The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 456 Won Three Successive Matches

Scott leaped to the top of the ring, glanced around, with a view from above.
When the host saw Scott on the ring, he didn’t talk nonsense, and immediately announced the start of the first round.

A hillHlike man stood opposite Scott. His arms were as thick as thighs, and his bulging muscles seemed to contain endless power.

Tenth on the List of Ares, Rhys, Shocking Hammer!

Among the top ten masters on the List of Ares, Rhys was known for his physical strength, and his two terrifying arms possessed the power to smash people into flesh.

It was said that even Kacper did not dare to take Rhys’s fist that contained all his strength directly, and could only use ingenuity to unload Rhys’s power.

When everyone saw Rhys on the ring, there was a burst of cheers. Rhys had a good popularity in Guanling, and he was strong, so many people respected him very much.

“Rhys, hammer and kill this unaware boy and smash him into flesh!” “Hammer him to death! Hammer him to death with your two invincible arms!”

“When Shocking Hammer fights, opponents will usually end up with all the bones of the whole body broken. Scott looks weak, I am afraid that he even can’t bear Rhys’s a punch!”

Rhys didn’t smile. After entering the ring, he just stared at Scott coldly, and then rushed towards Scott without saying a word.

Scott did not hesitate at all. None of the top ten masters on the List of Ares were simple or weak. It was impossible to beat the enemy with one move like before, so Scott must take every master seriously.

Rhys slammed a punch toward Scott, and the surrounding air made a sound of breaking wind. Scott didn’t intend to take his punch. He quickly avoided, and Rhys hit the ground directly, making a big hole on it.

The members of the family and consortiums who came to watch the game took a breath when they saw this scene, and they were obviously shocked by the power of Rhys’s fist.

“It’s so powerful. It’s like a real hammer. No wonder he is called Shocking Hammer. I didn’t expect challenge of climb high ladder to be so terrifying. Person in the first round is so powerful. I am afraid that the people behind cannot be guessed by common sense.”

“According to this situation, as long as Scott is punched, he will die.”

Nate on the third floor saw Rhys’s strength, and the corners of his mouth also evoked an arc of excitement. He muttered, “He’s really a wimp. How timid he is that he even doesn’t dare to take Rhys’s fist. He is not a real man.”

“Do you dare to do so?” Annabel asked contemptuously on the side.

Nate coughed slightly, with a trace of embarrassment on his face, and said, “Since… naturally I dare not, but I don’t have to…” “Well, even dare not take Rhys’s fist. Are you a real man?” Annabel repeated Nate’s words.

Nate flushed and hatred gathered in his heart, not understanding why Annabel had to go against him.

In the ring, Scott and Rhys had fought for a while. At first, Rhys thought he could beat Scott with a few moves, but the strength that Scott showed was beyond his imagination. This guy was not as simple as he seemed to be on the surface.

After another move, Scott and Rhys retreated two steps each, Rhys immediately charged up, intending to give Scott a sparing no effort blow.

Upon seeing this, Scott narrowed his eyes, and then followed Rhys, and began to gather his strength.
“Damn, is this guy trying to take Rhys’s fist head-on?” Everyone on the List of Ares was surprised.
“Well, idiot, even Kacper didn’t dare to take Rhys’s fist head-on. You might be insane and plan to do so,” Nate sneered.

After gathering strength for a short time on the ring, the two quickly rushed towards each other, their moves changed, and their fists slammed together.

Everyone held their breath and waited for the result. In their imagination, the next scene should end with Scott’s broken arm.

However, the picture they had imagined did not appear. After Scott and Rhys’s fists collided, Scott was steady and did not step back. On the contrary, after Rhys touched Scott’s fist, his he frowned, and then his burly body couldn’t resist Scott’s strength, and he retreated as much as five meters to the back before the strength was removed.

The audience suddenly became quiet. Everyone watched this scene inconceivably. They didn’t expect that Rhys would fall into a disadvantage when his fist against Scott’s!

“You are an admirable opponent,” Scott showed his respect to Rhys.

Rhys looked at Scott with horror on his face, never expected that he would have such a strong strength.

In the eyes of others, Rhys was only on the back foot on the confrontation of strength, but Rhys knew in his heart that if Scott hadn’t show any mercy just now, his arm would be broken and destroyed.

And Scott had a chance to take advantage of just now to kill him on the ring, but he didn’t do that, instead he said such words, so Rhys was shocked.

