The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 457 Human Limitation

Nate stared at Scott on the ring with a gloomy expression. He thought that Scott would be able to pass two rounds at most.
After that, he would die on the ring because of his lack of strength.

But Scott’s strength was beyond his imagination. He won three games in a row, and all the opponents took the initiative to give up. This was completely different from what he had imagined before.

“Damn, he actually wins, but for three consecutive battles, he should have reached his limit. In the history of Guanling, those who are truly capable also lost in the fourth and fifth battles. There were only two people who really succeeded in climbing high ladder. Scott is not like a person who can get success in climbing high ladder. Presumably, he will not be able to win again in this battle.”

“Itis Khalid, he is called Blood Killer and is ranked seventh. This guy gets a title of little Percy. Scott can never beat Khalid again!”

Nate said to himself, a sneer on his face again.

Annabel was a little happy because of Scott’s three consecutive wins, but after hearing Nate’s words, she frowned, and she couldn’t help but worry about Scott.

On the ring, Khalid stood opposite Scott.

There was a hideous scar on this person’s face, and the two eyes were full of bloodthirsty. He looked like he was not a man to be trifled with.

Khalid stared at Scott, a wicked smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, and he said, “I didn’t expect that someone like you who looks like a girl can win three battles in a row. It seems that you’re not too wasteful.”

“But you don’t have to worry. You have absolutely no chance of winning when fighting against me. I will let you fall down as soon as possible, and then dig out your heart, so that you can taste the pain of being ripped heart and die. What do you think? ”

With excitement on his face, Scott smiled at Khalid, “I’m afraid you are not as good as the three in front.”

“How dare you! You have played three games in a row, and you should have little strength now, I want to see, what do you rely on to say such a thing!”

After speaking, Khalid quickly rushed towards Scott, and directly attacked Scott’s vitals.
Scott didn’t panic at all. After the actions just now, he had no worries about the subsequent battles.
AfterKhalid rushed to Scott, Scott quickly kicked Khalid, not paying attention to Khalid’s tricks.

Khalid didn’t expect Scott to have such a quick reaction after three battles. This was really beyond his expectation, so he could only take back his tricks and switch to defense.

Scott didn’t intend to give him any breathing time. After kicking, there was another kick. Khalid obviously felt like he couldn’t resist it.

“How is this possible! He has obviously consumed so much physical strength. How can he have such a fast speed and such a strong strength? Why is he stronger than he was in the previous battles, is this guy still human?”

Khalid murmured, realizing that he had fallen into a disadvantage right from the beginning, and the words that he said before starting the battle were completely jokes.



“Nine!” Scott yelled every time he made a move, which made Khalid feel nervous.

Scott made the tenth move against Khalid. This move condensed most of Scott’s strength. Khalid felt the power of this move and quickly reached out to block it.

However, he still underestimated the power of Scott’s move. After touching Scott’s fist, he felt an irresistible force. Then, his body involuntarily retreated to the back, unable to stop.

Then Khalid, under everyone’s attention, retreated all the way back to the edge of the ring, and then fell down.
Ten moves!

After Scott tapped a few acupuncture points on his body, the power that burst out made him beat Khalid, who was ranked seventh on the List of Ares, with only ten moves.

Being beaten out of the ring was equivalent to losing.

Everyone was cheering. They couldn’t think of it. After three battles, Scott not only did not show any weakness, but became stronger. He needed dozens of moves in the front battle to find the opponent’s flaws and let the opponent take the initiative to give up.

But now he had only used ten moves to make Khalid out of the ring.
This was simply unreasonable!

Some people even began to suspect how Khalid could win the seventh place of the List of Ares, and he was not as strong as said.

Of course, it was just an extravagant thinking. They all know that the ranking on the List of Ares was based on a large number of battles, and no one could win a place by luck.

Khalid, who fell out of the ring, was also stunned. He tried his best to stop himself, but the power contained in the punch Scott hit him was too strong. Resisting it had reached his limit.

And even if he stopped on the ring, with the power of Scott’s punch, he would lose the power to continue fighting.
This guy was really terrible.

Nate, who was still waiting for Khalid to kill Scott, saw Scott knocked Khalid off the ring with ten moves. His mouth was wide open, and besides the incredible, there was endless anger in his eyes.

He slapped the railing in front of him violently and shouted, “How is this possible! Why is he better than before!”

Annabel didn’t know what happened to Scott, but seeing Scott getting stronger, she only felt happy.

On the second floor, Terence also looked at Scott in the ring with a bit of surprise, and couldn’t figure out how Scott was even better than before.

“Milo, can you see what has changed in him? Why is his power stronger than before?” Terence turned his head and asked.
Milo also frowned at this time, obviously unable to figure out how Scott did it.

