The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 455 I Do Like Him

After hitting Lily, the truck did not stop, drove to the front and fled the scene.

Because it was in the suburbs, and was a little desolate, and this section of the road was not monitored. Long after the incident, no one found Edith who fell on the ground and Lily who was knocked out.

Bright red blood came out of Edith’s head, and her eyes closed tightly. She looked very painful.

Lily fell in a pool of blood and had already lost consciousness. Neither of the two girls expected that they would encounter a car accident in such a place.

After a long time, a black business car drove over and stopped beside Edith.
Two men got off the car, they stared at Edith, and one of them took out a picture of Edith.

“It’s her, the one we are looking for is her. Damn, how could such a thing happen! If we could find her a few minutes earlier, such a thing wouldn’t happen.” The man’s face was full of anger.

The other man also frowned. He lowered his body, checked Edith, and said, “She is not in a serious condition, but she was hit on the head and bleeds. Let’s take her away now. There will be no serious problem.”

“Could it be that we just leave like this? Don’t we find the person who did it?” the man said.

“We are not familiar here. Even if we can find the murderer, it will take some time. And our main task this time is to find her and take her back. This matter is very important to the lord. Let’s take her back first, and lord will naturally investigate this matter in the future,” the other said.

The man holding the photo nodded, then turned to look at Lily who was lying in a pool of blood in the distance, and asked, “How about that girl over there?”

“It took us a lot of time and effort to find her. We shouldn’t care about others. We’d better leave her alone. It is good enough to call her an ambulance. *

The person holding the photo gave a hmm without hesitation, took out the phone and called the ambulance, and then the two people carried Edith to the black business car and left here.

After a while, an ambulance came here, followed by seven or eight black Audi cars. The person in charge of Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce in J City got out of the car and ran to Lily’s side quickly. He turned pale in an instant.

“Who the hell did this! Check it out, and I must find the murderer! Collect all the power of the Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce in J City. If itis not enough, I will apply to B City. If you can’t find the result, all of you will just wait for the anger of the chairman!”

Shouting hysterically, the person in charge hurriedly asked the ambulance to lift Lily up and rushed to the hospital.

Not long after these people left, Margaret in black costume and hat came here, looking at the two pools of blood on the ground, a crazy smile appeared on her face.

Guanling, Martial Arts Halll.

At this time, the entire Martial Arts Hall was very lively. Almost all the people from the top families who came to Guanling for vacation came here. Everyone on the List of the Ares also came to have some fun. After all, the challenge of climbing high ladder would only happen once in many years. It’s a grand event in Guanling.

Most importantly, the boss of Guanling would also be there today, which surprised everyone.

Although climbing high ladder was held once a few years, Scott who participated in climbing high ladder was known to everyone under the “enthusiastic” propaganda of Nate Cunningham. Those who heard the promotion of Nate Cunningham felt that Scott could not succeed.

Many people even thought that Scott would fail to pass the first few hurdles, and would give up soon.
So, this kind of thing was not worthy of the attention of the boss of Guanling.

However, the fact was not what people thought. The boss of Guanling not only came to watch the battle, but also attached great importance to it. He specially asked people to open a gambling game to bet on Scott’s success.

On the third floor, Annabel was standing in front of the fence with a gloomy look. She didn’t expect that Nate would let Scott take part in the challenge of climbing high ladder in order to deal with Scott.

Especially after she knew that Scott was Percy’s son, and Percy didn’t stop it, she was more puzzled.

She didn’t want Scott to take part in climbing high ladder. She was so worried that she went to Scott and persuade him not to attend it. Anyway, he was Percy’s son. Even if he didn’t take part, no one would do anything to him.

As for why she was worried, even she did not know.

Nate went to Annabel’s side, looked down at the ring with a smile, and said, “As soon as I think that the fool will die in this ring soon, I have a kind of excitement in my heart that I can’t hide. To let the fool die like this is my kindness to him.”

Annabel turned to look at Nate and said coldly, “You will only bring endless disaster to yourself by doing so. Sooner or later, you will regret it.”

Nate sneered and said, “He’s just a dying man. What kind of disaster can he bring to me? It should be that I can bring him disaster.”

Annabel looked at Nate like an idiot and didn’t talk to him anymore.

When Nate saw Annabels look, he was upset and said, ” Annabel, you should know what I’m doing for. You know my feelings for you very well. I heard that you brought this idiot back to the villa that night. I’m very upset. You told me whether you just let him go to your house for a while that day, and nothing happened between you two.”

“No,” Annabel turned to look at Nate and said, “I was very happy that night. He was more powerful than I thought. I feel that after that night, I will never think of anyone else in my life. Having him is enough to me.”