But soon he understood what Scott meant, and after a helpless sigh, he respectfully saluted Scott and said loudly, “I am lost!”

“Fuck, why did Rhys directly give up? Didn’t he just fall into a disadvantage? Isn’t it enough to concede?” All the masters on the List of Ares were stunned.

“What the hell is going on, why did he give up directly!” Nate cursed directly.
When Annabel saw this, she breathed a sigh of relief, and a smile appeared on her face when she looked at Scott.
After Rhys gave up, he stepped out of the ring, and Scott quickly adjusted his state to prepare for the next opponent.

He did have a chance to kill Rhys just now, but he didn’t do so. After all, he was not Terence, who wanted to quickly kill all the opponents he encountered.

Moreover, here was his father’s territory. These masters on the List of Ares belong to Guanling’s viable power, and the top ten masters on the List of Ares were impressive and rare. If he killed some of them, Terence would be distressed.

So, letting the other party give up was enough. To become one of the top ten master on the List of Ares, his mind and power must be beyond ordinary people. They could definitely understand Scott’s meaning, so giving up directly was the best choice.

Terence, who was sitting on the second floor, felt the subtlety of Scott’s punch just now, and was a little nervous, fearing that Scott would kill the master he had finally cultivated with a punch.

Now seeing Rhys didn’t fall down, but directly surrendered, he was relieved.

Sitting next to Terence was an old man with white hair. This old man seemed to have a sense of immortality. When Terence sat next to him, he felt a sense of restraint.

At this time, the old man also looked at the ring below with a smile, then touched his beard and said, “It’s interesting.”

Terence’s eyes widened immediately when he heard the old man’s words. The origin of this old man was quite terrifying, and ordinary people couldn’t get his attention at all. As Scott could win his comment, it showed that Scott’s strength was already far beyond ordinary people’s reach.

“Milo, didn’t you still think that It was boring to see this challenge at that time? Why are you so serious now?” Terence asked the old man with a smile.

The old man smiled and said, “At that time, I thought this little guy was weak. The fight between kids is boring, but now it seems that this kid is great.”

“Milo, if I remember correctly, you seldom comment on these juniors. Even those elite on your side have never received such comments from you,” Terence said with a little pride. He was proud of his son.

“Just say it casually, this kid is really good, but he has not met the standards in my heart, so don’t be proud.” Milo rolled his eyes at Terence, looking very casual.

Terence didn’t care. Milo had the right to say such things. He called Milo over today just to let him watch Scott’s challenge, and Milo already knew that the one on the ring was Terence’s son.

The climb high ladder continued, and Monty, who was ranked ninth on the List of Ares, nicknamed Ghost Hand, came to the ring to fight Scott.

What Monty was good at was trick of palm, and the tricks were weird and unpredictable. His two hands were unpredictable, often making it impossible for his opponent to guess where his next move was going. Therefore, he got the nickname of Ghost Hand.

Monty moved at a high speed, and his strength was not weak. His overall combat power was better than Rhys.

Unfortunately, no matter how fast he was, he couldn’t be faster than Scott. After dozens of other moves, Scott repelled Monty, let him give up, and ended the second round.

The third round also ended with the same ending. The scene of Scott fought with the masters on the List of Ares was quite exciting, and the audience around them were all dumbfounded.

They all thought that Scott would be killed at the first round. However, the three consecutive rounds all ended with the active surrender of masters on the List of Ares. This was beyond everyone’s expectations.

Scott’s strength surprised everyone, and he changed everyone’s view.

At first everyone was waiting for Scott to be killed, but after he won three consecutive games, everyone had a little expectation of Scott. Many people wanted to see how many times Scott could win. The more Scott won, the more shocked they were, and the more excited they were.

Of course, in addition to Nate, he watched Scott win three games in a row, and gritted his teeth, wishing to go to the ring to kill Scott. Unfortunately, he did not have the strength and the courage.

After three consecutive battles, Scott also felt the lack of strength in his body. This kind of high-intensity battle consumed astonishing physical strength. By this time, he already felt a little overwhelmed.

However, he did not panic. Instead, he became more excited. He stretched out his hand and tapped a few acupuncture points on his body. The way of his breathing changed a lot. After a while, Scott’s eyes brightened up, the fatigue before was also wiped out in an instant.

When Milo on the second floor saw this scene, his eyes widened, and he said, “Why is the breath of this kid a bit stronger than just now? Is it possible that the battles just now did not reach his limit at all? ”


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