The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 458 He Will Definitely Be One of Outstanding Talents

“Your strength is beyond my imagination. You are stronger than I imagined.”

“If you only fight with me today, I’m no match for. But it’s challenge of climbing high ladder, even if you may have exhausted your energy at this time, I must go all out to fight with you.”

“I hope you can survive. I want to fight against you when you are in the heyday. Even if I lose, I am willing.” Kacpter stared at Scott, and there was a hint of appreciation in his dark eyes.

Scott smiled at Kacpter and said, “Even now, I can still beat you.”

“I hope you can maintain your previous level.” Kacpter didn’t think Scott was bragging, but just said lightly.

Scott appreciated Kacpter’s attitude. He could feel that, although the person in front of him was ranked first on the List of Ares, he did not have any unpretentious aura. And that was the mentality of a person who really pursued martial arts.

“Please.” Scott took a deep breath and made a please gesture towards Kacpter, asking him to take action.
Kacpter didn’t hesitate, and rushed towards Scott with a strode. The speed was far beyond those people just now.
Scott also had a serious look. He knew that it would be his toughest battle today, so he dared not take it lightly.

In addition, the previous battle had consumed most of his stamina, and now it was unknown whether he could defeat Kacpter in his heyday.

Kacpter’s speed and strength was at the top level. Compared with the previous masters, Kacpter was more comprehensive. No matter from what aspect, he didn’t have much flaws.

Scott knew that only such a master was the most difficult to deal with, so he must devote more thoughts than before to find a way to crack Kacpter’s offense and defense, and let him expose his flaws.

Kacpter did not show any contempt for Scott because Scott had already gone through nine battles before. He took out all his strength to deal with Scott.

What shocked him was that after so many battles, Scott was able to easily deal with all his tricks. He couldn’t imagine how terrifying Scott was in his heyday.
In these years, he hadn’t seen a person with such a terrifying strength for a long time. The last time he encountered such a

powerful person was when he faced the people of the Pantheon.

The excitement of the battle made the atmosphere of the audience reached the top. It was undoubtedly the most exciting battle in Guanling in recent years.

Montgomery stood on the edge of the ring, staring blankly at Scott, who was still on the ring and moving smoothly, full of emotion in his heart.

Was this the limit of human being that Scott said? Had it not been for Scott’s performance today, Montgomery would have thought that a master of Kacpter’s level had reached the limit.

Sure enough, he was still too naive. After coming to Guanling, Montgomery thought that the gap between him and Scott hadn’t been so deep anymore. Now it seemed that this guy who was training with him in the mountains and forests had already left him far behind.

On the third floor, Nate’s eyes were red and he looked at Scott who was fighting on the ring, his two fists were tightly clenched, the veins on the top were violent, and he was slightly trembling, and a wave of hostility kept coming out of him.

When Scott won three games in a row, he felt that Scott had reached the limit, and he would definitely not hold long.

Then Scott easily solved the next three masters under everyone’s attention, and none of them even insisted on more than 30 moves in the hands of Scott.

It wasn’t until the fourth master on the List of Ares that Scott’s advantage was reduced a bit, and he was no longer as scary as.

At that time, Nate thought that Scott would be defeated or even killed if he played against the master who was ranked third of the List of Ares at most.

However, Scott just won in a raw and directly started fighting against Kacpter, which had completely exceeded Nate’s expectations.

He deliberately spent 3 billion to prepare this climbing high ladder for Scott, in order to make Scott die like a dog under everyone’s attention in Guanling.

But now because of the challenge of climbing high ladder, everyone had seen Scott’s greatness. Even if he lost to Kacpter, the boss of Guanling would not let Scott die in the ring to a great extent. After all, it was difficult to cultivate such a master. If the boss of Guanling was not a fool, and he wouldn’t let such a talent die in vain.

What made him most unacceptable was that Annabel’s attitude towards Scott was completely beyond his imagination. At the beginning, Annabel looked at Scott on the ring full of worries, and later, she seemed to admire Scott because of his strength.
Even now, Annabel couldn’t help the excitement in her heart, and she came to the front of rail. Only Scott was left in her eyes, and there was an indescribable smile on her mouth.

Nate tried to talk to Annabel several times, but was completely ignored by her, which made Nate feel deeply frustrated.

He couldn’t get rid of Scott, so he could only grit his teeth here, cursing in his heart to vent his anger in his heart.

On the second floor, Milo, who was next to Terence, was already sitting straightly, with both eyes staring at Scott on the ring.

Since the aura on Scott’s body abruptly changed just now, Milo’s look had changed when he saw Scott. By now, an uncontrollable surprise appeared on Milo’s face.

“Milo, now…” Terence was naturally happy when he saw that Scott had such strength. He wanted to ask Milo how he felt about Scott’s level, and whether Scott had met the standards in his heart.

“He will definitely be one of outstanding talents, he will definitely be one of outstanding talents!” Before Terence could say anything, Milo shouted twice.

Terence laughed. When he heard Milo’s words, he already knew Milo’s views on Scott.

“Your son is truly an inexhaustible rare talent. I have never seen such a talented person in my life. Perhaps, only the apprentice my friend often admired can be compared with your son,” Milocontinued.

Terence’s eyes widened immediately. He already knew in his heart who the friend was talking about. Except for that man, no one was qualified to be called by Milo.

Milo actually felt that Scott could be compared with that apprentice. It was definitely the highest evaluation given by Milo.
Terence squinted at Scott on the ring, knowing that in the years when he came to Guanling, Scott must have experienced what ordinary people could not imagine, otherwise, he would not have become so powerful.

After a long time, Terence’s gaze slowly changed to relief. From the bottom of his heart, he was proud of having such a son.

In the ring, Scott once again fought Kacpter with a few moves. Both of them defused the opponent’s attack flexibly and did not show any flaws to the other. Both of them were quite well-versed. Just watching their moves was a kind of enjoyment.

Scott stared at Kacpter’s figure with both eyes, trying to find a flaw in him, hit him well, and end the battle.

At this time, he had reached his true limit. Layers of cold sweat broke out on his forehead, and his fists had begun to tremble slightly because of being exhausted.

Kacpter’s condition was not much better than Scott. He looked solemn, even if Scott was like a spent arrow, he couldn’t find a chance to defeat Scott. Scott’s endurance was simply abnormal. Others would have already lay on the ground and could not move anymore.

After the battle between Scott and Kacpter, he quickly retreated to the back, as if he only wanted to defend.
Kacpter saw a flaw in Scott’s body, and without hesitation, he ran over Scott’s body and kicked toward his flaw.

A smirk appeared at the corner of Scott’s mouth, and he quickly stood firmly, and then reached out and grabbed Kacpter’s ankle.

Expression on Kacpter’s face changed drastically, knowing that he was fooled by Scott, but it was too late. At this time, the reaction was no longer effective.

After Scott grabbed Kacpter’s ankle, he gritted his teeth and used the last strength of his body to directly shake Kacpter up.
Kacpter’s body immediately vacated, and the moment Scott let go, he flew directly out of the ring.

It wasn’t until outside the ring that Kacpter stabilized his body and stood up on the ground.

Scott arched his hands at him and smiled,

“You are an admirable opponent.”

Kacpter immediately bowed his hand and bowed to Scott by the way, and said, “You are real first master on the List of Ares!”


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