The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 454 Traffic Accident

On the road, Edith was crying while walking, and everyone around was staring at her with curiosity. It seemed that they wanted to know why Edith was crying so sad.

“Isn’t that Edith, why is she crying on the road? Is she wronged at home?”

“Isn’t her wedding to Scott so romantic some time ago? At that time, didn’t everyone think she was the happiest person in the world? Why does she look so pitiful now?”

“That’s what she deserves. It’s idle boast. Scott is now one of the best people in J City. Maybe Edith didn’t behave well at home, and was scolded. She couldn’t bear it, and ran outside.”

“Tut-tut, although I know it’s wrong to say that, I am inexplicably happy to see her like this. I envy her wedding with Scott at crystal castle. Now think about it, I don’t have to envy her. She looks decent in public, but suffers in private.”

Listening to the whispers of people around, Edith’s tears flowed more intensely. She didn’t want others to see her crying so sad, but she couldn’t care about it anymore.

What Amara did has completely wiped out her patience. She had infinite grievances in her heart. She did not understand why she had such a mother. Her life had obviously started to get better, but was ruined by her mother, who always said it was for her good.

This time, she really broke out the emotions. She, who had always believed that children should be more sensible and listened to their parents was so annoyed, it was conceivable that how much damage Amara had done to her.

At this time, on the second floor of a cafe on this road, in front of the French windows, Margaret was sitting here, staring at the road outside. She looked a little lost.

At this moment, she noticed Edith, who was walking in tears, and her dim eyes immediately brightened up.
She looked at Edith’s desolate look with interest, and looked very happy.

Before coming to this cafe, she had already received news from Albie and learned that the Patel Group was acquired by Wonhu Company.

She didn’t actually think that she would see Edith here. This incident was purely coincidental. She felt that this was deliberately arranged by God to let her see Edith’s tragic situation in person. Edith deserved what she encountered.

“Blame yourself for being Scott’s wife. He ruined everything about me, and I will never let go of his favorite woman. When he comes back and sees you, he will be furious. And then it will be my happiest time,” Margaret murmured.

At this time, there was a trace of viciousness in her eyes, and then she took out her phone and made a call.

“Help me do one thing, if it is done, I will give you three million.”

Edith walked on the road for a long time, she just wanted to stay away from Amara, so she didn’t stop on the road for a moment, and walked as far as near the suburbs.

She felt her legs were tired, but she didn’t dare to stop. She was afraid that as soon as she stopped, Amara would catch up, threaten her and said what she did was for her, let her go back, and continue torturing her in this way.

Her tears had drained, her eyes were swollen, her throat became hoarse a lot, and she looked decadent and low.
When passing an intersection, Edith didn’t notice the person coming from the other side and ran into it directly.
Edith came back to her senses and quickly apologized to that person.

“What did you do? With so few people here, you run into our young lady. I think you did it on purpose?” A man in a black suit shouted at Edith, then turned to look at the person who was hit, asked with concern, “Miss, are you okay?”

“I’m fine, she didn’t mean it, don’t embarrass her too much.” A clear voice sounded.

Edith looked up at the girl, and was taken aback for a moment. The person stared at her and was also a little surprised, as if she didn’t expect to meet Edith here.

The girl who was hit by Edith was Lily who came to the suburbs to relax.

Edith didn’t expect to meet Lily here. After being stunned for a moment, she greeted Lily hurriedly, “Miss Lowe, what a coincidence, I didn’t expect to meet you here.”

Lily smiled politely at Edith and said, “I came here to relax, and I didn’t expect to meet you. You are here…”

With that, Lily noticed that Edith was in gloomy. Her eyes were swollen, there were obvious tears on her face, and she looked was very upset. At first glance, Lily could tell that Edith had just cried.

Edith quickly wiped her eyes, adjusted her emotion, smiled awkwardly, and said, “I… I also went for a walk. We are pretty destined as we can meet here.”

She still had some good feelings for Lily. Although Lily had expressed her coveting for Scott before, she thought that Lily was just an adolescent little girl who had just begun to fall in love. It was only a whim to have a crush on Scott, and she also helped her negotiate a cooperation. She should thank Lily, although the company had gone bankrupt and was sold to Wonhu Company.