“Should it be his last energy? Is it possible that the power in his body has been exhausted, this is the last bit of power in the body, and it will not take long before he falls down and dies?” Milo murmured.

Hearing Milo’s explanation, Terence coughed twice and said, “Milo, don’t make a joke. No matter what, he doesn’t look like what you said.”

Milo’s remark was naturally a joke. He couldn’t imagine how Scott did it. It was beyond his expectation, so he was a little unhappy. After all, he said it only then, and Scott couldn’t meet his standards.

After Scott knocked Khalid off the ring, he felt the power in his body, and a satisfied smile appeared on his face.

He just tapped acupuncture points on his body and changed his breathing method, which was actually releasing the power in his body.

These powers were inherent in his body, but in the past, he had been using the methods his master gave him to “hide” these powers. Only through this method could he show all his powers.

In the past, Scott was just using the most basic strength.

When Scott learned from his master at first time, his master took him to the mountains and forests. At that time, although Scott showed a not weak martial arts talent, there was nothing outstanding in strength.

According to the original speculation, Scott’s master believed that Scott could become a rare master in the world, but there was still a certain distance to be the strongest. In the best situation, Scott could only reach the level of his master.

But then they discovered the mountain village where Montgomery was located. Although the people in that village had no martial arts practitioners, they were all powerful, and much stronger than normal people.

At that time, Scott’s master began to study what was going on, and finally found out that the people in the village where Montgomery was located, liked to eat a wild mushroom on the mountain from childhood to adulthood.

This kind of mushroom seemed to have the function that could make people stronger. In other words, this kind of mushroom could stimulate people’s potential and make people better discover their own power.

Of course, it also required the people in the village to exercise for many years. The people in the village did a lot of work every day, it was why people in that village was all full of strength.

Scott’s master was very knowledgeable and recognized that this mushroom was a very ancient medicinal material, but it had become extinct in the outside world and had rarely been seen in recent years.

Scott’s master had a prescription, and the main ingredient was this mushroom.

After discovering this mushroom, Scott’s master started to use this mushroom to make medicine every day, and at the same time, he used this mushroom to make an externally applied plaster. After Scott drank the medicine, he applied the externally on the plaster, which lasted for half a year.

The medicinal properties of this mushroom were very strong, and the topical plaster made with it was simply a torture when applied to the body.

Fortunately, Scott’s willpower was so strong that he finally stuck with it.

The medicines and plasters obtained by Scott’s master had greatly improved Scott’s physical condition. They allowed Scott’s body to accumulate a lot of power, making his body reach the limit that normal people couldn’t reach.

After Scott insisted on using the plaster made of this mushroom for half a year, Scott’s master determined that Scott’s body was no longer comparable to anyone in this world, and the pure power in his body had exceeded the normal person by too much.

At that time, Scott already had the ability to pull up a tree, and he could directly punch through a half-meter thick tree.

In order to allow Scott to better control his power, Scott’s master gave him a way to suppress the power in his body, which better allow Scott’s body to accumulate and could avoid the harm caused by too much strength

Now Scott was already able to control the power in his body, so even if that suppression was lifted, he didn’t have to worry about anything.

Scott’s master tald Scott that he could achieve this level, in addition to the effect of the mushroom, but also because of his potential, as well as some indispensable luck. These three were indispensable.

It also showed that not everyone could use this method to maximize their potential. In addition to the scarcity of mushrooms, Scott may be the only person in the world who could use the power in his body so perfectly.

So, it had become Scott’s biggest hole card, and what he usually revealed was just a small part of his body’s strength.

This was exactly why he was confident that he would succeed in climbing high ladder.

While everyone was still in shock, Mario, Gold Arhats, who was ranked sixth on the List of Ares had already reached the ring.
Scott smiled and made a gesture to Mario. Mario did not neglect, and took out all his strength to fight Scott.

He was stronger than Khalid, but he was still vulnerable to Scott in his heyday.

In less than ten minutes, Mario knelt on one knee, panting heavily, and his steel-like body that he was proud of was already hurt badly at this time, and there was obvious pain in his face, too.

Because he was afraid that Scott would continue to attack him, Mario quickly surrendered like the first three people and stepped out of the ring.

In shock of everyone, Scott once again battled everyone from second to fifth on the List of Ares.

Although Scott felt it was more and more difficult to fight with those people with the gradual improvement of the ranking, these people eventually lost to Scott.

Although Scott’s power was unmatched, he was not a perpetual motion machine after all. After so many battles, he also felt that he was about to reach his limit, and his breath had obviously become a lot more disordered.

Fortunately, he only had the last battle left. After a long sigh of relief, Scott raised his head and looked at the opposite side.

Kacpter had already walked up.


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