The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 451 Davies Family’s Enemy

When Scott heard his father mentioned his grandfather, he was taken aback for a moment. Then many doubts in his mind were solved.

Scott had never seen his grandparents. When he was young, there were only Terence and Sasha at home. At that time, Davies family was already super strong in B City, but Scott knew that Davies family’s achievements was not made by his grandparents.
It was Terence who led Davies family become strong step by step through hard work.

When Scott was very young, he asked Terence about his grandparents. At that time, Terence’s answer to Scott was only silence and endless sighs.

After Scott asked several times, Terence always responded like this, which made Scott realize that the matter of grandparents might be some pain points in Terence’s memory, so Scott never asked again.

This was the first time Terence mentioned his parents to Scott. Scott never thought that his grandfather would be killed by the previous boss of Guanling.

So even if Terence knew that there were endless dangers in Guanling and there was a possibility that he would not be able to come out after he entered, he still insisted on entering, just because of the suppressed hatred in his heart. After entering here, he began to kill to vent his anger.

In Scott’s impression, Terence was a strict person. He had always been calm and introverted in front of Scott. He was that kind of person who could make people feel very reliable.

Only when it came to grandparents, Terence would be silent and Scott would feel Terence was a little emotional. Scott would feel the hatred in Terence’s eyes.

This might be one of the reasons why Terence couldn’t control his emotions and became bloodthirsty after entering Guanling.

Many places in Scott were very similar to Terence. If Terence was killed by the people from Guanling, Scott would probably kill everyone to calm the anger in his heart.

“So you suddenly disappeared back then just because you entered Guanling. Did you come here to avenge my grandpa?” Scott asked.

Terence nodded, took a deep breath, and said, “Yes, this is indeed the most important part of the reason, and of course there are other factors.”

“What factor?” Scott asked.

“Don’t you want to know why I became the boss of Guanling? This is one of the other factors. I came here not only to avenge your grandpa, but also to control Guanling in my own hands.” Terence replied, “I left suddenly because of a certain opportunity and the help of some people. After entering Guanling, I broke out and killed so many people. On the one hand, it was because I could not suppress the hatred in my heart. On the other hand, it was to weaken the power of Guanling at that time.”

“So every time I was in the ring, I tried my best to kill my opponent. When I climbed high ladder, I killed all the best masters in Guanling, and let Guanling’s strength be at its weakest point. I took the opportunity to kill the boss of Guanling. With the support of those who were willing to help me, I became the boss of Guanling.”

Hearing this, Scott was lost in thought. He didn’t expect that Terence had someone to help him. He always thought that Terence was fighting alone. Thinking about it now, this was also an unlikely thing. After all, even if Terence was strong enough and killed all the top masters of Guanling, there was no way to control Guanling.

There were countless masters cultivated by Guanling. They wouldn’t give in so easily just because the boss was killed. So Terence must have other helpers at that time.

“Who are they?” Scott asked with curiosity.

Terence smiled and said, “You haven’t reached the level of contacting those people. They are more terrifying than anyone you have ever met. If it’s not necessary, you’d better not contact those people.”

Scott nodded. He knew it was actually a kind of protection that Terence didn’t tell him. He didn’t know enough about this world.
There were some things that he didn’t really understand.

“I think you should still be wondering why I didn’t go back to find you after becoming the boss of Guanling, did you?” Terence asked.

Scott hurriedly nodded. This was also something he doubted. If Terence returned to B City after becoming the boss of Guanling,

Davies family would be among the top families in the world. At that time, Margaret and Sasha would be punished more severely.

Terence sighed helplessly, and said, “It’s not that I don’t want to go back, but after becoming the boss here, I can’t leave Guanling anymore. This is the price of those people helping me. I have to stay there. In Guanling, this involves some secrets. I can’t tell you now, but I believe that sooner or later, you will grow up to the point where you can know these secrets.”

Scott didn’t expect that Terence didn’t go back to find him just because of this. But at the same time, he also felt that it was reasonable. After all, no one would help Terence for no reason. Everything costed a price.

“Then you still can’t get out from here?” Scott asked.

Terence shook his head, “No, with the current situation of Guanling, I have no chance of leaving at all. I don’t know how long this state will last.”

While speaking, Terence was also a little lost. Obviously, he also had a trace of desire to return to the outside world.

But soon he suppressed this emotion. He said with a smile, “But there is nothing bad about staying here. Back then, Guanling was just a place with the pure entertainment for the world’s top financial groups and was not comparable with those world’s top families at all. With my efforts over the years, Guanling’s strength has become stronger and stronger. I have accumulated countless wealth and strength. List of the Ares is now just some of the most superficial strengths of Guanling. It can be said that in the current environment, even among the world’s top families, Guanling can reach the point of taking the lead.”

This was why Nate felt that Guanling was not worth mentioning, while Annabel had a deep awe of Guanling and even had great interest in the son of Guanling’s boss.

Nowadays, only a few people knew about the horror of Guanling. For example, Nate’s family did not understand this situation. So those who couldn’t get the latest news would suffer a lot from it.

Scott exhaled a long breath, feeling that all the doubts in mind had been answered. He was relieved a lot.
At this moment, Scott suddenly found that Terence only talked about grandpa. There was no grandma. He was curious, and

asked, “Father, you only said that grandpa was killed by the previous boss of Guanling. What about grandma? Is she still alive now?”

Terence sighed, shook his head and said, “Your grandma passed away before your grandpa, but her death is not normal. This involves our Davies family’s greatest secret and worst enemy. This is what I want to talk to you most.”

Scott immediately raised his spirits and listened carefully to Terence.

“Your grandfather’s death was caused by the previous boss of Guanling, but the previous boss of Guanling was paid to do it. At that time, the boss of Guanling was cooperating with our greatest enemy, the Turner family.”

“The Turner family is the top three among the world’s top families. This family holds nearly one-fifth of the world’s economic lifeline and possesses power that ordinary people can’t imagine.”

“Because of family development issues, the main activity area of the Turner family is in M Country. They immigrated to M Country. After reaching the world level, they were unwilling to come back. They even looked down on domestic development.
This was also why I had the opportunity to establish Davies family.”

“Your grandma was seriously ill because of the Turner family. She was too worried and died. Not long after she left, the Turner family and the previous boss of Guanling teamed up with each other and murdered your grandfather. I managed to escape by myself. After bearing the humiliation, through your grandfather’s connections and some legacy, I established Davies family.”

“Back then, the Turner family didn’t take me seriously. They thought that I was just an ant who had nothing. There was no need to care about. But some time ago, they have found the relationship between me and Davies family in B City. In the style of those in the Turner family, I’m afraid it won’t be long before Davies family will be shot by them. They are very happy to play with us.”

After speaking, Terence sighed again.
Scott frowned slightly, wondering why Davies family would provoke such a strong enemy.
“Why does the Turner family target us?” Scott asked.

“Because Davies is not our ancestor’s surname. In your grandfather’s generation, our surname was also Turner.”


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