The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 452 Do You Dare to Take It

Scott’s eyes widened at once. He looked at Terence in disbelief. Obviously, Terence’s words shocked Scott.
“You mean, we are also from the Turner family?” Scott asked.

“It was true in the past, but now it is not. We have changed our surname to Davies. Now we are Davies family and have nothing to do with the Turner family.” Terence said.

“Father, what the hell is going on?” Scott was eager to know the answer.

“Your grandfather was a maverick in the Turner family, so he was squeezed out of all his brothers. In addition, he was not liked by your great grandparents. His situation in the Turner family was bad.”

“After your great grandparents passed away, your grandpa’s eldest brother became the head of the Turner family. He didn’t like your grandpa the most, so he united with other brothers and drove your grandpa out of the Turner family.”

“Your grandpa had no choice but to go back to H Country to develop. But he was like a joke in the eyes of the Turner family.
They always looked down on your grandpa. However, your grandpa developed well, and it caused some trouble to the Turner family. So your grandpa’s eldest brother held a grudge against your grandpa and planned something to kill your grandpa.”

“So we are no longer from the Turner family. Our surname is Davies. the Turner family is the greatest enemy of our Davies family. My goal in Guanling is to destroy the Turner family. It’s a pity that I can’t leave Guanling now. But I have you. You didn’t let me down. Now Guanling’s power has grown to the same level as the Turner family. I have secretly made many arrangements in the outside world over the years. Although the Turner family may soon start with Davies family, you don’t have to worry. With everything I arranged, we are not afraid of them at all.”

When Terence spoke, there was still a trace of pride on his face. He was obviously very proud of his accumulation over the years.

He had already planned everything. Scott would come here to look for him, and then he would let Scott become the spokesperson of Guanling in the outside world. Terence couldn’t go out, but these masters in Guanling could go out and the wealth in Guanling could be taken out. That was enough.

After Scott learned about Guanling’s situation, he knew that with Guanling’s strength, he really didn’t have to fear any world- class family.

“Father, I will help you get revenge. I am obliged to avenge my grandpa’s grudges. It will be my task to destroy the Turner family in the future, but what I need to face right now is the challenge of climbing high ladder. Only after this challenge can we go on.” Scott said.

Terence froze for a moment, and said, “In Guanling, my order is greater than everything. No one dares to violate my orders. I can cancel this challenge for you directly.”

Scott laughed and said, “No need, it’s just a challenge. You could finish it back then. As your son, I can succeed too. You can rest assured. I won’t let you down.”

Hearing what Scott said, Terence froze for a moment, and then showed a relieved expression on his face. He raised his hand and patted Scott on the shoulder, and said, “You’re really my son. If this is the case, just let you try it. This can be regarded as an experience for you.”

Then he stared at Scott and asked, “This time, climbing high ladder was arranged by the young master of the Cunningham family. What happened between you and him?”

Scott told Terence what happened after he came here.
After Terence listened, his eyes narrowed. A ruthless aura burst out of him instantly, frightening Scott.

“The people from the Cunningham family have never known what is good or bad. I have already been displeased with them.
Since the young master of the Cunningham family dares to embarrass you, I will take this opportunity to let them know that they are not qualified to offend my son!” Terence’s voice contained an irresistible majesty, which made Scott trembled.

It seemed that in the past few years, Terence had indeed become one of the group of people who were standing at the top of the world. The Cunningham family was still a world-class family, but in Terence’s eyes, this family did not seem to be comparable to Guanling.

It seemed that the Cunningham family was going to be unlucky because of Nate.
They two chatted again about their experiences over the years. After Scott finished talking about Sasha, Terence felt

complicated. He didn’t expect that the woman he married would be so vicious.

After that, Terence asked Scott to go back to prepare for the challenge of climbing high ladder two days later. After passing this challenge, Terence would send someone to take Scott out. At that time, it was the beginning of their official counterattack against the Turner family.

Scott walked out of the villa and went outside, holding a token given to him by Terence in his hand.

This token was called Token of War, which was a symbol of the rights of Guanling’s boss. Having this token was equivalent to the presence of Guanling’s boss in person. It could mobilize most of Guanling’s resources.

Regardless of whether it was in Guanling or the outside world, all people from Guanling would listen to the order of the person who had this token.

The middle-aged man who had brought Scott here just now had gone. Scott walked towards the edge of the island, where two people were waiting by the yacht to take people to and from the island.

Scott walked up to the two people and said to them, “Send me over.”

The two looked at Scott up and down. One of them smiled and said, “You are Scott? The one who is about to participate in the challenge of climbing high ladder? You are really unlucky enough. You dared to offend the young master of the Cunningham family. Now, you have to die.”

“You came here just because our boss was interested in you, right? After all, you’re the first person who is going to climb high ladder after so many years. You are such a fool. Our boss probably didn’t say something nice to you, right?” the other man also said mockingly.

The two of them were not worried about that Scott’s status was higher than them in Guanling. After all, Scott was going to die in two days.
The two of them here were only responsible for sailing the yacht. They were not important. They were just lucky enough to come

out of the dungeon, so they were not cultivated well.

When Scott heard the words of the two people, he gave them a cold look and said, “I asked you to send me over. Have you finished talking nonsense?”

“You’re so f*cking arrogant. We won’t send you today. What can you do? You want us to send you there, but you still have this attitude? You can swim over by yourself!” Immediately, one of the men shouted at Scott fiercely.

No matter where you were, there would always be this kind of unreasonable guys.

Scott didn’t want to talk nonsense with them. He directly slapped the person who had just spoken, and said coldly, “Now go sailing the yacht. I can let you go. Otherwise, you won’t be able to bear the consequences.”

The man was so furious, but considering Scott’s strength, he did not dare to hit back directly. Instead, he yelled at Scott viciously, “Fuck off, you dare to slap me! Who do you think you are? You are just a hapless guy who is going to die in two days. I won’t send you over today. What can you do? Do you think our boss will speak for you, a dying person?”

When another person saw this, he stretched out his hand to stop the person who was beaten and said, “Although you are strong, you can’t do anything what you want to do at will. Tell you, we are the staffs of Guanling. If something happens, our boss will speak for us. You just beat him. We can’t just let you go easily. Anyway, you have to participate in the climbing high ladder two days later. There is a high probability that you won’t survive. It’s better to hand over all your valuable things to us now. Then we can spare you this time.”

Scott smiled. He showed Token of War to the two people, and then said, “This is my most valuable thing, do you guys dare to take it?”

The moment when the two saw Token of War, they were dumbfounded. Then their faces showed unconcealed horror.
Without hesitation, they knelt down directly in front of Scott, and slapped themselves mercilessly.
“We are wrong. Please forgive us!”

Scott stared at Token of War. He didn’t expect that it could make these two people kneel down instantly. It seemed that this was a good stuff.


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