Nate was so angry that he almost exploded. He didn’t expect that Annabel would be so angry with him for a dying man. It really puzzled him.
“Annabel, don’t make fun of me. That fool is just a lackey who can’t leave Guanling. What’s good about him? He can’t match me

at all. Why do you…”

“I do like him, can you control it?” Annabel retorted upon Nate. For some unaccountable reason, she said it deliberately, but after she said it, her face turned a little hot.

Nate closed her mouth, a murderous look flashed in his eyes, and then passed away.
On the second floor of Martial Arts Hall, Nate’s father, Jonas Cunningham, was sitting on a sofa, staring at the ring below.

He didn’t come here specifically to see the challenge of climbing high ladder that his son spent 3 billion dollars to build. It didn’t matter to him whether he watched the challenge or not.

The real purpose of his visit to Guanling this time was to find a way to build a good relationship with the boss of Guanling and get familiar with him.

Not long ago, Jonas received accurate information that the cause of the unprovoked bankruptcy of a world-class consortium in East Asia three years ago had been found out, and Guanling was involved it.

After receiving this news, Jonas realized the horror of Guanling in an instant. It was able to quietly bankrupt a world-class consortium, which was beyond the ability of the Cunningham family.

In the past, he had always looked down on Guanling, thinking that Guanling was just a relatively high-end resort, and there was nothing special about it. Sometimes when he saw the boss of Guanling, he would tease him.

Thinking about it now, Jonas was in fright. If the boss of Guanling did something against the Cunningham family because of those things, he would have no power to fight back.

The consortium that was quietly bankrupted three years ago was at the same level as the Cunningham family. This was the reason for his fear.

So, he came to Guanling in the name of his son spending money in holding the challenge of climbing high ladder in Guanling.
Her purpose was please the boss of Guanling, wanting Guanling to let bygones be bygones and let go of the Cunningham family.

He raised his head and looked towards the best viewing area on the second floor. At this time, Terence was sitting there. He looked calm, but irresistible majesty was exuded from him.

“Sure enough, he is a secretive and reserved guy. I used to think that he pretended to be domineering. Who would have expected him to be really powerful? Maybe he is still reserved. Fortunately, I got the news, otherwise the future of the Cunningham family is worrying.”

Jonas murmured. At this time, Terence raised his head and glanced at him. The two people looked at each other, and Jonas felt as if he had been electrocuted, and he became numb.

There was a chill behind him, and an uneasy premonition climbed into his mind. Fortunately, he was also the head of a world- class family, so he didn’t show his fear.

“It’s terrible. He scares me a lot with a simple look. It seems that it is really a right choice to come here,” Jonas muttered.

“I heard the boss of Guanling boss has a son. Where is his son? If I can know it, I must let Nate get to know him, even let him to be his subordinates. There are not many people knowing the real strength of Guanling. If Nate can establish a good relationship with the son of the boss here in advance, it would be a good thing for the Cunningham family.”

On the edge of the ring, Montgomery was staring at Scott anxiously, and said, “Scott, why are you so stubborn? If you listen to me, we may slip out of here. I know where their helicopters parked. When the time comes, we can steal one and escape from here. At least, there will be a chance by doing so. Why do you insist on participating in this damn climbing high ladder? No one can survive after climbing.”

Scott smiled at Montgomery, and said, “Are you so unsure of my strength? You even think I will die before I start the challenge.”

Montgomery shook his head helplessly and said, “It has nothing to do whether I believe in your strength or not. It’s really that climbing high ladder is terrifying. Think about it, ten top masters will beat you one by one. Even if your strength is stronger than them, your physical strength can’t stand to defeat all of them.”

“Okay, you can just watch from the side, I will let you know what is the limit of human beings.” Scott smiled.
Hearing what Scott said, Montgomery could only shut his mouth and stopped talking.

The surrounding masters on the List of Ares stared at Scott gleefully. Obviously, they didn’t think Scott could survive, and they were all very happy to see the scene where Scott died in the ring.

“Look at that guy’s calm look. He looks like he can really beat the top ten masters on the List of Ares. It’s really ridiculous.”

“This guy’s strength is not weak, he can be tied with Kacper. He is really good. During the challenge of climbing high ladder, he has to defeat nine masters who are not much worse than Kacper before having a fight with Kacper. It’s not a joke.”

“Even the boss of Guanling has come to laugh at him. I think this kid not only offended Mr. Nate, he might also offend the boss of Guanling.”

As time passed, Scott took a deep breath and felt the power in his body, showing a sense of confidence on his face.

He has something different from ordinary people, and it was also his biggest secret, the biggest support. No one had ever forced him to use his full strength in the past, and he expected to do so.

After all, having no way to use the hole cards for a lifetime was equivalent to have no hole cards.

But today’s situation was the best time for him to perform. He didn’t joke with Montgomery just now. What he wanted to show was the true limit of the human being.

Finally, the prescribed time arrived.

Climbing the ladder officially begin!


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