Lily guessed what happened to Edith, but out of politeness, it was not good to ask Edith directly.

She originally planned to say goodbye to Edith. After hesitating for a while, she said softly, “It seems you have worries. If you don’t mind, I can chat with you. It just so happens that I also have something to tell you.”

She felt that she should have a chat with Edith, maybe this could untie the knot in her heart.

When Edith heard Lily’s words, she instinctively wanted to refuse, but now she also needs to find someone to pour out her troubles. Maybe Lily could make her feel better, so she took a deep breath and nodded to Lily.

“Find a place to stay by yourself, I’ll go for a walk with her,” Lily said to the bodyguard.
The bodyguard took a look at Edith, then nodded, turned and left.

Lily and Edith walked down a wide road. There were not many people on this road. They were in the suburbs, and it looked a little desolate here.

Edith talked to Lily about what she had encountered today. After hearing it, Lily was full of anger. She felt that what Amara had done was too much, and was completely worthy of the title of “Evil Queen” she gave Amara.

After that, Lily mustered up the courage and told Edith about her feelings for Scott. She guessed that Scott hadn’t told Edith the previous things, so she also told Edith what happened between her and Scott before.

She wanted to tell Edith these things, one was because she was sure that Scott would never be able to agree to her request, and the other was because she felt that these emotions in her heart had been accumulated for too long, and maybe she could relax after telling it to Edith.

Edith was also a little surprised after hearing what Lily said. She didn’t expect that what happened between Scott and Lily.

At the same time, she was also a little touched by Scott’s dedication to her. Lily was not inferior to her in appearance, just a few years younger. Moreover, Lily was still the eldest lady of the Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce, and had too much advantages.

But even so, Scott didn’t have any other feelings for Lily. His feelings for Edith had always been so focused and affectionate.
This relieved Edith’s feelings of being under too much pressure. She suddenly realized that Scott was with her not because of the external conditions, but because of the things that they experienced.

The thought about whether she was worthy of Scott was a burden to the relationship between herself and Scott.

After she figured it out, Edith felt relieved for a while. Although she had just had a fight with Amara, her mood had begun to be better.

Edith didn’t know how to help Lily face up to her feelings for Scott, so she told Lily about what she and Scott had experienced.

Lily was fascinated by it. She had never known before that Scott and Edith had gone through so many difficulties before they fell in love with each other.

From their experience, Lily realized why she couldn’t make Scott change his attitude towards her.
At the same time, she also understood why there could not be a result between herself and Scott.

She lacked the experience with Scott. Although Lily remembered everything in Eglor County, compared with the experience between Edith and Scott, she was still far behind.

She suddenly figured out a lot of things, and suddenly realized how stupid it was that she had been clinging to Scott before.

“Edith, I seem to have figured it out. Maybe I don’t have to pester Scott. What I’m looking for should be the one who shares joys and sorrows with me,” Lily said to Edith solemnly.

When Edith saw that Lily figured it out, a smile appeared on her face, and she said, “It’s good if you can figure it out. Although I am also afraid that you will take Scott away, but now I also think it clearly. If Scott doesn’t think I’m right one, he will leave me on his own initiative.”

“Edith, don’t worry, I won’t do this kind of stupid thing anymore. From now on, I will reluctantly be Scott’s sister. If he dares to bully you, you can tell me and I will definitely not let him go,” Lily said and waved her small fist.

Edith laughed and felt that Lily, who had nothing to worry about, could bring people a kind of optimistic and uplifting sense.

At this time, a harsh whistle sounded. Both Edith and Lily were taken aback. They quickly turned around and found that an out- of-control truck was hitting both of them.

Expressions on their faces changed drastically, and the truck had already arrived in front of them, and there was no possibility of avoiding it.

Lily glanced at Edith, did not hesitate, and pushed her out with all her strength.
Edith was pushed away by Lily, staggered, fell to the ground, slammed her head on the road, and fainted.

But Lily couldn’t avoid the truck, and was hit by it directly. The truck ploughed into her and threw her to the air.


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