people had already left here, only Terence’s men and a few people brought by Jonas were left in this place.

Jonas stood here a little anxiously, thinking how he could have a good relationship with this the boss of Guanling.

He had noticed Milo sitting next to Terence just now. Although he didn’t know who the old man was, that person gave him an inscrutable feeling. At first glance, he knew Milo was not an ordinary person, which made Jonas feel more that he couldn’t afford to offend the boss of Guanling.

Terence went back to the seat, sat back on the sofa, and his gaze at Jonas was full of caldness.

“Mr. Percy, I came to Guanling this time and brought some gifts specially for you…” Jonas smiled and said, planning to talk about the gifts he brought over first.

Terence snorted coldly and said, “Say no more, your gift is not rare for me.” Jonas was taken back for a moment, not knowing what happened. He didn’t know why the boss of Gunling was so domineering and rude to him.

It stood to reason that he paid for challenge of climbing high ladder this time, and there had also been a super expert like Scott.
The boss of Guanling was supposed to be happy because of this incident. Now it seemed that he was very angry because of this incident.

“Mr. Percy, what do you mean?” Jonas asked cautiously.
“What do I mean? You’ll know later. Call your son over. I have to settle the account with him today,” Terence said.

Expression on Jonas’s face changed suddenly. He didn’t expect Terence to wait here specifically to get even with his son. He thought that Terence was here because of him, so he stayed here. Now it seemed that it’s not the case.

“Mr. Percy, if my son gets into trouble with you, you can tell me and I will go back and teach him,” Jonas said.

Terence glared at him, and the murderous intent on his body broke out in an instant. When Jonas saw the look in Terence’s eyes, he was so scared that he almost directly knelt on the ground.

This guy’s momentum was too strong, even though he was also in a high position, but still couldn’t resist Terence’s majesty.
“Don’t you understand what I just said?”

A cold sweat broke out on Jonas’s forehead. He knew that he was in Guanling and he was not qualified to challenge Terence, so he didn’t say anything in the end, but took out his phone and called his son.

After a while, Nate went down from the third floor to the place where Terence and the others were.

Annabel came down with Nate.

Feeling the aura on Terence, Annabel was also a little surprised, but she soon understood what was going on.

Knowing that Scott was the son of the boss, Annabel guessed that Terence would definitely not let Nate go.

She turned to look at Nate, and gave him a sympathetic look.

Nate didn’t know why his father called him down. At this time, he was still immersed in the anger of Scott’s success in climbing high ladder. He felt that he had to think of other ways to remove Scott from the world.

Just now, he thought of a way to poison Scott. Scott was in a coma at this time. He could let his bodyguards go and poison Scott. As long as no one stopped, Scott’s would not be saved.

He was called here before he hadn’t implemented the plan, so he could only find a way to attack Scott after the things here were Over.

“Dad, what’s up?” Nate glanced at Jonas, completely ignoring Terence over there. In his eyes, the boss of Guanling was nothing, and he didn’t need to be polite.

Jonas glared at Nate and said coldly, “Your Uncle Percy is looking for you. Ask him yourself.” Nate was puzzled, turned to look at Terence, and asked politely, “Uncle Percy, what do you want me to do?” Terence looked up at Nate, and there was a solemn voice sounded.

“Kneel down!”


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